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There are reports that the 11 September attack on the US ambassador in Libya was an inside job and that the US Department of State knew of the possibility of the attack up to 48 hours ahead of time, yet chose to do nothing.

Inside Job ... - Daily Mail / Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination‎‏

The Independent, citing diplomatic sources, has reported that the US State Department knew, up to 48 hours ahead of the attacks, that the compounds in Benghazi and Cairo could be hit. 

"However, none of the diplomats in either city were given warnings."

It has been revealed that "the Benghazi consulate was not protected by the contingent of Marines that usually safeguard embassies."

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"I don't know how they found the place (the safe house) to carry out the attack.

"It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries," said Captain Fathi al-Obeidi of Libya's February 17 Brigade. 

According to officials:

9.30 -10:00 pm - The main consulate building comes under fire.

10:15 pm - Attackers enter the main consulate building and set the compound on fire. 

2:30am next day - Libyan and US security forces arrive at the annex. 

A Libyan official official told the Associated Press that that the attackers raided the safe house in the compound, just as US and Libyan security arrived to evacuate the staff, suggesting someone had  tipped off the attackers about the location of the safe house.

A US State Department official said Stevens and his team 'became separated from each other due to the heavy, dark smoke while they were trying to evacuate the burning building'

A U.S. official said there were no US military personnel at the mission in Benghazi at the time of the attack.

A U.S. counter-terrorism official said the Benghazi violence was 'too co-ordinated or professional' to be unplanned.

"The attack raises issues about why the building, which had been attacked before, was so poorly protected."

The film said to have upset some Moslems was the work of the spooky 'Sam Bacile'.

Bacile told reporters that he was an Israeli Jew.

"There are no records of a 'Sam Bacile' either in the U.S. or Israel...

"Sam Bacile's phone number was traced to an address in Cerritos, Calif., which appears to be the home of somebody named Nakoula Bassely Nakoula.

"Along with a 'Sam Basselley,' Mr. Nakoula is listed as one of the film's producers.

"In a conversation with the Associated Press, he denied being Sam Bacile but claimed to be a Coptic Christian and the manager of the company that had produced the film. 

"Records indicate that a man named Nakoula Nakoula recently served a prison sentence for bank fraud. Among his known aliases are Mark Basseley Youssef and Youssef M. Basseley."

Who is 'Sam Bacile'? 

There has been speculation that Bacile may in fact be Morris Sadek, a Coptic lawyer who has strong anti-Islamic views and fled Egypt in 1969.

Steve Klein was a consultant for the film.

"On 5 June 2012 the loyalists detonated a bomb outside the gates of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. On 6 June in Benghazi they tried to kill the British ambassador, but only succeeded in wounding his bodyguards..."

The Benghazi attack gives Obama an excuse to put more troops into Africa.

'Benghazi attack was 'convenient' for the US' – security expert

Retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons has suggested the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi  was the result of a bungled kidnapping attempt.
Admiral James Lyons suggests the Obama administration deliberately lessened the levels of security at the consulate.

In October 2012, the Western Center for Journalism suggested the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens was the result of a failed kidnapping attempt by terrorists working for the US government.

What went wrong with the Obama plan was that, according to information obtained by Fox News, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both former U.S. Navy Seals, ignored orders to "stand down" and fought vigorously for hours in their attempt to defend the compound.


On October 20, Kris Zane published the center's initial article Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack with Link to Obama.

Within 24 hours of the event, ground intelligence linked the Benghazi attack to Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, who was put into power by the CIA. 

Zane cites an anonymous source inside the White House who says that Obama planned to win the release of a kidnapped Stevens, just in time for Election Day.

The work of Ansar al-Sharia. who-are-ansar-al-sharia. On September 11, 2012, the United States Department of State Operations Center advised the White House Situation Room and other U.S. security units that Ansar al-Sharia was claiming responsibility for the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi that had just occurred.[11] 

On October 25, Kris Zane published his second article on the incident “Obama Linked to Benghazi Attack.”

On 24 September 2012, the Wall Street Journal had published an article from Judge Michael Mukasey entitled “Will Obama Free the Blind Sheik and send him back to Egypt?

Omar Abdel Rahman was jailed for his part in the CIA's 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and for conspiring to assassinate Hosni Mubarak, who had become an enemy of the CIA.


Anonymous said...

New information to check out.


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Sep 13 2012.

This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!

Anonymous said...

Anony 8:06, thanks for the site, exceptional info! Here's some more propaganda for idiots:

Anonymous said...

I happened to get arrested by the police around 10.00 in the morning of 13 sept. in front of the US consulate in Amsterdam (at the opposite of the Van Gogh Museum with the large Museumgrasssquare in between, in case you know the spot) I wanted to alert- btw without any premeditation- the officers in a policecar that stood there with a short- I had to take the tram in an instant- note about 911 about Christopher Bollyn's site Knocked on their bulletproof window, which they refused to open. Instead the one at the drivers seat grapped a microphone from the dashboard and yelled something through it. Irritated by there blocking any communication I started to shout at a row of visitors waiting in front of the US consulate. 'JFK was the only Pres. who had balls, wanted to finish the Fed owned by jewish bankers and inspect the nuke arsenal of Israel funded by them, that's why they made make the grade. 911SRAELDIDIT!! & if you are here to get visa, know that you will be going to a real policestate one of the best in today's world' After a while not only another policecar&motor arrived but on top of it a helicopter as well. Handcuffed
to the policestation where my remark 'We live in the European Soviet Union'- the day before the Dutch elections were held- broke the ice with the officers there, many of them agreed with me.
Nevertheless I was brought to a psychiatric dept. of the police where I psycholigicaly/verbally waged war with psychiatrists finally striking the right string: the time of Provo is over,the time of 100.000 protesters at the same Museum square united against installing NATO cruisemissiles in NL is over, hundreds of thousands of former home owners in the US are now living in the streets due to the banksters, it could/will happen to you now that the majority seems to have said 'yes' to the fake safety of the EU. I could have been forced to spend more than the 6 hrs. that are allowed by law but they released me in time and wished me succes in my further efforts. (btw elections should be held in the open field as they did in Switzerland where it started, even ballots with the pen which is again the case in NL can be manipulated, NL imo has given the icecold finger of Reyckjavic to the ECB cabal, but at least for now jacta alea est.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Asif said...

Murdered US ambassador ChrisStevens was opposed to his own govt's invasion of Iraq and sympathized with the region's problems. He was understanding to Islam. Killing him in this way is not and can never be part of Arab Islamic traditions. Also, US govt's position that it can't restrain American extremists like TerryJones because of freedom of speech makes sense but is NOT acceptable. The US govt has found legal ways and means in the past to penalize anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Surely they can deal appropriately with American extremists bent on insulting the world's second largest religion.

Anonymous said...

Xtians and Muzzies again in conflict. Obviously this was well planned before and sheeple of course bit the bait. Guess who's rubbing its hands and rejoices? ISRAHELL....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anony 6:29, all this thing about that "murdered ambassador" is just crap. Go to some links smb else posted and ull see. There are high chances that GARY CONDIT played the role of Chris Stevens if u know what I mean.... Yes, exactly....

Kristin in Arizona said... yesterdays news, today SAME school interviewed by "graduates" on same Fox affiliate here in Phoenix. This time, the protests and troubles are on account of moozlims "not being used to 'democracy' and that Arabs are 'naive' [concerning democracy]" I wanted to barf.

Ps, about Jim Stone, according to him, nothing EVER happened- no one was ever killed, the whole thing is a "set up". If you are genuinely attempting to find the "real story" I'd start with questioning Jim Stone and his sanity. I'm all for "Wag the Dog" but I find it very hard to believe that the troubles there in Libya, AND the Aurora tragedy "didn't happen". Perhaps his intentions are good... but.. sighs.. I don't know what to say

Kristin in Arizona

Kristin in Arizona said...

sorry, forgot to add this link regarding "Thunderbird School of Global Management" with interview "former CIA" director- who today made claims those wild eyed crazy mooslims don't understand democracy and are naive on today's interview, yes Fox gave his school TWO interviews- today with "graduates" with "mooslim sounding names" (cough cough)

Anonymous said...

"Wissam Buhmeid, the commander of the Tripoli government-sanctioned Libya's Shield Brigade, effectively a police force for Benghazi, maintained that it was anger over the Mohamed video which made the guards abandon their post. "There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film; they would absolutely put their loyalty to the Prophet over the consulate. The deaths are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet." Revealed: Inside Story of U.S. Envoy's Assassination, The Independent, Sept 13, 2012

It's like the scorpion said to the frog, "It's my nature." AQ ops can't be manipulated forever, just long enough to get what they want. Same thing happened to Saif Gaddafi with his terrorist rehab program. They got "the cure" then left rehab and started a faux revolution that served as the excuse for NATO intervention.

I find it interesting that about a month ago, Hillary Clinton wouldn't meet with the Syrian Transition Council (I'm sure she did in private). A few in the corporate media and more in the alternate media did a find job of pulling that into view. It made it unpalatable for HRC to be in the same room with them.

Obama will win the election but Cameron and Hollande will be gone, as will Netanyahu. The press poodle, fake socialist, and madman will fade into mediocrity (well, fade more;).

Anonymous said...

Anon, 11:13 PM,

Pleas, enough of the Stone claims.

The reason the house was so easy to breach was because it wasn't built as a consulate, much less an embassy.

In other words, it is not surprising that the location is not listed as a consulate.

The Ambassador, Chris Stevens was real and he was murdered.

Stone claims a lot of things, but he has no personal or investigative knowledge on this event.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 11:13 PM,

"Pleas, enough of the Stone claims."

So you should provide references to prove Stone is wrong. Otherwise yours is just a disinformation opinion with no reliable evidence to counter Stone's.

Anonymous said...

asif shah said...
Murdered US ambassador ChrisStevens was opposed to his own govt's invasion of Iraq and sympathized with the region's problems. He was understanding to Islam. Killing him in this way is not and can never be part of Arab Islamic traditions.

Islam has nothing to do with CIA/Mossad Al-Qaeda mercenaries who are the true overthrowers and murderers. Apparently, Stevens was as criminal as the rest of them. Organized, co-ordinated protesters and rebel murderers are not Muslims riled by a lousy video. What you say is true--these are not real Muslims being agitated into violence.
Sowing, Reaping, Pillaging and the Black Crow Night
"The image shows Christopher Stevens leaning over {alleged} Muammar Ghaddafi's body after the heinous murder of the former Libyan strongman by a gang of rebels.
Reportedly, Christopher Stevens was deeply involved with anti-Ghaddafi rebels.
Ambassador Stevens, had directed illegal arms supply to various groups of rebels including Al-Qaeda members during the Libyan crisis. "

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