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"Over two dozen Marconi and Plessey Defence Systems experts died in mysterious circumstances in the 1980's."

Dead Scientists And Microbiologists

Murdered Briton Saad Al-Hilli, who was employed by Surrey Satellites Technology Limited (SSTL) near Guildford, was working on a secret contract for one of Europe's biggest defence companies.

The Mail on Sunday reveals that Al-Hilli was part of a team involved in a project linked to European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) - a pan-European defence giant whose clients include NASA, the European Space Agency, the UK government, Russia and China.

"According to an ex-colleague at the Rutherford lab in Didcot, Oxon, Saad worked on a giant particle accelerator which can make radioactive material.

"The friend, who spoke to Saad shortly before his holiday, said: 'He was extremely bright and hardworking. He came into Rutherford for a work experience placement when he was studying a degree at Kingston University in 1984, and he regularly came back in the summers.'"

Nuclear link to French Alps massacre: Murdered Saad al-Hilli worked at top-secret B

Sylvain Mollier is the cyclist who was also shot dead in the Chevaline massacre.

He is an employee of the company Crezus which supplies equipment to nuclear power plants.

"Mr. Mollier worked for CEZUS, a subsidiary of AREVA, the global leader in the market for zirconium, the metal used, among other things, for nuclear fuel cladding. 

"CEZUS's operations are distributed over six sites. One site in Ugine handles production of ingots and transformation of zirconium, titanium, tantalum, and hafnium into semi-finished products. Cezus also have an R&D site in Ugine."

The British cyclist who came across the scene was ex-RAF.

"Not much media report or comment on the strange coincidence on the 'ex-RAF pilot and officer' who was first on the scene. 

"Very strange as there cannot be many ex-RAF officers who have houses in both the UK and Annecy and spend their time between the two. 

"While the French police are hiding his identity I am surprised the British media have not figured out who he is or been informed by someone who has."

The al-Hillis' seven-year-old daughter is in a medically induced coma in Grenoble University Hospital.


Questions have been raised by Le Dauphine about the scene found by the English cyclist, a former RAF man.

The English cyclist found seven-year-old Zainab al-Hilli lying in the road.

"The English cyclist who discovered the scene had to break the window of the car to cut off the engine.

"So how is it that the 7-year-old girl was found outside the vehicle, with the doors locked?

"And why was the body of the rider Sylvain Mollier found lying near the car, which is several feet from the road he would have taken?"

Mystery Surrounds Crime Scene Where Zainab Al-Hilli Found

Urs Tinner.The Tinners, Friedrich and his two sons Urs and Marco were part of a nuclear smuggling gang. "In pushing forward charges Swiss Magistrate Andreas Müller in December 2010 had attacked his government for having 'massively interfered in the wheels of justice by destroying almost all the evidence.' Less attention was however given to allegations of CIA break-ins in Switzerland, and an 'unexplained decision by the agency not to seize electronic copies of a number of nuclear bomb designs found on the computers of the Tinner family.' Switzerland may free nuclear smugglers

Who was the smartly dressed 'Balkan man' hanging around the al-Hilli's campsite?

A Dutch couple said the al-Hillis had intended to stay for a week at the Village Camping Europa site in the village of St Jorioz.

But they left after two nights and moved to the La Solitude du Lac campsite, which overlooks Lake Annecy.

According to witnesses, Saad Al-Hilli was seen regularly leaving the campsite alone.

Dutch camper Jan Janssen said of Saad: "The father left the site in his car alone four or five times each day. He went out for 20 or 30 minutes each time."

Reportedly, on 8 August 2012, Saad Al-Hilli took out 'a caveat' stopping his brother Zaid from receiving part of their millionaire father Kadhem's fortune.

Kadhem, a retired factory owner, had been missing from his home in Malaga, Spain, for six days before he was found dead in August 2011.

Kadhem reportedly owned a multi-million-pound portfolio of properties in Spain, France, Switzerland and the UK.

Allegedly, Saad had written a letter in 2011 describing his older brother as a ‘control freak’ who he wanted to ‘wipe’ out of his life.

Nuclear smuggling?


Anonymous said...

M.Moniquet of ESISC points finger and sez "Look ... Iranians!"
Pardon my pre-emptive 'oh dear, here we go again'

Anonymous said...

the killings were made in a very professional way, MSM is very shy in reporting the defense industry connections... for me, the entire story has a very strong stink of Mossad and cohorts...

... said...

I wondered if this was another scientist to add to the list of suspicious scientist deaths and you have confirmed it for me!

The red flags were way up high when the media's first 'witness' or interviewee turned out to be Al-Hilli's accountant!!!

I should say that it's not really that unusual for the ex-RAF guy to be there - I am using my own country as an example here - but outside the main resorts, and in the mountain villages, you will find many ex-pats who were all military men - Brits get everywhere - much like the Greeks (lol)

What is very unusual is that the cyclist killed was ALSO working in a similar industry to what AL-Hilli had connections to....THAT is most strange and leads you to the conclusion that he did not just happen to be in the remote campsite area for no particular reason, which cost him his life.

Scientists beware!

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the RAF guy, Aangs? We've only his word for it he dawdled-up after the hit was well-over. Seemingly no one is interested in him, taking him as he says. It seems the road is a dead-end after a k or two for other than walkers and ...cyclists (or off-road motorbikes, popular in France). The killer, if in a car, had to drive back down the way he came, meeting any vehicles coming up the road, thus being seen. Not very pro in my view. Our RAF chappie could well be the killer, they learn to shoot in the RAF. Lots. And there's myraids of small airstrips all over South France. Good cover deciding to pretend to be innocent and phone les flics after the kill, realising it had got so hot he might not avoid the hunt, anyone rapidly flying out in a light plane would come under suspicion. If the other cyclist was the hit the killer was probably caught out by the car suddenly turning up and the number of people in the car, running out of ammo, or vise versa, the other cyclist puffing up the slope, thus, surprised by the sudden appearance of the girl had no ammo left and had to thump her.

There is virtually nothing in the Swedish press about the mystery Swedish woman.

Peter said...

This should come as no surprise. Many years ago, after JFK assassination, many many died mysteriously. We innocents just need to wake up. We are surrounded by truly desparate, dangerous, intensely competitive beasts, some, actually worship evil. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4pm:

I read somewhere that the Swedish woman was the mother-in-law
aged in her seventies.

I am sorry I do not recall where I read that.

Aang I always feel that whatever truths I gather in my own life experiences, I am several steps closer to the truths of the greater picture, when I read your excellent presentations.

I have come no closer to establishing whether Andrea Davison is actually in the Ecuador Embassy London, and yet I have no reason to believe she is NOT, hence the ridiculously expensive police presence outside. Assange simply is not worth that much, as the horse has bolted.

The world is awakening to the criminality in our authorized leadership.

Hence also, the MSM alluding to family conflict re 'financial inheritance' being the Motive for these killings, to distract full attention of the masses as to the real goings on in 'high' places.

Your 'intel' is precious. Thank you as always for sharing and enlightening, to the best of your abilities.

btw what are your thoughts on the Canadian government closing the Iranian Embassy?

According to the Anglo Saxon Mission of the Camelot Project, this 'development' seems to be a part of the Plan discussed at a meeting in UK in 2005.
Australia and Canada being abjectly compliant common-wealth 'subjects', it seems that the Plan is unfolding precisely as City of London/Washington/Vatican glued together by Rothschild-Zionism has intended.

Lord have Mercy.

Anon said...

Canada is a colony.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Yes Aang, precisely!

Please add 'craven' to my previous list of 'abjectly compliant'.

I have just come from the truthseeker site, and while reading on the French Alps killings, I wondered:

what is the connection between these killings and the Canadian closing down of Iranian Embassies?

Intuitively-just look at the timing fgs-there IS a link
and it is

Anonymous said...

All I can glean about the 'Swedish' lady is she was a 77 year-old English teacher (seemingly of Iraqi origins, or English married to an Iraqi?) from Stockholm who's husband died last year and she'd said she intended to visit her kids and grandkids more often. The police are now examining her apartment. I used to know a lass of about that age from London who taught English (had a degree) in Stockholm, but her address and phone is an old one, she was married to Pete, anyway, as Brit as you can get, so not the same person. But thought she might know this other one...

Anonymous said...

saad al hilli was involved in a sattelite system that could track nuclear materials on the ground.there is a false flag operation planned using nuclear materials blaming the iranians completion of this project foils this plan.

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