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Rafiq Hariri (left)

Rafiq Hariri owned a house in London.

The house is currently said to be worth £300 million.

The house's decor is said to include millions of pounds worth of gold leaf, and bullet proof windows.  

"Hariri's wealth grew from less than $1 billion dollars when he was appointed prime minister in 1992, to over $16 billion when he died." [23][24]

Hariri's former House. 

The house, at Rutland Gate, overlooks Hyde Park and has 45 bedrooms. 

Rafiq Hariri, a Moslem, was prime minister of Lebanon from 1992 - 1998.

In 2005, he was blown up.

Explosives hit his motorcade as it drove past  the St. George Hotel in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 

When Hariri died, his London mansion was given as a gift to Sultan bin Abdulaziz, crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

Hariri's firm was the main construction firm used by the Saudi Royal family.

Reportedly, Israel and the USA wanted Hariri dead.

"During a BBC interview in 2001,[4][5] Harīrī was asked by Tim Sebastian why he refused to hand over members of Hezbollah that were accused by America of being terrorists.

"He responded that Hezbollah were the ones protecting Lebanon against the Israeli occupation and called for implementation of passed United Nations resolutions against Israel

"He was further accused of making the American coalition in the War on Terrorism worthless and asked if he was ready for the consequences of his refusal, reminding him that George W. Bush had said: "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists".[6]

"He replied that he had hoped that there would be no consequences, but would deal with them if they arrive. Hariri further said that he opposed the killing of all humans - Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian or Lebanese - and believed in dialogue as a solution.

"He further went on to say that Syria will have to stay in Lebanon for protection of Lebanon until they are no longer needed and Lebanon asks them to leave."

"According to Hezbollah officials, the assassination of Hariri was planned by the Mossad as a means of expelling the Syrian army from Lebanon.

"In August 2010, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah presented evidence, consisting of intercepted Israeli spy-drone video footage, which he said implicated Israel in the assassination of Hariri."[19]

Al Kassar.

Lebanon is linked to heroin.

Did the USA fall out with Assad over heroin?

Syria's Basil Assad died in a car crash in 1994. 

Reportedly Basil was killed because of his role in suppressing the Syrian-Lebanese drug trade in the Bekaa Valley. (Website) 


According to "The Last Circle" , by Cherie Seymour - Chapter 8:

Syria's Monzer Al Kassar, a friend of the Assad family, reportedly worked with the USA's Colonel Oliver North.

Reportedly, Al Kassar sold heroin to the USA and some of the profits were used by North to buy arms for the fascist Nicaraguan Contras.

The US Tower Commission probe into Irangate revealed that Al Kassar had been paid $1.2 million by Oliver North's coconspirator General Richard Secord to move weapons from Israel to the Contras.

In her book "October Surprise," former Reagan White House aide Barbara Honegger alleged that Al Kassar's heroin smuggling network in Italy was used to send NATO arms to Iran with the help of Italian intelligence officials linked to the Masonic lodge, P2.

Al Kassar was reported to hold large tracts of land in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.


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Anonymous said...

Hariri London House Heroin

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