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Tijuana byNatu®e //Matt Jalbert

In June 2012, CNN produced its list of the World's 10 most hated cities

If CNN was being honest, all of the ten would be either cities in the USA, or cities occupied by the USA?

Here is the CNN list:

1. In the number one position is Tijuana in Mexico

The negative attitude of much of the public to Tjuana is somewhat unfair, as CNN points out!

According to BajaInsider.com, Tijuana had a lower murder rate and fewer carjackings than Philadelphia, in spite of having a police force a third the size.

And, as CNN fails to point out, it is the CIA which has given Mexico its big problem with drugs.

Mexican official: CIA 'manages' drug trade - Aljazeera

Citizens of Sydney 1880s. Website for this image

2. Sydney and Melbourne.

CNN makes clear that it is mainly the people of Melbourne who hate Sydney, and vice versa.

The Economist ranked Melbourne the “World’s Most Livable City” with 97.5 points. Sydney came in sixth in this same survey with 96.1 points.

3. Paris, France

The waiters are rude, the prices are high, there was no support from France for the invasion of Iraq, and the USA tried to topple De Gaulle... (OUR SECRET GOVERNMENT)

De l'autre côté, Sarkozy and Hollande supported the CIA's Arab Spring.

As CNN relates, the public have mixed reactions to gay Paris.

4. Timbuktu in Mali

CNN sees Timbuktu as "a stifling, sand-strewn cluster of shabby buildings staving off desertification."

CNN fails to mention THE CIA IN MALI

Mali now has a CIA-al-Qaeda-controlled north.

5. Los Angeles, United States

"This center-less megalopolis sloppily carved into about 90 sub-cities, over 20 ailing freeways, countless area codes and a half-million strip malls with mediocre Thai food...

"Tourist traps like Hollywood are a total bummer.

"So are earthquakes, race riots, traffic pileups, smog reports, constant sirens..."

Did anyone mention the CIA-Pentagon influence in Hollywood?


Rimac district - Lima - Peru
Lima By jerome92

6. Lima, Peru

CNN admits that Lima, like most Third World cities, can be interesting on the edges.

“If you’re prepared to delve into the nooks and crannies of this massive city, then you can find plenty to admire,” blogs one Lima supporter...

According to Time Out, in its defense of Lima, it’s no wonder people overlook “Latin America’s best-kept secret.”

Jakarta is the biggest city in the Southern Hemisphere, and is much more fun than Bangkok.

7. Jakarta, Indonesia

CNN refers to "this sprawling city choked with traffic, pollution, poverty and tourist 'draws' largely revolving around random street adventures and an epidemic of malls."

Don't stay in the centre of Jakarta.

Jakarta is a series of villages, most of which are never seen by the tourists.

CNN refers to one TripAdvisor expat who says of Jakarta: “Once you get to know it, you can’t have enough of it.”

Jakarta, away from the Americanised centre, is fabulous. And your best bet is to stay in Bogor, part of Jabotabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi).


Delhi, not as friendly as the cities further south.

8. New Delhi, India

Delhi has some dishonest people.

According to traveldudes.org, “the chances are really high that you will be scammed.”

On the other hand, Delhi is more fun that Detroit.

Egypt has turned violent.

9. Cairo, Egypt

CNN does not tell us that Mubarak was toppled by the CIA-NATO as part of its Arab Spring.

CNN does mention a recent World Health Organization report that equates breathing in Cairo with smoking a pack a day.

Thanks to the Arab Spring, Egypt is near to bankruptcy, and crime has rocketed.


Stay away from Egypt, and the whole of North Africa.

aangirfan: THE END OF EGYPT

10. Belize City, Belize

CNN refers to "Crime. Drugs. Dilapidation."

It fails to mention the US military presence in Belize.


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Genie said...

Fun information and thanks for the Davey Jones link, I missed that post. Can't get over this:
Hey, hey, we are the Monkees
You know we love to please
A manufactured image
With no philosophies.

Anonymous said...

Since we're on the subject, a city I never see mentioned much but absolutely loved to death was Xian in Shaanxi, China: the beginning of the Silk Road; the ancient capital for far longer than Beijing has been; the site of the terracotta warriors (a true mind blower); and otherwise just an all-round charming, leafy, and livable city. And the food was to die for.

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