Friday, August 10, 2012


The official story is that the 5 August 2012 mass shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin was the work of a lone gunman.

Of course, the official story is wrong.

Continued here: tidbits



A. Peasant said...

Many thanks Aan.

Anonymous said...

Aang, I know DallasGoldBug has been discredited. IMO he's a red herring. But why? I believe his overall premise is correct and he may just be someone put in place to make ridiculous claims so these staged events with the actor 'eyewitnesses' can keep getting away with it.
Like Aurora, this stinks of it. This 'witness' looks very familiar. ;) I'd keep my eye on what witnesses keep appearing over & over as in the 'crying man' who left his 4 month old baby & teen daughter behind to save his own skin. THey expect us to believe he actually dropped his baby to make a run for it! No father would do that.

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