Friday, September 21, 2012


Reportedly, Bee Gee Robin Gibb hired a hitman to kill his wife.

The Bee Gee who hired a hitman to bump off his wife ... - Daily Mail

In 1980, Robin Gibb tried to burgle his wife's home in the South of England.

Gibb believed that his estranged wife Molly Hullis was involved in a plot to rob him of £5 million.

Gibb was searching for evidence.

FBI files show that Gibb was investigated after allegations that he had threatened to kill his wife's London lawyers.

In a telegram to solicitors Haymon & Walters in March 1981, Gibb wrote 'Know (sic) one walks all over me . . . I have had enough. I have taken out a contract. It is now a question of time.’ 

Robin Gibb - centre

Robin Gibb, a close friend of Tony Blair, was married to Dwina, a bisexual druid.

In 1971, Robin Gibb performed in Israel, and praised Israel in an interview with Uri Geller. 

Robin Gibb, Friend of Israel, RIP: 2/3 Bee Gees Gone

Israel Oh take me back into into your arms, Israel Israel Israel Israel, Israel 

Robin Gibb owned a £3million mansion in Florida, which he loaned to Tony and Cherie Blair for a holiday in 2006.

Robin Gibb's first wife was Molly.

"While Molly raised their two young children at their home in Surrey, Robin enjoyed countless one-night stands in America - more than 100 by his own estimation."


Robin Gibb supported the UK military.

"One of his passions was to highlight Britain's debt to our troops...

"He was also a major supporter and fund-raiser for the Bomber Command Memorial being built in London's Green Park."


Genie said...

Few need mind control to accept the success that only the Jews3:) have to offer.
Do I remember one of the brothers dating Jewess Barbara Streisand at one time?
Thanks for this story anon, I always want more money a whole lot less after reading here:-)

BuelahMan said...

Its no mystery that I think the Bee Gees music sucks, especially after hearing "Israel".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Robin Gibb's full FBI file has been published online. The case was all empty talk, with no evidence of actual hired hitman. The tabloids (NY Post is the original source all UK press reproduced) left out: 1) an omitted line of Gibb retaliating against the lawyers as "superfillious and conniving"; 2) only 1 of 2 telegrams, not "numerous" as claimed by lawyers of Gibb's ex, alluded to a hitjob - that quote we already read.

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