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Indonesian Model Sarah Azhari.

"Sources have confirmed that Purnomo did indeed have a 'special' relationship with Sundari.

Defence Minister Purnomo, educated at the University of Colorado.

"A source close to the Defense Ministry and senior officials at the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) told The Jakarta Post that an intelligence agent had confirmed that Sundari had been Purnomo’s mistress for at least five years.

"The source also said that Purnomo had bought a house and car worth billions for the singer."

More ministers in trouble over extramarital affairs | 21 September 2012, The Jakarta Post

Spot the difference:

1. Indonesia signs $500 mln contract to buy six Russian jet fighters ...

10 Jan 2012 – Indonesia has signed a $470 million contract with Russia to buy six Sukhoi Su-30MK2 jet fighters for the Indonesian Air Force.

2. Indonesia Says 'No, Thanks' to More Sukhoi Fighters.

9 Aug 2012 – Indonesia will buy no more Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia, opting instead for U.S. F-16s, Air Marshal Eris Herryanto told Flightglobal aviation.

"Eryn Puspita Sari who works at the US Consulate General Surabaya. She has said she is being blackmailed into marriage with a sex video by a CIA agent named Special Agent Dennis."

"Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro was the press corps’ 'most-wanted' when they spotted him at the State Palace in Central Jakarta last week.

"Journalists followed him asking for comments.

"On this occasion, however, it was no longer about alleged corruption surrounding the procurement of Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets.

"This time, Purnomo had come under the public spotlight after a gossip tabloid ran a cover story on his alleged affair with Sundari Soekotjo, a prominent singer of keroncong (old-fashioned folk) songs."

More ministers in trouble over extramarital affairs | 21 September 2012, The Jakarta Post

Sukarno and friend.

In the late 1950s, the CIA produced a porn film using an actor who looked like President Sukarno of Indonesia.

(Indonesia Killing Hope William Blum).

The idea was to discredit Sukarno.

This was at a time when the CIA had decided to destabilise Indonesia.

Sukarno was seen by the CIA as not being sufficiently pro-American.

New Russian Plane Crashes Over Indonesia - - 9 May 2012

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PB said...

A porn Star who looked like Sukarno? Well you wouldn't exactly produce it for general sale would you. Whatever next? Angela Merkel in an SS uniform and a riding crop? (hang on, I think I have a concept here...)

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