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Peter Wright, chief constable of South Yorkshire Police at the time when 96 people died at Hillsborough.

When it comes to events such as the London Tube bombings, the Lockerbie bombing, child abuse in Jersey and the death of lady Diana, can we trust the police and justice system?

In 1989, at a soccer match at Hillsborough in Sheffield, a 'crush' resulted in the deaths of 96 people. 

Fans of the Liverpool football club were blamed by top police.

Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper accused fans of urinating on police officers and stealing from the dead.

DIANA and LOCKERBIE and 9 11

However, in 1990, the Taylor Report concluded that "the main reason for the Hillsborough disaster was the failure of police control."

On 12 September 2012, the Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that no Liverpool fans were responsible for the deaths, and that attempts had been made by the authorities to conceal what had happened, including the censorship by police of 164 statements relating to the disaster.
Now we have "named, blamed and shamed: the police chiefs who caused tragedy, smeared dead fans and fabricated evidence as families call for them to be prosecuted." 


The independent report, now accepted by the UK government, found:

1. Statements by police officers and ambulance crews were altered by top officers.

2. As many as 41 of those who died could have survived if they had been given medical help.

3. Top police officers spread misinformation.


4. The coroner, the government official in charge of the inquiry into the deaths, spread misinformation.

5. Peter Wright, the then chief constable of South Yorkshire Police, wanted to ensure his force wasn't blamed for the tragedy.

6.  David Duckenfield, the chief superintendent in charge of policing at Hillsborough on the day, lied when he said fans forced their way through an exit gate, causing the crush.

In fact Duckenfield had had the exit gate opened.

Sir Norman Bettison

7. In 1989, Chief Inspector Norman Bettison was part of a unit which promoted the police account of what happened at Hillsborough.

Sir Norman Bettison is now Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police.

8. The coroner wrongly returned an 'accidental deaths' verdict.

Dr Stefan Popper, the coroner, made sure that evidence of failures in the emergency response were not heard.


Anonymous said...

Aangirfan I have copied to paste, the picture of Sir Norman Bettison.

Reciprocally, please feel free to check out Simon Overland,
an Aus "top cop" (commissioner BLAH), who to me, like this one, represents a classic example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

These people are 'fatal'.
More later.
Blessings from one who has survived a series of Narcissistic PD's.
Most do NOT survive.

Zoompad said...

"1. Statements by police officers and ambulance crews were altered by top officers."

In my opinion, this needs to be exposed as top priority, and names named - the top officers who gave orders shoulod be named.

I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors and I had a police statement I was forced to make at Stafford Police Station when I was picked up as a 13 year old runaway (from abuse) altered, Stafford Police and the NHS mental health services and Social services colluded to try to rewrite my past. The order to do this obviously came from above, fortunatly for me they made such a botch job of the cover up that it is blatently obvious what they have done even after a casual glance at my paperwork.

I don't believe the Hillsborough cover up is a one off case, in fact, I know it isn't. The whole nation needs to see who has done this, and why, and it doesn't need another lawyer driven expensive public enquiry to reveal this, all we need is to see where these orders from on high came from.

voiceforchildren said...


What role did the mainstream media PLAY?

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