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In the video below, pro-Assad Syrian TV interviews victims of the Darya (Daria) massacre carried out by NATO forces.

The media source Al-Arabiya, allegedly run by the CIA, apparently claims that the people in the above video are actors.

On 29 August, journalist Robert Fisk, of "The Independent", entered Daraya and spoke with local residents, some out of earshot of Syrian officials.

The residents gave accounts that differed from what was being reported in the Western media.

They stated that it was the anti-assad FSA fighters, working for NATO, who committed the killings.

They also stated that their homes had been overtaken by rebels and in some cases demolished.

Robert FiskInside Daraya - how a failed prisoner swap turned into a massacre


AUG 27, 2012

Syria: Civilians Massacred in Daraya

The NATO run mainstream media claims the Syrian military was responsible for a massacre in the town of Daraya, however the residents of Daraya have a different story.

The civilians of the Daraya massacre were Pro-Assad.

They were ordered by the rebels to support them or die.

They refused to support the rebels.

Annotated video:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
an excellent analysis by an Argentinian Australian PhD uni lecturer, on how the drugs trade is up there with oil and armaments, to benefit the imperialist ruling elites.

Anonymous said...

excellent/incisive/terrifying analysis of Bernanke/Romney/Netanyahu narcissistic thuggish hypocracies etc

Anonymous said...

Hey Aang - no link to the Fisk piece. Any chance you could fix because I'd love to read it.

brian said...

'The media source Al-Arabiya, allegedly run by the CIA, apparently claims that the people in the above video are actors.'

forget the alleged CIA connection...Alarabiya is the state media of the saudi dictatorship...the same saudis are the ones armking the FAS anything they say reflects the saudi regime

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the Robert Fisk story:

brian said...

the suicide bomber who killed 10 FSA terrorists at a check point they manned was this man:

Abu Qais killed 10 of the terrorists. (2) Kafar Batna #RifDimashq #Syria
Dylan.johnsons ‎@dylan_johnsons
Abu Qais whose mother, wife & kids were killed by terrorists, had enough & did a suicide bombing at an #FSA checkpoint at Kafar Butna #Syria
you can push a man just so far

brian said...

fisk must be doing something seems he been censored!
Petri Krohn @PetriKrohn
Robert Fisk #censored by The @Independent: ‘USA is the major player against #Syria and the rest are its instruments’ …

Anonymous said...

I can still find it here:

brian said...

Syrian Truth l Field report from Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus today with English subtitles
By Arabi Souri

A report by Safa Mohamad of ANB channel of Syrian Arab Army soldiers facing terrorist groups in Tadamon neighborhood, Damascus shows Saudi, Qatari, Lebanese, Iraqi.. passports, military uniforms, israeli weapons, field hospitals.. used by the Turkish FSA terrorists..

this is a useful report as we can see the FSA consists of foreign invaders

brian said...

'The media source Al-Arabiya, allegedly run by the CIA, apparently claims that the people in the above video are actors.'

all alarabiya does is confirm the scenes are of real people and not actors...thats rael blood, a real dead mother shelters a real dead baby..etc
ALarabiya is saudi state media...what ever it says ...the truth is the opposite

brian said...

Fisk has come under attack fro a surprising source: The Left
Pulse media who also did a job on Libyas Gadafi are at it again:

one of the writers has had communisy associations...he seems unaware that salafist have been attacking comunists:
‘We have just received news about a Salafist attack against the offices of the Workers’ Communist Party of Tunisia (PCOT) in the Al Kabaria neighbourhood, South of Tunis. We ask our readers to send messages of support.’
the ‘rebels’ in syria are salafists from round the region.

indianist said...

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