Wednesday, September 12, 2012


brian left this comment on the post "NATO MASSACRES IN SYRIA":

Syrian Army soldiers are facing terrorist groups in Damascus - the video shows Saudi, Qatari, Lebanese, Iraqi passports, military uniforms, Israeli weapons, field hospitals...


Anonymous said...

with all due respect, the Greens have not a clue. They are out of their depth.

We all are out of our depth.
Keiser and his off sider might laugh and think they are witty and clever, talking about the London disease, but the effects are going to make the Plague and other epidemics look mild, only because there are 7 billion of us.
Not funny.
Not cute.
Not glamorous.
Just more Tragedy, as we swore would never happen again.

brian said...

the jihdis are mostly ironic the US ambassador in libya was killed by the same guys killing in syria, armed and backed BY the US

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