Tuesday, September 18, 2012


How successful was the Arab Spring in bringing about democracy?

1. Freedom House says a country score of 5 out of a total of 7 is the minimum score required to be an effective democracy.

Freedom House awards current-day Egypt an overall score of 2.25.

Current-day Egypt scores 1.99 on Civil Liberties, 1.70 on Corruption, and 2.62 on Accountability.

Countries at the Crossroads 2012 | Freedom House

2. GAZA (Reuters) - 18 September 2012 - Egypt's crackdown on smuggling tunnels along its border with the Gaza Strip is making shortages ever tighter. 
Morsi blames West for funding riots.

3. Egypt Cabinet drafts new 'oppressive' police powers law - 18 September 2012

4. In Egypt today: "Power and water outages are common across Egypt. Crime is rampant. The value of the currency is slipping."

President has not tackled Egypt's biggest problems

September 2012

5. Cruise ships cancel calls in Egypt and Tunisia
Telegraph.co.uk- 18 September 2012

There has been an increase in the number of reports of sexual assaults on women during demonstrations in and around Tahrir Square. 

Attacks have been experienced by both foreign and Egyptian women. 

Cairo September 2012

There has been an increase in incidents of protestors blocking roads in Sinai, Aswan, Qena, Suez and between Luxor and Hurghada.

Cairo September 2012

There has been a marked increase in crime across Egypt both in cities and rural areas such as armed robberies, muggings, sexual assaults, rapes, break-ins to accommodation and cars and car-jackings at gun and knife-point, including in areas popular with expatriates and during the daytime. 

Muggings have occurred in taxis. 

There have been reports of cars being held up and shots fired at them 

Women are not safe.

In 2011, we handled 20 cases of sexual assault and six cases of rape. Some assaults were against minors. 

Many occurred in what were considered to be safe environments e.g. hotel premises. 

Cairo, September 2012

Tourist buses have also been targeted, most recently in Abu Simbel on 3 June and near Taba on 2 June.  

Other areas that have been affected by robberies and roadblocks include Luxor and Qena.


Anonymous said...

Australia is the next best place for American 'mental health programs'


while the numerous stories of 'ordinary' Americans are heart rending.

Professionals and academics and mature Veterans guided by con science, willing to be crucified for 'Truth telling', while the inmates control the 'asylum'. Moving House to Australia, where the non elected leaders remain clue less beyond satisfying the lusts of their own EGOS.

Anonymous said...

Australia: the last bastion ( the name of a base in Afghanistan/Captain Wales?) of so-called 'freedom' (let us be fooled not one nano second longer)...

hypocrisy is allowed to be practiced by the Establised Elites, who bump off their 'own', when their 'use by' date arrives, if not before.

Anonymous said...

this is a big issue in sweden http://zverige.com/kingkong/#.UFgpTDp7Vw8

Anonymous said...

Yes, part of the plan.

A plan against humanity.

A society destroying itself.

I look over the pictures and words, and I feel sadness.

For humanity.

A youtube, Nights in White Satin (extended version).

Such a cynical plan.

But all of us, we need to hold onto our humanity, true religion is universal, for we are all God's children.

They divide society.

They divide humanity.

They use the words and phrases of universal values, but those words and phrases are a cover for the most perverse plan ever hatched:

Ashes in the mouth of humanity.

God help us to reach out, not in hatred, but in love, seeing through the window of technology, not children of another God, but our brothers and sisters in the human family.

What will happen? I think I know, but I pray I'm wrong.

May the universal God which watches over humanity have mercy for the ignorant, the cold-hearted, and the selfish.

And, provide courage for the learned, the warm-hearted, and the compassionate.

For we are going to need it, oh, are we going to need all the courage and counsel we can find.

Courage to do good works in the face of supreme selfishness, some call evil.

Youtube the Poppy family, Where Evil Grows.

Don't let the selfishness (evil) grow in your heart.

Because, then, they will have won.

Anonymous said...


After laughing my head off, looking at the Anonymous 6.08 link, Au Yahoo reported the resignation of an Australian politician wanting to import Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, to Australia.

But, the Pure Establishment, Pretenders running the Show, has other, better notions of international relations....

NO REALITY allowed in public, no mattter what the 'elect' get up to, in their duplicitous private lives!

The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

Anonymous said...

Hang the Bankers website is running a story on how the New World Order NEEDS Australia.
And Ms Gillard is off to UN General Assembly to have a chat about the Millennium Goals.
Nobody is discussing these any more, as the world stands on the brink of Israhell induced catastrophe. But then, Ms Gillard and her first bloke are firmly attached to Israhell, oblivious to the slaughter that goes on in its name.
Anyone who speaks out, is dealt with, in the now well established pattern of UK/MOSSAD/Clinton and Obama...
Blessings Aangirfan xx

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