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Questions have been raised by Le Dauphine about the scene found by the English cyclist, a former RAF man.

The English cyclist found seven-year-old Zainab al-Hilli lying in the road.

"The English cyclist who discovered the scene had to break the window of the car to cut off the engine.

"So how is it that the 7-year-old girl was found outside the vehicle, with the doors locked?

"And why was the body of the rider Sylvain Mollier found lying near the car, which is several feet from the road he would have taken?"

Mystery Surrounds Crime Scene Where Zainab Al-Hilli Found

Urs Tinner.The Tinners, Friedrich and his two sons Urs and Marco were part of a nuclear smuggling gang. "In pushing forward charges Swiss Magistrate Andreas Müller in December 2010 had attacked his government for having 'massively interfered in the wheels of justice by destroying almost all the evidence.' Less attention was however given to allegations of CIA break-ins in Switzerland, and an 'unexplained decision by the agency not to seize electronic copies of a number of nuclear bomb designs found on the computers of the Tinner family.' Switzerland may free nuclear smugglers

Who was the smartly dressed 'Balkan man' hanging around the al-Hilli's campsite?


A Dutch couple said the al-Hillis had intended to stay for a week at the Village Camping Europa site in the village of St Jorioz.

But they left after two nights and moved to the La Solitude du Lac campsite, which overlooks Lake Annecy.

According to witnesses, Saad Al-Hilli was seen regularly leaving the campsite alone.

Dutch camper Jan Janssen said of Saad: "The father left the site in his car alone four or five times each day. He went out for 20 or 30 minutes each time."

Reportedly, on 8 August 2012, Saad Al-Hilli took out 'a caveat' stopping his brother Zaid from receiving part of their millionaire father Kadhem's fortune.

Kadhem, a retired factory owner, had been missing from his home in Malaga, Spain, for six days before he was found dead in August 2011.

Kadhem reportedly owned a multi-million-pound portfolio of properties in Spain, France, Switzerland and the UK.

Allegedly, Saad had written a letter in 2011 describing his older brother as a ‘control freak’ who he wanted to ‘wipe’ out of his life.

Nuclear smuggling?


A. Peasant said...

indeed a very strange case. we also wonder how someone APPEARS "to come from the Balkans"... ?

Although they did not see anyone visit the family they said they noticed an unusual man dressed in a smart jacket visiting the campsite at the time the al-Hillis were there. They said that he appeared "to come from the Balkans".


how on earth would they know? wouldn't most people from the Balkans look like caucasians from anywhere else?

yet this has been repeated in many stories.

the family was staying at an inexpensive campsite, so the smart dressed man would presumably be out of the ordinary, but to conclude Balkan seems unsupported by the evidence offered to the public thus far.

A. Peasant said...

perhaps another clue where the finger is pointing: the murder weapon.

In other developments, police now believe all 25 bullets used in the murder came from a single weapon: a 7.65mm sub-machinegun, probably a Czech-made Skorpion vz.61.

Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/crime/annecy-shootings/48941/police-probe-al-hillis-secret-meetings-annecy-killing#ixzz26ByMwQmD

an unusual weapon.

Another niche for Scorpion was use by various special forces, because the selected cartridge, known as 7,65x17 Browning / .32 ACP can be easily silenced.

though we are not sure, since it appears ammunition can accommodate 10 or 20 round magazines, how the shooter would run out of ammo at 25... ?

a Czech weapon used by many Hollywood characters.


Use of a single weapon — possibly the kind of Czech-made Skorpion vz.61 sub-machine gun used by Russians during the Cold War — suggests the work of a highly trained, professional killer.....Foreign killers are invariably hired by those who do not want the gunmen to have any traceable link with their victims, with Lt Col François saying the Chevaline massacre had all the hallmarks of a slaying carried out by the Italian or Russian mafia...Yes, Zainab was badly hurt, but claims that an otherwise highly efficient gunman “failed” to kill her are “farcical”, said the source.

A. Peasant said...


the link for that last blurb, not sure if i included it. if not please disregard Aan, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Surely this well-off family in their nice BMW would also have been out of place at an inexpensive camp site?

I feel sorry that the deceased did not leave his documents with the neighbour who made the offer for their safe keeping.
Reminds me of Nikola Tesla, whose documents were seized and sequestered by those who would profit from our lack of knowledge!

aferrismoon said...

Czechs would have no problem faking a 'Balkan' accent, they spend a lot of their summer holiday time in Croatia.

Czechs also do British accents : )

Robert Maxwell was born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch into a poor[2][3] Yiddish-speaking Jewish family in the small town of Slatinské Doly (now Solotvino, Ukraine), in the easternmost province of (pre-World War II), Czechoslovakia.


Anonymous said...

I'm still inclined to think that the likeliest bet would be Israelis. They have a loooong history of this.

As for Balkan accent, like anyone could tell the difference? Just lately I've been watching a show called Eureka where Matt Frewer plays an Australian with his accent swinging between East London, New Zealand, and South Africa. With accents, unless you're from that place, near enough is good enough.

But otherwise AP, I'm with you insofar as it does seem like a curious description. In attempting to guess a foreigner's nationality who on earth would reach for 'Balkan'? In a mis-heard choice between 'I think he was Balkan' and 'I think he was Vulcan', the former is so unlikely that most people would choose the latter, absurd though it is.

Anonymous said...

Yes interesting. Well done Aang.

A few observations if I may:

1). Was the arrival of the Royal Logistics Corp 'Bomb Disposal' unit and loudly announced exclusion zone simply to provide a cover story. One suspects that 'THEY' wanted to remove some large items from the victim's property and shed while unobserved or create a false trail.

2). The double-tap MO and the former British serviceman suspiciously quickly on hand in the aftermath suggest an involvement by 'THEM'. One suspects a domestic wet job farmed out to the frogs on the usual sub-contract/favours basis.

3). The deployment of only 40 french police officers on the investigation (100+ would be the norm in the UK for a similar multiple killing), the indecent haste with which the French examined and then reopened the murder scene (48hrs) - contrasted against their lethargy in entering the vehicle itself (hours passed until the 4 yr old was found...). One suspects prior knowledge of the culprits; a lack of intention to properly investigate; a determination not to render prompt medical treatment -
this is reminiscent of Pont d'Alma to those of us who recall a certain famous lady by the name of Diana who also came to grief in France and who took over 2 hours to be driven to a hospital only 4 miles away http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/6162121.stm#4

4). Perhaps more interesting still is the 'Satellite' connection. Mr Hilli worked for Surrey Satellites Technology Limited (SSTL) which was recently purchased by the French arms manufacturer EADS. Certain reports indicate that he was part of a team involved in a secret satellite project for EADS. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2200600/French-Alps-murder-Letter-shows-animosity-victim-brother.html?openGraphAuthor=%2Fhome%2Fsearch.html%3Fs%3D%26authornamef%3DStephen%2BWright

It may be that Mr. Hilli worked for DMC a specialist satellite imaging /tracking company that is a subsidiary of SSTL. This maybe where the real interest lies.

One suspects that all of this is linked to RNM and the MASINT system... One suspects that these deaths may be linked to the death of UCL Professor Phillip Lewis' daughter Lara. Prof. Lewis was professor of 'Remote Sensing' at UCL. This is defined as 'the art and science of using instruments in space [i.e. satellites] to obtain information about objects on the surface of the earth [i.e. human beings] through electromagnetic radiation'. The ISPRS themselves describe it as "Surveillance...imaging...from... earth satellites using sensors which operate in the various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum- ultraviolet, visible, infrared, thermal and MICROWAVE"[my emphasis]



So are these killings related? Is someone trying to send a message to others who know about the 'satellite' technology involved to keep to the program? We shall see.

As always those in need of answers and sanctuary are welcome at:


Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Ferris, is it you that keeps pointing out the Max Keiser - Robert Maxwell look-a-like connect?
This was the first thing I thought about when the Jersey scandal popped up there.
Einstein was wrong.
There is 'spooky action at a distance'.

Anonymous said...


look what bigbrothercorp is running -


felix said...

Are you serious about the Lewis link???

Unknown said...


Felix dear boy I suggest a similar MO to the one used on Catherine Hurd


Another death on the doorstep:


These are all warnings as well as eliminations. It goes along the lines of 'loose lips sink ships' etc. Though that threatening approach starts to lose its effect when the ships in question have turned their guns on 'their' own shores too often if you get me.

The fact is that 'THEY' have no intention of allowing the majority to understand the meaning and the workings of this technology. It is also the reason why if they want to hang on to the power they have enjoyed to date then they have to push for the NWO now and quickly.

Serge Serykh was a whistleblower he understood some of what this technology means. He and his family were thrown, sorry 'fell', to their deaths.

They have no intention of letting the information out willingly.

Lewis would know some bits of this, unless he has not been doing his job properly. What Saad al-Hilli was doing speaks for itself to a certain extent. Yes of course there are never all the pieces of the puzzle to be found at once and evidence is always sketchy but when you identify 70-75% of the jigsaw puzzle you can recognise the picture.

For instance look at the recent rash of suspicious coach crashes (heart attacks et al). They are playing around with this tech all the time. It is everywhere and they have become like kids in a candy store gone mad. And just like spoiled brats they will threaten anyone who tells them off.

But don't be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. Matthew 10:26

Anonymous said...

Seems someone intelligent has been reading Forsyth's Forth Protocol AND Fleming's 007. Brilliant designer/engineer working deepthroat for Iraq in GB designs parts for a-bomb disguised as other items and not instantly recognisable as bomb-parts (Fleming: the Man With Golden Gun, a cigarette-case and fountain-pen). In France to meet the guys supplying the bits he could perhaps design but not make, the nuclear goodies that go bang, he would then smuggle back to GB as part of car/caravan. Drives to meet contact who's to take him to isolated farmhouse where the gear is, but women nag him into taking them, nice day for an outing, they won't be in way of his 'business-meeting'. He doesn't know he's going to get blown away, so agrees. MI6 and/or Mossad are onto him, send 008, who waits in woods for car and contact to arrive, has no option but to shoot the lot. Realises his plan has gone phut, killing the mark was one thing, but all these people, kids? Even the French would go nuts. Now can't cycle through woods to airfield and fly out, all planes will be checked, so stays and pretends to have arrived after shootings. He must have buried the gun somewhere ...or, very fiffy this one, hidden it up in the bowl of a tree! Nobody looks UP when searching.

The strange thing is, nobody seems to treat him as a suspect, despite having no alibi. How do they KNOW he's an innocent witness? No copper I've ever known would treat him other than a major suspect.

One thing to worry about, he could already have sent a CD with his designs on, CNC-programs etc., to Iraq and other places. They could be making dozens of these bombs all over the place, the only dicy bit is the actual atomic bits, one assumes these would have to be smuggled into where needed.

But if the bits look like original parts for a car etc., how can we stop it?

We won't know for sure until we turn luminous...

Unknown said...

Reflecting some more on this for what it is worth I am confident that the significant link here is the satellite one.

Though I think the indications that there is a nuclear link are also too strong to ignore.

If, as one comment suggested, Al Hilli was working on a satellite based technology for tracking nuclear materials then that would fit the bill well.

Which then makes one wonder how exactly this connects with Iran - Israel? Is a false flag op being planned? Who was Saad working for?

Questions, questions.


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