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World on Fire: “Innocence” Psyop Justification for Sweeping Imperialist Aggression. Take a look at the indignant yuppies who are angry about the video.

Obama has not yet suffered a poll reverse as a result of the recent events in Libya.

A poll by CBS News and the New York Times, conducted September 8-12, shows 49% support for Obama and 46 percent for Romney.

When voters are asked which candidate would do better handling the economy and creating jobs, Obama gets 50% and Romney 44%.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia, shows Obama ahead in each state. Recent national polls by CNN and Gallup also put Obama in the lead.

Albert Pike

Is there a freemason plan to foment a war between Moslems and Zionists?

Twelfthbough.blogspot (a possible scenario) reminds us of the alleged words of Albert Pike (1809-91) a top freemason:

"The Third World War must be fomented...

"The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other."

Allegedly, Pike's hope was that, after a bloody turmoil, the religion of Lucifer would triumph.

Some people believe that the Pike quotes are a fake.

There was a report from the Lebanon Free Press that the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was sodomized. Murdered US Ambassador To Libya Was Reportedly Raped

So, who did the attack on the US consulate?

One theory is that the embassy attacks "were designed to reestablish an adversarial narrative to counter growing public awareness of the US' use of terrorist proxies, and specifically, Al Qaeda in nations like Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. 

"We are now expected to believe that Egypt's new dictator Mohamed Morsi, and the terrorists of Libya whom the US is right now arming and supporting in Syria, are once again our implacable enemies." - US Ambassador's Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy

F. William Engdahl, at Voltaire Network, 13 September 2012, ( points out:

"The deliberate detonation now of a new round of Salafist fundamentalist Jihad terror inside Muslim regions of the Russian Caucasus is exquisitely timed politically to put maximum pressure at home on the government of Russia’s Vladimir Putin."

The most recent riots

There are many theories about 'the death of the ambassador', including:

1. Some group is trying to start a Third World War. A possible scenario

2. Gaddafi loyalists did it

3. Psyop Justification for Sweeping Imperialist Aggression

4. One of the main targets is Russia.  (

4. Make the CIA's Islamists once again appear to be the enemy. US Foreign Policy

5. Some group is trying to help the cause of Romney and Netanyahu. FALSE FLAG PSY OP - US AMBASSADOR ATTACK

A Map of Muslim Protests Around the World - Global - The Atlantic Wire

What we do know is that protests took place in many countries:

In Khartoum, in the Sudan, the German embassy was burned and the British embassy attacked.

There were protests in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jakarta in Indonesia, Srinagar in Kashmir, Tunis, Cairo, and Sana'a in Yemen and many other places.

Richard Woods, headmaster of a Khartoum high school, emailed the Guardian to say transportation appeared to have been provided for demonstrators, including official buses, according to another witness. (Controversial film sparks protests and violence across theMuslim world)

The Benghazi attack gives Obama an excuse to put more troops into Africa.

'Benghazi attack was 'convenient' for the US' – security expert

Retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons has suggested the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi  was the result of a bungled kidnapping attempt.
Admiral James Lyons suggests the Obama administration deliberately lessened the levels of security at the consulate.

In October 2012, the Western Center for Journalism suggested the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens was the result of a failed kidnapping attempt by terrorists working for the US government.

What went wrong with the Obama plan was that, according to information obtained by Fox News, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both former U.S. Navy Seals, ignored orders to "stand down" and fought vigorously for hours in their attempt to defend the compound.


On October 20, Kris Zane published the center's initial article Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack with Link to Obama.

Within 24 hours of the event, ground intelligence linked the Benghazi attack to Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, who was put into power by the CIA. 

Zane cites an anonymous source inside the White House who says that Obama planned to win the release of a kidnapped Stevens, just in time for Election Day.

The work of Ansar al-Sharia. who-are-ansar-al-sharia. On September 11, 2012, the United States Department of State Operations Center advised the White House Situation Room and other U.S. security units that Ansar al-Sharia was claiming responsibility for the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi that had just occurred.[11] 

On October 25, Kris Zane published his second article on the incident “Obama Linked to Benghazi Attack.”

On 24 September 2012, the Wall Street Journal had published an article from Judge Michael Mukasey entitled “Will Obama Free the Blind Sheik and send him back to Egypt?

Omar Abdel Rahman was jailed for his part in the CIA's 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and for conspiring to assassinate Hosni Mubarak, who had become an enemy of the CIA.


Newspaceman said...

The quotes atttributed to Pike may be bogus, but there is no denying the symbology of the front cover of his Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry publication, which is/was de rigueur for the higher-up brothers of the lodge. It shows a double headed eagle(a phoenix) with crown and the number 33 with the (translated) motto - order from chaos.

The chaos is what is happening now, the order (new world) will come soon after. Remember it is money that makes the world go round, note even more "quantative easing" - devaluation - last week. These characters are acting out Biblical prophecy, for their own agenda


A. Peasant said...

Thanks for the links and the excellent info on the pike letter, Aan.

tigerlamb said...

There is one HUGE problem with this story:

There is only ONE Embassy/Consulate in Libya and that is in TRIPOLI!

There is NO consulate or embassy or anything like it in Benghazi!

So, it really begs a lot of questions.

Anonymous said...

"Confirmed: The Director of Innocence of Muslims Is a Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Roberts. The anti-Islam film that's set off a firestorm in the Middle East was directed by a 65-year-old schlock director named Alan Roberts, we've confirmed. He's the creative vision behind softcore porn classics like The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood. He is believed to be Jewish from Israel and has also worked for Mossad."

Anonymous said...


elwind45 said...

In the beginning secret societies formed to save a group of individuals from the Jesuits and their zealous religion. Jesuit educators and their free education allowed control and information from every level of society to be known and controlled. I believe their is a secret war between several of these ancient religious cabals. 19 century Anglo writers warned that the masons were jewish and organized to aid Jews unwilling to convert to survive. Rome persecuting the other two main religions is nothing new or secret. What is new to the 20 century is jihad and how ugly statists bastardies words to crack marrowbone!

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone has a more rational perspective. Very organized, inflamed Muslims, or rather CIA/Mossad backed thugs, in ME countries gives athenticity to any soon-to-be major false-flag event to be blamed on Muslims. Scripted lies and videos are now so commonplace even analytical doubters can be fooled.
Slogging through the pit of lies
"Many people have figured out the false flag terror game, so the Zionists need to create a plausible believable environment to frame the next false terror event in to make people believe Muslims may actually have done it despite so many people having knowledge of false flags."

As a side note, Rivero at WRH hasn't even hinted at the information being put out by Stone. May I remind all that Rivero was a prime alternative news backer of getting Libya attacked by NATO to "help the rebels overcome Gadaffi." Rivero never apologized for his propaganda calling for US military interevntion against Gadaffi. For a supposedly well-informed person, Rivero does a good job of not providing critical information, even though he must have access to it. He has a tendency to cover for the US military as well as for NASA. I criticize because Rivero should be on the fakery of these assassinations like flies to honey, especially because he has expertise in video fakery made to look real.

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