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On 16 September 2012, a NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls who were out gathering firewood.

According to a 2001 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the civilian to soldier death ratio in wars fought since the mid-20th century has been 10:1, meaning ten civilian deaths for every soldier death. [8]

Daniel Crook stuck a bayonet into a 10-year-old boy. Crook is a British soldier. (SOLDIER BAYONETS BOY)

Soldiers do kill innocent civilians for fun.

"Soldiers discussed with each other about how they enjoyed the killing, or how many women they had raped."

Secret transcripts reveal the inner workings of soldiers' minds

Secretly recorded conversations "have laid bare the brutality and excesses" of soldiers.

Soldiers speak of the ‘fun’ and ‘pure enjoyment’ of massacring innocent civilians and enemy troops.

The transcripts reveal how "ordinary soldiers revelled in massacres."

Historians Soenke Neitzel and Harald Welzer used information from 13,000 military prisoners, from 1940-45, as the basis of their book "Soldiers: Diaries Of Fighting, Killing and Dying."

One soldier relates: "I used to shoot at everything... 

"We liked to go for women pushing prams, often with children at their sides. 

"It was a kind of sport really....."

Belgian soldiers roasting a boy

Another soldier reports: 'We beat her on the tits with a stick, clobbered her on the arse with a pistol, then all eight of us had her, then we threw her out and as she lay there, we threw grenades at her.

'She didn't half scream when they went off!'

French soldiers

Large numbers of soldiers were involved. 

"The whole troop went off with their weapons and joined in. 

"Everyone was allowed to pick which one they wanted to shoot."

Man steals maize from a starving child during a food distribution at a feeding center in Sudan in 1998. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

One conversation shows the callousness of the the ordinary squaddie.

Soldier Z - 'I killed a Frenchman from behind with a shot. He was riding a bike.'

Interrogator - 'From close to?'

Soldier Z - 'Yeah.'

Interrogator - 'Did he want to take you prisoner then?'

Soldier Z - 'Naah, I wanted his bike!'

One airman describes the ‘enormous fun’ he had in shooting fleeing civilians.

He relates: "When we were in low-altitude flight over the roads, if cars came to meet us, we kept the headlight on. That made the drivers think that there was oncoming traffic. Then we let rip with the cannon. It was a great success, beautiful, enormous, fantastic fun...

"As we came around the roofs would fly off. Wow! And on the marketplace we saw people gathered, people talked. We squirted off the guns. That was fun."

Another said: ‘We did a low level attack. We got there and there was this big house with a ball going on. There were lots of women in evening gowns and a band.

"We turned round and gave it to them. My dear fellow, that was fun!"

Another said: "I knocked off everything: buses, a civilian train... I gunned down every cyclist."

A corporal told how when his unit moved into villages, the first task was always to murder a pair of civilians.

"Then the chief said one day: 'Kill 20 – that will stop them having stupid thoughts in future,' he said.

"So we went off and enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t stop until we had reached 50."

Read more:

Memorial Day 2011

Professor Soenke Neitzel, of Glasgow University, has more:

Soldier: We were actually there when a pretty girl was shot.

… she cleaned our barracks.

Hartelt: I bet she let you sleep with her too?

Soldier: Yes. 

And at some point you didn’t care 

Airforce officer: "I had to drop bombs on a station...

"Eight of the 16 bombs fell on the town, among the houses...

"On the fourth day I was enjoying it.

"It was our before-breakfast amusement to chase single soldiers over the fields with machine-gun fire and to leave them lying there with a few bullets in the back."

And at some point you didn’t care

From the National Archives in Washington DC: "We shot women...

"The man earned his double rations... killing 50 women in half a day...

"At first you said, great, better than doing normal duty..."

And at some point you didn’t care

12-yr-old girl with a cross around her neck and w. multiple wounds uses a stick to hobble through debris in Dong Xoai as she attempts to get to an evac helicopter. Her father, sister and a brother were killed and their home destroyed, by Horst Faas 1965 
War is a racket, kept going by soldiers. This 12-yr-old girl with a cross around her neck and with multiple wounds uses a stick to hobble through debris in Dong Xoai. Her father, sister and a brother were killed and their home destroyed. Photo by Horst Faas 1965. SOLDIERS KEEP THE GANGSTERS IN POWER





Zoompad said...

Matthew 2 v 16

Anonymous said...

Finally proof of the holocaust by sadistic Germans committing it.
"ran across a bundle of documents in Britain's National Archives in 2001".
Of course no fraud there.

Also the studies showing most soldiers (non-sociopaths) resist killing suddenly worthless.

Anonymous said...

Man imitates nature when there is no rules to follow. Nature is beautiful and at same time so brutal. There is no place for the weak. To stay alive, you need to kill constantly.

Anonymous said...

"There is no place for the weak."
Ever noticed how ants protect aphids ?

"To stay alive, you need to kill constantly."
"Mommy, i don't go to the playground today,
... the grass is going to kill me to stay alive."
"Great, Honkbonkman, I'm hungry so I can roast you instead."

elwind45 said...

The devil travels in groups. At Mei lay not everybody was involved in the massacre but everyone help cover it up. Incidents in war are so focused on life and death it is impossible to distance yourself. The solder is placed in direct line of divide and conquer kill or be killed 24/7 and becomes a reactor. His training of a lowest common denominator says open up when indoubt and someone has to die. Add to the "everyone including the enemy is doing it" making profits for the war machine. Except BATTELLE is a non profit sitting alone across from OHIO STATE doing Satans work!

Anonymous said...

Nice try Anon. Just let the lacewings, lady beetles and syrphid flies fry the aphids and maybe some ants.

Maybe the grass is not so green after all. You are trying to relate the dangerous between a plant and a human. Let that kid eat some grass(maybe with some pesticide), find some cute bugs in that lawn(scorpions), or fall in a golpher's hole.

Anonymous said...

The strong are dying just like the weak.
They are weak compared to greater forces.
They depend on the weaker for survival.
The weaker are prosperous and thriving
at levels the stronger will never reach.

Nobody survives, not even the fittest :-)
Fascism is an ideology for dupes
who have been deprived of feelings and a good life.

Leo said...

It never ends.
The poor cowards with weapons giving them the false impression that they are strong. And they keep doing the dirty job so the rich can become richer. One more thing they don't realize is what goes around, comes around. Your existence won't end when you die, and you will have to deal with the consequences of your acts. Sooner or later. And it's not necessary that you believe it.

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