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Scientists have studied a patient who, due to an infection, now lacks three areas of the brain thought to be essential for self awareness.

This patient, to the surprise of the scientists, is still self aware.

(Location of the mind remains a mystery)

R is a conscious, self-aware, and sentient human being despite the widespread destruction of cortical regions purported to play a critical role in Self Awareness, namely the insula, anterior cingulate cortex, and medial prefrontal cortex.

(Location of the mind remains a mystery | Professor Olsen)

David Rudrauf, at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, led the study of the patient.

Rudrauf wonders if the mind is not tied to fixed areas of the brain.

A better explanation may be that the mind is not physical.

(Mind-Body Problem)

Brain specialists, Prof. J.C.Eccles, Dr.Wilder Penfield and Prof.W.H.Thorpe have stated that the brain appears to be an organism to register and channel consciousness rather than produce it. 

(Parapsychology and personal survival after death)


Physicist David Bohm believes that life and consciousness are present in varying degrees in all matter, including supposedly inanimate matter such as electrons or plasmas.

He suggests that there is intelligence in matter, so that new evolutionary developments do not emerge in a random fashion. 


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Franz said...

What we call "brain cells" exist in other parts of the body:

People with extensive brain damage have been known to get help from cells in the digestive tract. Ancient physicians in Egypt told their patients to "think with their hearts" and maybe they were literally correct.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aangirfan,

could you please correct the link in the sentence "From: paraps.l/ we learn the following: " above? Thank you.

It is very interesting to me that somebody who appears to know about such things says that the brain is a "channeling organ". I had given this some thought in the past and concluded for myself that it is a "communication" organ, to communicate in ways which we do not currently understand. I'd add that have no idea about the subject, and have no training in medicine or the psych sciences.

Without allowing for the brain to have a "communication" feature, lots of apparently weird things going on cannot be explained. I never made this a priority, but over the years I have seen and experienced to many of these "weird" things to continue believing the platitudes which the PTB use to explain away the issue.

For starters, I saw my current SO in a dream about 2 years before I met her, and both she and I have premonitions: she as dreams which illustrate in a more-or-less encoded way some situation soon to come within 1-2 days, I as feelings for several days before certain events come to pass.

I have heard from many, many people that they have similar happenings and for those who don't have them, I think it is just a matter of paying attention because there is too much going on for it to be "coincidence".

The fact that these things are consistently explained away by the PTB lets me suspect that there is much more to the "brain as a communications device" and it is in or interest to find out.

Thanks for the fine article and best wishes.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Mind sciences that is were it is at.

Aang your salient reporting should be getting widely acknowledged.

The brain was described as "a machine that a ghost can operate" by Sir John Eccles, himself a Nobel prize winner.

To those in the know never was a description of the mind so apt. Brain entrainment technology. The makings of the 'perfect' dictatorship or the end of a world of secrets?

Carol A. Valentine

dognamedblue said...

I really enjoyed "the living matrix" documentary :)

Anon said...

Link sorted.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

Jody Paulson said...

Personally, I think the brain is like a dumb terminal or a television set. It allows us to tune into a particular plane of reality, but it doesn't "generate" mind at all -- it simply anchors it to a specific location in this dimension. There's a lot of really interesting evidence for intelligent ghosts, reincarnation, ESP, etc. that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise.

María Adoración García López said...

María Adoración García López said...

"Mind is not only the result of the interaction of the organism with the environment, from the uterus until death, but also the reflection of the basic organization of the universe: holokinesis, which from the implicit order of the universe becomes explicit as matter, mind and cosmic energies."

Dr. Rubén Feldman González.

Iniciador de la Psicología Holokinética.
Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 through 2011

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