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UK Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, who is from Sydney, Australia.

Do all the political parties secretly work for the corrupt elite?

To its credit, the Green Party in the UK:

1. Opposed the bombing of Libya.

2. Is anti-nuclear.

3. Is in favour of 'community banks, credit unions and mutuals'.

4. Is in favour of independence for Scotland.

Caroline Lucas.

The 'top people' in the Green Party in the UK are Jewish - Caroline Lucas and Patrick Harvie.

On BBC radio's Any Questions, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party's only Member of the UK Parliament, was asked:
"We've just seen over the past two days on the news about the terrorist attacks in India. This follows the terrorist attacks of 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombings, Bali bombings and many others. Can extremist ever be defeated."
Caroline Lucas replied:

"The situation in Palestine... with the ongoing Israeli occupation... means that there is... a fertile breeding ground for extremists to flourish. So I think that if we are to defeat extremism then we have to go to the root causes of it - we have to look in particular at how marginalised communities are being treated, we have to look in particular about countries like Palestine."

Note that she does does not say that 9 11 was an inside job.

New Statesman cover

In the UK, the Green Party has a new leader, Natalie Bennett.

Natalie Bennett worked for The Guardian, which is said to be run by the British security service MI6, and which is said to be secretly Zionist.

Only 3,127 ballot papers were returned in the 2012 Green Party leadership elections, which is a turnout of just 25.1%[11].

Natalie Bennett has accused the Labour Party, the party of Tony Blair, of "failing to offer a real alternative" to Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative-Liberal-Democrat coalition government.

Natalie Bennett has attacked Labour leader Ed Miliband for backing nuclear power and "unsustainable growth".

(Ed Miliband is Jewish)

Natalie Bennett says that on issues, such as National Health Service (NHS) reforms, low pay and the railways - the Greens are now the real opposition.

The Green Party opposes Academy schools.

Natalie Bennett accuses Labour of going against its traditions by being tough on immigrants and benefit recipients.

Patrick Harvie

The Green party currently has one Member of the UK Parliament (Caroline Lucas), two members of the Scottish Parliament (one of whom is Patrick Harvie), two Members of the European Parliament, and 134 councillors.


Natalie Bennett on homeopathy: I absolutely do not believe that homeopathy works 


KPRyan said...

I happened to listen this evening to a radio interview with the US's Green Party candidate for President; Dr. Jill Stein.

She often says the right things: we need to dramatically cut the military budget and use those funds for internal improvements and jobs. We need to take $$$ out of political elections and dramatically regulate lobbyists. We need to create the energy we use via renewable means.

All that sounds good.

Here's where the rubber hits the road, however.

Stein (and her running mate) say nothing at all about Social Credit. They say nothing of the Elite who own the US's Federal Reserve and earn $$ from every dollar issued in currency in the US.

It is easy for an outsider to point at symptoms (military spending) instead of the disease (a coterie who controls the money supply and thus the laws of a nation).

While I'd rather fire a bullet in my brain than vote for a Republican again (I've always been a republican until I came to terms with reality thanks to Georgie Junior and his cronies) I'll also not support the war-monger Obama. I had hoped I could in good conscience vote for Stein. Now I know for certain she's either a dupe or a tool of the Establishment.

As a kid many years ago I recall a few cars with 'Mickey Mouse for President' stickers. Now I understand the sentiment.

tithead said...

typical greenie crap artists no solutions to eff all non having done a days constuctive work in their chuff effin chancers

Anonymous said...

In Canada, Elizabeth May is definitely a fake.
I like to believe Cynthia McKinney is the real deal tho.

Newspaceman said...

Dear aangirfan, why is it to the Green Party's "credit" that they support Scottish Independence, when in reality, independence will have little effect on the Scottish people. After all, we are constantly being reminded that it's a global village we inhabit - and for sure a one-world currency is on the way.

For sure the elite want Scotland "independent", but that is more to do with ritual and alchemy as they create their one-world order / golden age - their global United Kingdom. That's why Rupert Murdoch, for example, favours it, and utilies his media to promote such.

It's curious too bearing in mind past and future colonisation, that the Mars rover is heading for an area named Glenelg, and that the stone it broke up was called the Coronation stone - as in the Stone of Destiny. Not forgetting Will i am being the first "singer" on Mars, or the currently media prominent deep fried Mars Bar story.

Can you not see a pattern both historically and futuristically.


Anonymous said...

Natalie Bennett hails from the LB of Camden where the far left have a stronghold, particularly so in specific area's of the borough one of them being Somers Town where Ms Bennett lives. The far left are heavily dependent on the support of council tenants. The Green party in Camden has one member on Camden Council. This member has been supporting a far right tenants group who are known for their aggressive ways against others. Is this the path the Greens really want to go down?

Anon said...

An independent Scotland would be the sixth richest country in the world.

And it could be a force for good.

But Scotland would not be truly independent if it was in NATO or the European Union.

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

It maybe could be a "force for good", but we would need a Hobbit first.


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