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In the West, the mainstream media appears to be very anti-Putin.

Putin's perks: Nice work

Just as the mainstream media has often attacked Erdogan of Turkey.

Turkish politics: Erdogan’s counterproductive ambition

Putin is a mystery.

J  left this comment on the post "ATTACK ON RUSSIA":

We may have to change our evaluation of Russian politics - just as much as we have had to change our evaluation of TURKISH politics and Erdogan...

 Turkey and Erdogan are puppets of the US-Israeli empire...

The Putin-Medvedev government is not really opposed to the US-Israel.

There is a strong indication that parts of the Russian government play wilfully into the hands of those Wahabbi terrorists.

For this see the video (from

At about 5:00 you can hear the head of a Russian institute, Jana Amelina, complain, that in her opinion there is some kind of complicity within the Russian government.

In my opinion the Putin-Medvedev government has a special agreement with Israel.

Don't forget that all but one of the Russian Oligarchs (I think 9) have an Israeli passport.

See also "Russia, Israel sign military cooperation agreement" - Global Defence: Russia, Israel sign military cooperation agreement

What happened to the original Putin?


In March 2011 Medvedev allowed the US/Nato to have a full blown invasion of Libya.


While the rabbles in Syria are supported with weapons and ammunition, the Syrian government runs dry:

All borders are blocked.

When US/Nato announced some months ago it would block the Syrian coast, Moscow decided to form a special navy convoy for Russian freighters, which were then supposed to transport to Syria what the Syrians needed for their defence.

Bur now Putin and Medvedev have decided to stop the supply that Syria needs so desperately. And they dissolved this convoy.

"This explains why a task force consisting of ships from three fleets (the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets) has suddenly fallen apart, and the General Staff changed its plans for Northern Fleet vessels to stop off in the Black Sea" … and … "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov does not believe military support for the Assad regime is the main aim currently, because there are chances of reaching national reconciliation in Syria" ( ).


The refusal to deliver S-300 defence rockets to Iran - although Iran is strategically the 'soft belly' of Russia - shows that Putin-Medvedev parties with Israel.

The same is true for Putin's brisk refusal to join the conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran.


My assumption that Russia and China are  natural partners against this aggressive US-Israeli empire has totally fallen apart.

See: Calling the China-Russia split isn't heresy - Asia Times Online

Osman Karahan.

arthur zbygniew has left this comment on the post "ATTACK ON RUSSIA":

Al- Zoubi: Syria Facing Massive Conspiracy and Terrorist, Extremist ...

Syrian news agency, DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Information Minister Omran al- Zoubi said that what is happening in Syria is a massive conspiracy and an aggression using barbaric tools whose elements are obvious, stressing that Syria is facing a terrorist, Wahabi and Takfiri mentality and an extremist culture in various guises and under various names. ...

Al-Zoubi affirmed that there is irrefutable evidence that Erdogan's government is sending gunmen to Syria and allowing terrorists to take refuge on Turkish soil, pointing out that the current Turkish policies are not the policies of the Turkish people.

Minister al-Zoubi stressed that Erdogan's statements on establishing buffer zones is an act of aggression against national sovereignty, adding that in the issue of the national sovereignty there are no red lines, and Syria will respond to any attempt to impinge on its sovereignty.

He noted that the Turkish lawyer who was killed in north Syria, Osman Karahan, is one of Al Qaeda's lawyers, adding that terrorists who were with Karahan were responsible for blowing up a British bank and two synagogues in Istanbul in 2003, killing 63 people and wounding 750, adding "the terrorists were arrested and sent to prison for life… who can get them out of prison and send them to Syria? Who can free Turkish inmates and send them to fight in another country?"...


Anonymous said...

Not forgetting of course Putin's dubious friendship with the underage-prostitute aficionado, Berlusconi. Berlusconi is utterly corrupt. If Putin considers him a friend I think we may safely assume that they are like-minded.

Otherwise in this one-trick-pony Hegelian world of two camps of opposition, someone has to play the bad guy. Amongst one's fellow creme-de-la-corrupt there's no shame in it.

The bad-guy wrestler and the good-guy wrestler all have a drink at the bar afterwards. The hatred is just theatrics and the bad guys and the good guys are all on the same payroll.

And sure enough, the wicked Putin of the East and the democratic Berlusoni of the West get together after work, snort coke, and shag whomever their versions of Beria/Chen Boda have procured for them.

And of course laugh at the idiots who think that it's all for real.

"Skol Vlad!" "Saluti tovarisch"

j said...

Putin even "murdered" (there fits no other word!) Russian sailors on the "Kursk" by systematicly PREVENTING them from being saved. This only in order to cooperate with the US-Israeli empire: .

A. Peasant said...

We see the end game of a world run by liars and thieves -- no one can trust anyone. Does Russia have reasons to mistrust China? Yes. Does China have reasons to mistrust Russia? Yes. The reasons for those mistrusts have to do with the hidden agendas and factions that we can mostly speculate about without knowing anything for certain. But it Looks like their relationship will be divided. And we can ask cui bono, in that eventuality. Both countries have the disease of parasitical infestation.

Anonymous said...

Putin is probably a Jew. These people all belong to the same Jewish organizations, the Judeo-Masonic cabal. They are all controlled by the Jewish money.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am thinking that Israel and Russia are in cahoots on the world stage. The immigrant ties between the two countries is a unifying factor. Then there are the Bolshevik Jews, etc etc. Maybe he did do some cleaning up, maybe he has opened up religion again in Russia.

But... who knows the truth behind any of this? Only the players.

I WANT to like Putin and see him as an opponent of NATO but there are just too many photos of him with the Chabad Lubavitch crowd.

Also, remember, when the bankers create war, they arm both sides although making sure that the preferred side gets the best weaponry. Who is to say that Russia's helping Syria is not part of that particular chess game?

Anonymous said...

"Putin is probably a Jew"

Get real and stop repeating the same bullshit over and over again. Not everybody is Jewish. Sold to them, yes, thats another matter....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous can you tell me if Putin is a Christian. Just show me some proof. I have been looking for this for a long time. I am not repeating myself. I am trying to find out the truth about his ethnic/religious background. Too bad if it offends you.

j said...

@Honk Bonk Man - 12:24 AM

Putin is of Orthodox-Christian belief:
1.) See en-Wikipedia:
"Putin regularly attends the most important services of the Russian Orthodox Church on the main Orthodox Christian holidays. He established a good relationship with Patriarchs of the Russian Church, the late Alexy II of Moscow and the current Kirill of Moscow. As President, he took an active personal part in promoting the Act of Canonical Communion with the Moscow Patriarchate, signed 17 May 2007 that restored relations between the Moscow-based Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia after the 80-year schism".

2.) On ge-Wikipedia You find (translated):
"Since a life-threatening fire at his dacha in the early 1990s Putin is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin committed again and again to his Russian Orthodox faith. So he took on the Orthodox Christmas 2006 attended a church service in the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra near Moscow. On television, it was shown how Putin crossed himself and lit a candle".

Anonymous said...

"So Anonymous can you tell me if Putin is a Christian. Just show me some proof. I have been looking for this for a long time. I am not repeating myself. I am trying to find out the truth about his ethnic/religious background. Too bad if it offends you."

Then if u dont know his ethnic background urself why do u say he's Jewish? U have any proof he is? It doesnt offends me at all, but u have some serious issues unfortunately.... Jewish or not, to me he is the same moron who has been also destroying his own country....

Anonymous said...

I did not say that he was Jewish. I said there is a probability that he is Jewish. Supposedly his mother is Jewish.

There many Freemansons that go to church every Sunday. They like to twist the Christian faith and use it for their own gains. It does not really mean that they are Christians. Others use the church for business purposes or politics.

I don't trust everything that I read on Wikipedia.

A. Peasant said...

sabbateans. always a possibility. not like they are going to announce it either.

Anonymous said...

AP - Exactly. And what does it cost to appear to be Christian? An hour a week? No biggie.

Anonymous said...

we are known by our fruit

that is the acid test for ALL human behaviour

and my personal observation is the wreckage/carnage left in the wake of the Supreme Allied Command f-ing wreckage.
And they are awarding themselves/each other, the re-building contracts
and the opposition is not letting them, as God takes 'care' of the truly evil/wicked ones.

Unknown said...

wkipedia? anyone using that a a source is not too bright.Just for curiosity of reaction I go there to edit biographies of famaous people i namelikan govt such a baruch and brandeis and morganthou and put in a few choice facts (alsways facts) and see what happens or how long it stands. also I get a percveption of people there running in circles and being harrased and nervous about the change and in cartoon like actiuoins quickly riffing the edit and putting it all back to joolies,.julies,julyz hahahahaha.

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