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What links the Mafia and the military? Website for this image

Prince Harry stayed at Steve Wynn's hotel in Las Vegas.

"Unsubstantiated reports... have suggested that cocaine was snorted in the suite, and that a known prostitute was among the guests."

Website for this image Best man Clint Eastwood, center, with Andrea Wynn and Steve Wynn on April 30, 2011.

Steve Wynn (Stephen Weinberg) has been accused of having links to the Mob, aka the Mafia.

Steve Wynn with Danny Gans, who died rather suddenly. Website for this image

"Quincy Jones has been called to testify in a dispute between Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis and Vegas mogul Steve Wynn.

"According to court docs obtained by TMZ, Francis claims Wynn threatened to kill him and have him buried in the desert over a debt Joe owed to his casino

"Francis insists Quincy actually saw an email from Wynn detailing the murder plot."

In 1967, Wynn was with some 'business associates of noted mobsters' on a private yacht.

A naked young woman, called Nancy, who was on board the yacht, died rather suddenly, "chopped almost in half".

Everyone on board the yacht denied having seen the incident.

Running Scared: The Life and Treacherous Times

In 1986 investigators discovered mobster Tony Castelbuono, a friend of Wynn, was laundering the profits of heroin trafficking at Wynn's gambling tables.

When Wynn tried to open a casino in London, the police denied him a licence.

Reportedly, Wynn once had an accident "while playing with a gun given to him by a former Mob hitman."

In November 2011, Wynn had dinner with Prince Harry.

In 2011, Wynn arranged his wedding to coincide with that of Prince William and Kate. 

Hollywood star Clint Eastwood was best man. 

The guest list included Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, Lionel Richie, Sir Philip Green and Celine Dion.

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The Military is the Mob.

"Colonel Griggs was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff, as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations.

"He was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled.

"Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins."

Mrs. Kay Griggs on How the Government Works -- Transcript 

Quotes from Kay Griggs:

"They took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the United States."

"They get rid of the good guys.

"The Marine Corps are the assassins for the Mob.

"The military is run by the Mob.

"The military IS the Mob."

"He told me what they did. They nurture - they cultivate - the sons of prominent families. They're called 'rising stars.' They rope them in. Then they 'turn" them.'"


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AAngirfan might want to update links. THIS is what I get when I click on KayGriggs:

"Koozies are foam rubber or neoprene material used to keep drinks cold since it absorbs sweat ,rings & drips from the drinks on a hot day, but nowadays it also complements as a fashion accessory for one to display his/her favorite brand of beer, or tobacco, etc." a marketing site for beer cozies

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I'm still a little unclear as to the exact nuanced meaning of one of the references, but, so Aurora was what - a statement, a summoning, an elaborate ritual, all of the above?

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'An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak and impossible to be silent." Edmund Burke 1789

Forging of the chains

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"Stephen Alan Weinberg"

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