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Charlene Downes, who disappeared in Blackpool. Website for this image

Blackpool is the UK's top seaside resort, and it is a down-market, sleazy dump, with a high crime rate.

Blackpool is home to about 800 sex offenders, proportionately more than anywhere else in the country, according to local police.

Blackpool has the highest level of alcohol-related mortality in England, levels of domestic violence at twice the national average and the highest proportion of heroin and crack addicts in northwest England. 

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Paige Chivers disappeared in Blackpool.

Charlene Downes (14) disappeared in 2003 and is presumed dead. 

Paige Chivers (15) went missing in 2007 and is also presumed dead.

The two girls were linked to alleged sexual grooming and exploitation focussed upon fast food outlets in Blackpool.

In Blackpool, reports that a group of men groomed more than 60 teenage girls for sex were kept secret by police.

(Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls.7 April 2011)

"An unpublicised police report produced after 14-year-old Charlene Downes vanished in 2003 found the girls, most if not all white, had been victims of the ‘honey pot’ premises."

The Blackpool Rock

Many of Blackpool's streets are "blighted by empty shop and offices."

But Blackpool's sleazy and sometimes violent red light districts are booming.

One particular street has five massage parlours.

Single mums find the 'easy cash' the "best option to feed and clothe children" and "fund drug and drink habits."

One Blackpool prostitute's throat was slashed by a client who launched an attack while they were in bed together. (Stabbed, but worth it

Blackpool's Lord Street is one of many Blackpool locations where gay men come to 'cruise'.

Starbucks cafe at Blackpool's Houndshill Shopping Centre reportedly has gay 'muscle guys'.

On Blackpool's North Shore, Asda's toilets are reportedly of interest to certain gay men....

Blackpool: Traveller Reviews - TripAdvisor: -

"Blackpool... awful stag and hen parties, swearing, half naked drunken women...

"No where much for a family to go; lots of shows with adult content."

"What a hole... there were rent boys all over the shopping centre..."


Blackpool is the unhappiest town in the UK

Blackpool named as the unhappiest town in Britain - Mirror

South Shore in Blackpool has the lowest male life expectancy in England.

BBC News - 'poorest' in England

Blackpool Sex Shop
blackpool by ian_corban

In Blackpool, "You pass boarded-up shops and horrible bars; garish rock and candy-floss stores (even the candy-floss comes pre-made in plastic bags these days); pound shops, burger bars and tanning centres; and the Eden Club, 'Blackpool's premier lapdancing club' (though others vie for this title)..."

"There are teenage parents everywhere, too many holding cans of alcohol."

Blackpool by Maciej Dakowicz

"It has to be said that blackpool's decline is its own making the town has been ripping people off for years with rubbish hotels, violent nightlife, poor food and services."

"We all know that Blackpool Council are a bunch of freeloaders who enjoy expenses and jollies to other places ie Las Vegas. Town centre management couldnt run a bath let alone a town of nearly 200,000 locals. Hoever nows your chance to buy a 17 or more bedroom ex Hotel with bar for less then £60,000 !"

22:53 Blackpool
Blackpool by Maciej Dakowicz

"I have also been saddened by the state of Blackpool in recent years when I have been over from Italy. It is no longer safe even during the day. Fights, verbal abuse, drunks and drug users are everywhere."

"I used to work in Blackpool, and oh my God why must people kid themselves about it being 'the UK's premier resort'? It's a dive; a hideous pit of a town with grey skies, grey people..."

BBC - Lancashire - Features - Blackpool loses out to Manchester

"The ruination of all public services in this town has been at the behest of corrupt local politicians and freemasons"

"Blackpool optimises everything that is bad about the English. It's naff, ugly, uncultured and full of thick, ignorant louts and dirty cheap slappers. I don't think I've ever seen so many shell suits, nasty jewelry and smackheads in my entire life. Bomb it!"

Blackpool, Lancashire, The Worst Things


Zoompad said...

It's a shame, because my memories (and I am sure many other people my age) of Blackpool are of good wholesome fun on the beach, donkey rides, sand castles, horses and carts along the Prom, the colourful lights, especially that wonderful lit up tram that looks like a steam train, Reginald Dixon in the Tower ballroom and the stately graceful dancing, and lovely stuff like that. I did take my son to Blackpool last year for the illuminations and we watched a firework display on the beach and had a ride (for the first time) in a pony trap, it was a lovely treat, but on the way home I was aware of the seamy side of Blackpool.

Anonymous said...

j said...

In Spain these religious fanatics stole "300,000" Bybies!

And - translated:

... said...

This is the sadest thing about the U.K. and it's happening to all the 'resorts'. I come from a sea-side town in England, whenever I go back there I see the degradation seeping in, every year it gets worse. I'm told that I shouldn't walk in town alone after 5.00pm or take a handbag with me to the cinema... I am shocked at what is happening over there and it seems no one gives a damn about it.


Anonymous said...

Lol... Asda toilets!! They are in your area too, google local gay cruising sites then add your area!! Your eyes will be opened!!!

steve said...

I live in blackpool, I have a good job, educated... I like to think! And it gets a bad name and reputation as its an easy Target, go to any city anywhere in UK n you will find the same. Teenages think the streets are gold paved. They are not! I've gone out in blackpool 20 years without incident. Idiots find idiots! There is violence, isn't there everywhere, u just avoid it. Blackpool has a lot of plus points and good people, pity the people looking in see an idiotic minority.

Anonymous said...

I was born and brought up in Blackpool during the 60s/70s/and early 80s. My mothers side of the family had lived in Blackpool since the Industrial Revolution. It wasn't always like it is today, the beach used to have the name of 'The Golden Mile', it was packed with families and children during the summer and people used to swim in the sea. There were the donkey rides, Punch and Judy shows and I remember if you washed the sand off your feet in the pools under the Piers, you would see small Shrimps and Star Fish. My Father and I would often walk along North Shore Promenade and call in at Robertsons Oyster Bar or get Fish n Chips on the way home back to Layton. It began to get dirty and rougher during the late 1970s. It was quite a tough town to grow up in and I certainly learned how to fight there, lol. Back in the 1950s my father was very often involved in fights at The Winter Gardens Ballroom....But, it was never as bad as it is today, certainly not with the drugs and prostitution. Of course it did go on and I actually knew some of the old villians and dodgy people. However I also remember rose gardens and beautiful flowers in the local parks, classy clothing shops which sold expensive furs and large department stores. Blackpool used to hoast The Labour Party Conferences each year and the women of the M.P.s used to shop in these stores, of course they have long gone now, such a shame :(

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