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Dr Alexander

Dr Eben Alexander is a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon.

Dr Alexander says that patients have spoken to him about out of body experiences.

Until 2008, Dr Alexander regarded these experiences as "wishful thinking"

In 2008, Dr Alexander was in a coma for seven days after getting meningitis.

The part of Dr Alexander's brain which controls human thought and emotion "shut down".

Dr Alexander then had an out of body experience.

Afterlife exists says top brain surgeon

In Newsweek, Dr Alexander says that, while he was in the coma, he was met by a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a "place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones" and "shimmering beings".

He writes: "Birds? Angels? These words registered later, when I was writing down my recollections. But neither of these words do justice to the beings themselves, which were quite simply different from anything I have known on this planet. They were more advanced. Higher forms..."

"A huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above, and I wondered if the winged beings were producing it. The sound was palpable and almost material, like a rain that you can feel on your skin but doesn't get you wet...

"I know full well how extraordinary, how frankly unbelievable, all this sounds. Had someone even a doctor told me a story like this in the old days, I would have been quite certain that they were under the spell of some delusion.

"But what happened to me was, far from being delusional, as real or more real than any event in my life. That includes my wedding day and the birth of my two sons...

"I've spent decades as a neurosurgeon at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in our country. I know that many of my peers hold as I myself did to the theory that the brain, and in particular the cortex, generates consciousness and that we live in a universe devoid of any kind of emotion, much less the unconditional love that I now know God and the universe have toward us.

"But that belief, that theory, now lies broken at our feet. What happened to me destroyed it."

'Door to the afterlife' found


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this uplifting story aangirfan, if you will excuse the pun, amidst the dross of sadistic, self loathing murderers.

Seems to me the ancients knew 'stuff' that had to be kept from the masses, so that the select could profit from the mass ignorance.

Please God the tide is turning, as it has done with regularity since the beginning.


Anonymous said...

wonderful item, the now disgraced Dr Susan Blackmore, Prof Dawkins
and the bearded conjurer in the USA who bang on about this stuff being bullshit cn hang their heads in shame
carol cummings

aferrismoon said...

John Lilly wrote of 'beings' he met while doing his LSD experiments [ for the National Inst. of mental health, in Maryland ].

He wrote his experiences in his book ' Centre of the Cyclone '.

He had 2 guides.

I think it was difficult for him to know if they were separate entities of his self at a different [ 'higher? ] level of living.

He was attempting to reach 'higher' levels without the use of compounds such as LSD as he realised their inherent dangers if used willy-nilly. Not that that stopped the wholesale ingestion of LSD and other hallucinogens over the intervening years. he did the experiments in 1964.

'Afterlife ' - seems a bit linear. Perhaps Non-Corporeal life, Body-Less, sounds more of a development than a tacked-on 'after' life.

Or even that old chestnut - existence punctuated by birth and death which itself may be considered as triangulation.


Zoompad said...

I know the Lord God is with us, because there is no way I could have survived all the horrible persecution otherwise.

I still don't really understand why I was abused and persecuted. It really hurts deep inside of me. It hurts the most when other people expect you to "get over" it by pretending that certain things didn't happen, that just feels like they are trying to obliterate my life, it feels like they are trying to wipe me out of existance. It hurts especially when church people try to do that.

I just want people to tell the truth and stop trying to pretend certain things didnt happen. I hate it when people say stuff like "draw a line under it" and "move on" and other things which basically mean "stop moaning", and the same people just not giving me any chance to make any sense of what happened. It feels like I have had someone beat me up and rob me and leave me in the gutter then a policeman who saw it happen come over and say "move on and stop obstructing the highway", and make no attempt to help me or catch the robber. Thats exactly how I feel. I want to "get over" it all, and be happy and not cry any more or have any more panic attacks. How can I if people keep telling lies? It really hurts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad,

Terrible things happen to people in this world. But it is all for a reason, and it is all temporary. It will all be washed away in the end, just part of your record that you can view with some distance.

You cannot alter the fact that some people are unfeeling and uncaring. Rather you should pity their lack of empathy and fear of confronting the truth.

Still other people are far worse, evil sadistic people. Weak people who obediently did everything ever whispered in their ear by the enemy of our kind. This they did of their own free will. They will therefore have no grounds for complaint when they stare helpless and agape in abject immortal horror at their chosen final destination. Nor will they be missed.

As for the pain arising from your own unpleasant memories, what you can do, and what will help you to heal, is to care about others.

Whenever the opportunity arises, the privilege arises, to help others, then do your best. Because it is a privilege. And a test.

Anyway, we are more than the mere sum of our memories and experiences. We are how we react to them. We are the moral choices we make and the love we feel towards others.

On the topic at hand...

I can empathize with this neurosurgeon. I used to be like him, or how he used to be. Ideological atheists tend to be people who abhor the stench of lies, which is of itself laudable.

But unfortunately they suffer from intellectual arrogance, a tendency to attack strawmen, a susceptibility to mindless programming by their prevailing materialist culture. And a conviction of their own infallibility.

Even the pope is fallible.

Atheists also suffer from a marked failure of the imagination. They see only what is, or what they imagine is. They are too sensible to bother with philosophical questions of what could be, of what are the limits of the possible.

We and our world are mere ancient relics, not even remotely near to these limits.

They don't know it yet, but atheists are clever infants watching a movie and mistaking it for the real world. They are fascinated and frightened by it. They have inferred a little of the plot and the rules, which gives them to confidence to declare they now know everything. They even know how the movie assembled itself. Pretty impressive.

Then one day a grown up will show them it's not real.

When the veil falls, the truth, finally revealed, will be more awesome and blindingly beautiful than could ever be imagined by the mind of a mere man.

"и Цинциннат пошел среди пыли и падших вещей, и трепетавших полотен, направляясь в ту сторону, где, судя по голосам, стояли существа, подобные ему."

Anonymous said...

Zoompad I agree with the poster above me.

I feel inordinately privileged to say that following many years of spiritual direction, and a lifetime of searching for God through difficult, abusive, God-less experiences,
(was married to an army person and am very familiar with sadism and psychological torture and imprisonment),
I came to that awesomely, blindingly beautiful space described above, and in the Bible.
But I did have to step back quite a bit, from the abusive experiences which twisted my heart and soul.

I have often wondered how one does that, when like you, there are constant reminders all around. It means going deep within oneself, with strong boundaries. Have you ever had time or space to do that?
I agree with the above, on helping others, but it is NOT selfish, to retreat and heal, and find peace and gather strength for the next leg of the journey.
We are all born icons of God. Those who seek, find
and once you get that, you are on the vibrational plane of Love and Eternity.
Sorry if this is long, but I completely understand the above comment, and the good doctor presented by aangirfan.
Find peace
and God bless you xx

Anonymous said...

Zoompad the Truthseeker has an item on the topic some discuss here: enlightenment.

Barney Thomson said...

Of course the Pope is fallible, as are we all. We are only human.

As for the article, I find the concept that some sort of superior entities are amusing themselves by interfering in our development as rational animals profoundly insulting.



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