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Standard Chartered left the US financial system vulnerable to CIA terrorists, CIA weapons dealers, CIA drug kingpins and corrupt CIA regimes? Standard Chartered Bank’s group executive director: 'You f---ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.’

There is a plot by the USA to take over top UK companies.

BP was saved, but Cadburys was not. (aangirfan: THE BP PLOT)

Now the plan is to take over Standard Chartered Bank, a fine British bank, at a nice low price?

Boots, now American owned (Walgreen). BRITAIN IS BEING LOOTED BY FOREIGNERS?

On 6 August 2012, New York State threatened to revoke Standard Chartered Bank's licence, and charge the bank $250 billion because of alleged 'secret transavtions with Iran'.

(Remember that the CIA put the Ayatollahs into power and then sold them weapons - IRAN IS RUN BY THE CIA)

"It's a self-interested attack on London's status as the pre-eminent financial centre."

Boris Johnson's response to the US regulator's accusations against Standard Chartered.

The USA is the enemy of all countries. (aangirfan: WAR PLAN RED)

UK Member of Parliament John Mann has spoken of "a concerted effort ... to have trading from London shifted to New York."


‘A British executive at an institution which ranks among Standard Chartered’s top 25 shareholders also saw a politically motivated move by U.S. officials irked by the major role London plays in the global financial industry, attracting big investments from major U.S. banks like JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

“Are we starting to see an anti-London bias in U.S. regulatory activities?” the executive asked. “Oh yes.” “Is there any subtle form of banking sector protectionism going on?” “Yes.”‘

Benjamin Lawsky, the f---ing American who is attacking Standard Chartered.

REVEALED: Why the Standard Chartered scandal is different

AUGUST 8, 2012

Standard Chartered heads for takeover territory?

"Over the last 24 hours, Slog sources and reports in several MSM titles suggest that geopolitical deals, domestic political victimisation, Wall St games, and internecine US governmental rivalries are also involved...

"Standard Chartered does not in any way fit the profile of the Wicked Investment Bank... Standard Chartered does not have an investment bank. No derivative paper trails, silly sovereign debtors, or dodgy tax haven products for them, we are told: astute investment flair and loyal, grateful clients are the basis of their undoubted success...

"I’ve been saying for months that the US financial and political elites are looking for culprits and alibis for the Tsunami of crap soon to descend on all of us.

"There is now overwhelming evidence of attempts from Obama downwards to finger EU sloth and British malpractice as the ‘root cause’ of America’s ‘torpedoed recovery’.

"It’s bollocks, but it will play well in November."


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Hi, not sure if it was on this blog or somewhere else, but this whole Standard Chartered Bank sent money to Iran is SO ridiculous....ALL the banks are doing it, especially here and in Greece, with full co-op of all the a-holes in the financial industry, the international regulators and the central banks!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to be more specific about the true identity of 'America', as there are many fine and decent Americans.

Corporation America and its owners need to be named and held accountable for all their deeds, for the pattern is consistent through the ages up til now.

Ditto the Brits and the Germans etc. Perfectly good people are arguing and worrying about nations, which is not a fair argument.

It is the usual suspects versus the rest of the world.

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