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Many Moslems work for the Zionists.

A mother has been photographed at a Sydney demonstration taking a picture of her toddler son holding a sign calling for beheadings.

Mother of toddler holding up 'beheading' poster at Sydney protest'

Let's stop appologising for Moslem criminals and let's start deporting more of them.


Were some of the 7/7 'bombers' working for the security services?

And, are some still alive and still working for the security services?

On 4 July 2009, the UK's Daily Mail newspaper has this headline:

Conspiracy fever: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims' relatives call for a proper inquiry

Former US Justice Department prosecutor and terror expert, John Loftus, revealed that the mastermind behind the 7/7 London Bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, was 'working for British Intelligence'.

7/7 London Bombings: Britain's 911? | Conscious Ape

The UK security services decided NOT to interview Aswat in connection with the 7/7 London Bombings, in spite of the media having named Aswat as the mastermind.



In 2009, a government report revealed that at least two of the bombers had a relationship with MI5.

The alleged leader of the 7/7 bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was an MI5 contact.


The security services like to recruit Moslems with criminal records.

In 1986, when Khan was aged 11, "he was arrested for receiving stolen goods and his fingerprints were taken.

"A second set of fingerprints were taken in February 1993, when he was arrested on suspicion of assault."


French Interior Minister at the time of the bombings, Nicolas Sarkozy, told the press that at least two of the bombers had been arrested and released by the UK authorities in 2002.

7/7 London Bombings: Britain's 911? | Conscious Ape


Alleged 7/7 bomber Germaine Maurice Lindsay had links to drugs crime.

The police seemed to be protecting him.

The police failed to follow up an armed incident at a flat involving a car used by Lindsay.

(7/7 inquests: police failed. /TANWEER, LINDSAY & BABAR - STRANGE LIVES)

Are the 7/7 'bombers' still alive?


Shehzad Tanweer had a secret girlfriend with whom he planned to spend the future.

(My secret affair with 7/7 bomber: Tanweer said he loved me we had a future.)

The girlfriend, known as Witness A, has told the 7/7 inquests in London that Tanweer told her they had a future together.

In 2005, the year of the attacks, he told her he was going to move to Dubai.

The alleged bombers, on their ‘suicide bombing’ mission, bought 'return tickets' for their train journey.

7/7 London Bombings: Britain's 911? | Conscious Ape

The bombers were not religious.

J7 Profile: Mohammad Sidique Khan (Age: 30).

Two of Khan's friends from school were interviewed for a BBC radio documentary, "Biography of a Bomber."

The documentary revealed that Khan’s friends were mainly white, that he considered himself Western, that he had returned from a trip to America besotted with all things American, and that he was more commonly known by an anglicised version of his name, 'Sid'.

Ian Barrett remembered that Khan had no interest in religion and rarely went to a mosque:

According to paragraph 10 of the Home Office account of the London bombings, after leaving school, Khan worked for the government; in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

When designing a brochure, Khan insisted “The British flag must be part of it. I was born here and I am proud to be British.”

Khan’s wife's mother, Farida Patel, made history as the first Asian woman to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

Farida Patel got an invitation to Downing Street, where she was given an award for her work for the Inner City Religious Council at a ceremony hosted by Tony Blair in 1999.

Salafists in Gaza, working for Osama bin Mossad.

Khan married Hasina Patel in 2001 and had a daughter in May 2004. Hasina was pregnant at the time of the London attacks.

In July 2004, Khan was given a tour of the Houses of Parliament as a guest of MP Mr. John Trickett.

J7 Profile: Mohammad Sidique Khan (Age: 30).

For further information: J7 Incident Analysis for Edgware Road / Paddington.

John Cantlie, shot by a doctor.

One of the anti-Assad terrorists in Syria is a British born doctor, of Pakistani descent, who works at a London hospital.

"The AK-47-wielding doctor is part of an extremist gang that held veteran war photographer John Cantlie and a fellow western journalist hostage for a week."


The Moslem KLA - criminal mafia

When it comes to terrorism: Moslems are apparently in it up to their necks.

Former UK cabinet minister Michael Meacher wrote on 22 July 2004:

Omar Sheikh is... the man who, on the instructions of General Mahmoud Ahmed, the then head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), wired $100,000 before the 9/11 attacks toMohammed Atta, the lead hijacker.

Ahmed, the paymaster for the hijackers, was actually inWashington on 9/11, and had a series of pre-9/11 top-level meetings in the White House, the Pentagon, the national security council, and with George Tenet, then head of the CIA, and Marc Grossman, the under-secretary of state for political affairs.


Islamism = criminality?

Reportedly, the Syrian 'arms and drugs dealer' Monzer al- Kassar was a business associate of Lt Colonel Oliver North.

Al-Kassar was also 'closely aligned with Rifat Assad, brother of Syrian dictator Hafez Assad'.

Reportedly, in 1988, drugs from the Lebanon were being smuggled through Cyprus and Frankfurt into the United States, using Pan Am flights.

Reportedly, the CIA and Monzer al-Kassar were involved in this drugs smuggling.


Girl working for Mossad. Should the family be deported as enemy agents? Video shows girl, aged EIGHT, speaking of her love for Jihad during Muslim conference in Australia


Zoompad said...

When people call for those who deliberatly insult God and prophets of God to be beheaded or slaughtered in any way, they are actually insulting God themselves, as what they are insinuating is that God is unable to take care of himself and he needs puny mankind to protect him.

God doesn't need mankind to protect his reputation, he is quite capable of looking out for himself, being as he is God!

That woman should stop teaching her babies to hate. If all the mothers of the world did that the wicked ones would soon run out of hired assassins to do their dirty work.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Gurji
uhuh. uhmmm.
And, Gaiman, don't get me started.
uhuh. uhmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad,

Notice that the little girl was praising the "uprising" in Syria.

Yes, the innocent little girl was used as a puppet to praise the hired murderers and thugs of the so-called Free Syrian Army.

Incidentally, in the event they take over Syria, they'll no doubt immediately establish a central bank, like the psychopaths did in Libya. One of their pathetic brigands will doubtless stay at the Basel Hilton and obediently bow down to Sauron at the Tower. And before you ask, yes there really is a rotating eye atop the tower and a subterranean entrance. (You think I'm kidding, don't you. Ask Urs at Aeschenplatz.)

I'm surprised the writer of her little speech didn't accidentally drop in some oi vehs.

I feel sorry for Little Miss Zionist Stooge. Not for her parents though.

For the next incited riot, we should hand out some T-shirts to express the feelings of the protesters.

Maybe ones saying "DAJJALIC MOSSAD STOOGE".

Good point about these blasphemous idiots too, by the way. Our Maker could create a thousand worlds like this and blink them out in an instant.

As for the prophets, they're only human. I imagine they'd find the offensive film something between pathetically puerile and utterly hilarious.

As for the stooges, more fuel for the fire. They won't even be remembered.

"overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out."

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