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Egypt’s former vice president and spy chief Omar Suleiman, left, and Saudi Crown Prince Nayef .

Saudi Arabia's Prince Nayef stated that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Jews.

Egypt's former spy chief Omar Suleiman knew all about the anti-Egypt plots of the CIA and Mossad.

Reportedly, the CIA killed both Nayef and Suleiman.

CIA killed Omar Suleiman and Saudi’s prince Nayef: Fareed Zakaria PressTV

Kissinger and Fareed Zakaria

It is US-based journalist Fareed Zakaria who says the CIA killed Nayef and Suleiman.

Speaking on an Arabic satellite channel, Zakaria said that Omar Suleiman told him the CIA were trying to kill  him with laser radiation.

Zakaria added that Suleiman revealed to him in the same telephone conversation that Prince Nayef was also assassinated with laser radiation by the CIA.

Suleiman died in July 2012 while in the USA where he was undergoing medical tests.

Nayef, Saudi's spy chief, and heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia, had traveled to the USA for medical reasons.

He was announced dead in June 2012.

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Is Fareed Zakaria trying to stir up a Clash of Civilisations?

Fareed Zakaria, a Moslem born in India, is part of the US establishment and has supported Obama.

Zakaria's wife is Paula Throckmorton, who is reported to be Jewish. (Powerless Jews | Occidental Dissent)

Zakaria serves on the board of the very-Jewish Council on Foreign Relations.

He served on the board of the Trilateral Commission.[36]

He is editor-at-large of the pro-Israel Time magazine and is the host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Fareed Zakaria studied under Samuel P. Huntington and Stanley Hoffmann, as well as international relations theorist Robert Keohane.[3] 

Fareed Zakaria has described Osama bin Laden as an extremist who used religion to justify mass murder.

Zakaria supported the invasion of Iraq.

Zakaria supports the idea of 'reform' in Arab countries.


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scroll down to comments and see,

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I apologize for the off-topic comment.

You, one of the few in the alternative media, have reported on the Green Movement, which is the Gaddafi loyalist, resistence in Libya.

There is an excellent analysis over at Global Research suggesting it was the Green Movement which was responsible for the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

Please read it.

While a significant portion is built on a circumstancial case, there is one hard piece of evidence (or possibly a powerful circumstantial piece):

"One bureaucrat who would not adopt the NATO spin [el CIAda] was Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib, who continued to insist that Gaddafi loyalists were the perpetrators. Therefore, NATO dismissed him as Libya’s prime minister, and replaced him with Mustafa Abushagur, the day after the Benghazi incident. Abushagur had lived most of his life in the USA, and had always been an enemy of Gaddafi. Like so many other US-installed bureaucrats, he had returned to Benghazi in May 2011 during the NATO-instigated insurgency.

Some alternative news outlets acknowledge the truth about the Green Resistance, for example, the Inter Press News Service, which is a non-profit outlet."

Libya’s Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib also admitted it, as did Libya’s President Mohammed El-Megarif, as well as Ali Aujali, Libya’s Ambassador to Washington, plus Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s ambassador to the UN. All of them said that Gaddafi loyalists had attacked the US site in Benghazi. They would quickly change their change tune under pressure from their NATO masters.

Back on 24 August 2012, Time magazine had noted that Gaddafi “still commands silent admiration in many parts of Libya”. The article quoted President El-Magariaf as saying: “We know that Gaddafi loyalists are behind these bombings [since the overthrow of Gaddafi]. In the last few months, the security services have intensified their campaign against Bani Walid and Tarhuna.” (9)"

Why would NATO and their puppets want to deny the Green Movement's possible role and responsibility?

Easy, it destroys their narrative of the popularity of the NATO thugs and it being a popular uprising.

Rather it was a narrow and foreign supported coup.

And, if there is popular resistence via the Green Movement, what is NATO doing backing a bunch of thugs?

Also, this is evidence of Trilateralist versus neocon split in the Elites because there have been trilateralists pushing the Mossad and Saudi Arabia did it angle:

Gordon Duff and Steve Pieczenik.

Both are Trilateralists.

Pieczenik is very good at disinformation, but when he claims Hillary Clinton is doing a good job as Sec. of State, that gives his game away.

Clinton is a Trilateralist, so is Bill Clinton.

In the alternative media, the game for Trilateralists is to blame Mossad and Israel -- don't get me wrong, Mossad is bad, bad, bad.

But, this whole "Arab Spring" was not a neocon idea, it was a Trilateralist idea, although many neocons jumped on it as the moving idea, those neocons are just 'bandwagon' followers.

Trilateralists are stealth, neocons are naked muscle, and they are rivals for power and influence.

But their objectives overlap to some extent.

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Which are more dangerous, the neocon faction or the Trilateralist?

In the short-term, the neocons are the more dangerous because they rely on brute military power, while the Trilateralists are more cautious and don't depend on military power (in polite company they are refered to as 'realists'), but, perhaps, over the longer-term, the Trilateralists are more dangerous because their plans are more advanced and sophisticated.

In the end, both need to be exposed and stopped. First, the neocons because they are more likely to cause regional and possible world war scenarios. But the Trilateralists conception is still to have 'world governance' and minimized nation-state sovereignty.

Both are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up

Global Research

By the way, this is the best account of the actual attack I have read.

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