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Moslems and Christians in Assad's Syria

Who was behind the attack in Benghazi - Obama or Romney?

We offer more than one view.
1. Let us remember that large numbers of MORMONS WORK FOR MOSSAD AND THE CIA

2. Note that "nothing violent is taking place in the Gulf States or Morocco or Algeria or Jordan."

US Embassy : Another Mad Day.- egyptianchronicles

Tunis protests (Tourists please note)

3. The US Embassy in Tunis seems to have had little protection.

"No army or security forces."

US Embassy : Another Mad Day.- egyptianchronicles

4. "The staged 'event' in Libya is having its desired effect. 

"Work the crowd, stir 'em up. Get 'em ready for more killing, more wars, more thievery and not just over there but right here in our back pocket."

Working the Crowd

5. October surprise to "Carterize" Obama, by Webster G. Tarpley.

15 September 2012,

Tarpley writes:

The networks involved in this operation appear to be these:

The CIA Mormon Mafia

Featuring top officials across the US intelligence community who are members of Romney’s tightly-knit sect.

This group can also be referred to as the Brent Scowcroft faction.

Nelson Rockefeller, Brent Scowcroft (a Mormon), and William Colby

Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger’s right-hand man, used his entrenched bureaucratic position over decades to help promote many of his co-religionists.

This group wants Romney in the White House because Romney and his transition team boss Mike Leavitt, also a Mormon, are visibly embarked on a policy of favoring Mormons for top positions.

On Sept. 14, Google rejected an appeal by the Obama White House to remove the controversial film worldwide.

As Wired magazine noted on May 11, 2012, “former National Security Agency chief Mike McConnell told theWashington Post that collaboration between the NSA (National Security Agency) and private companies like Google was ‘inevitable,’” and has been widely reported since January 2010.

So Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing.

Iranians taking part in protests against film desecrating Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), September 14, 2012.

The Netanyahu Likud

During the past week, the reactionary Israeli Prime Minister has intervened blatantly and outrageously in US election-year politics in the attempt to secure the election of Mitt Romney, with whom he has been joined at the hip since the two worked together at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976...


US Neocons

The pro-Israeli neocons of the Bush-Cheney era have attached themselves to Romney as their main hope of getting back into power.

This group includes John Bolton (the likely Secretary of State if Romney wins), Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, Robert Joseph, and Dan Senor (who now tells vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan what to say about foreign policy)...

Bolton took a leading role in trying to turn the Stevens assassination against Obama this past week...

Bolton warned particularly that a new hostage crisis would replay the “destruction of the Jimmy Carter administration,” this time at Obama’s expense. (Politico, Sept. 13)

Cairo  protests, with Osama bin Mossad.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the Saudi Arabian royal family

This group would likely prefer Romney to Obama.

Since the Saudi royals are the paymasters for the majority of the death squads now operating in the Middle East, including Libya and Syria, their support would be valuable in organizing operations like the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens...

The Benghazi attack gives Obama an excuse to put more troops into Africa.

'Benghazi attack was 'convenient' for the US' – security expert

Retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons has suggested the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi  was the result of a bungled kidnapping attempt.
Admiral James Lyons suggests the Obama administration deliberately lessened the levels of security at the consulate.

In October 2012, the Western Center for Journalism suggested the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens was the result of a failed kidnapping attempt by terrorists working for the US government.

What went wrong with the Obama plan was that, according to information obtained by Fox News, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both former U.S. Navy Seals, ignored orders to "stand down" and fought vigorously for hours in their attempt to defend the compound.


On October 20, Kris Zane published the center's initial article Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack with Link to Obama.

Within 24 hours of the event, ground intelligence linked the Benghazi attack to Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, who was put into power by the CIA. 

Zane cites an anonymous source inside the White House who says that Obama planned to win the release of a kidnapped Stevens, just in time for Election Day.

The work of Ansar al-Sharia. who-are-ansar-al-sharia. On September 11, 2012, the United States Department of State Operations Center advised the White House Situation Room and other U.S. security units that Ansar al-Sharia was claiming responsibility for the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi that had just occurred.[11] 

On October 25, Kris Zane published his second article on the incident “Obama Linked to Benghazi Attack.”

On 24 September 2012, the Wall Street Journal had published an article from Judge Michael Mukasey entitled “Will Obama Free the Blind Sheik and send him back to Egypt?

Omar Abdel Rahman was jailed for his part in the CIA's 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and for conspiring to assassinate Hosni Mubarak, who had become an enemy of the CIA.


A. Peasant said...

Excellent info.

Anonymous said...

The film is not the problem.
Its core depicts horrors the 3 major Western religions have in common.
Even if it was all lies, the film wouldn't be the problem.
Is freedom of speech suddenly a problem now ?
Did you ever notice that limiting freedom of speech means abolishing it ?
Crimes are a problem. This film commits no crimes.
"Bolton took a leading role in trying to turn the Stevens assassination against Obama this past week."

"Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing."
Are you sure there is an "intelligence community" ?
Would you welcome Google censoring this video ?

Anonymous said...

Found this a bit curious.
Am I reading between the lines too much?
You know who else is in UAE.
Luv that pic of the 'superheroes'
Kind of goes with this
(one of the few places it's still avail.)
Still hardly a peep about Camp Bastion
Probably just as well. All Harry's pics, with his clothes on, remind me too much of Bush's 'Mission Accomplished'

Anonymous said...

Here is a new 20 minute youtube video which is basically a short radio show. The topic is how Israel and Mossad are the ones behind the fake anti-Islam movie, the killing of the US ambassador, and how they are using all of this to build up to a massive false flag attack which will be used to justify attacking Iran and starting World War 3.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... is it time to play spot the provacateurs again?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to come back to one of the elements in the 'Innocence' debacle, not just because of the ra-ra around Nakoula is an 'Egyptian Coptic Christian', but also in light of a previous comment here by Marie (?) on the Orthodox Initiative. Hence, what seems to have been a serious attempt to smear and drag the Orthodox churches into the vortex.
- "At first, the AP and Wall Street Journal reported that the maker of the movie was Sam Bacile, a California-based real estate developer and self-described "Israeli Jew." But the more the press looked into Bacile's identity, the clearer it became that "Sam Bacile" was a fake name. PolicyMic uncovered a Facebook account supposedly belonging to a "Sam Bassel," on which the account holder claimed to be a filmmaker based in California. One of the Facebook friends of "Bassel" was supposedly Abba Seraphim El-Suriani, Head of the British Orthodox Church within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. (The identity behind El-Suriani's account could not be confirmed.) This would lend creedence to very early reports that the film had been made by Egyptian Coptic Christians in the U.S."
Including the connections with the likes of Sadek and Jones, there is also the "Egyptian version of the “strategy of tension” long associated with police states."

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