Friday, August 10, 2012


Robert Halfon - Political Director for Conservative Friends of Israel

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Anonymous said...

Quisling !

source Daily Telegraph
7:00AM BST 07 Aug 2012

Mr Cameron has faced questions about his personal support for Israel, but he used the speech to insist: “Britain will always be a staunch friend of Israel.”

He added: “Our two countries, Britain and Israel, share the same determination to fight terrorism and to ensure that these evil deeds will never win.”

Fullfilling the desire for "regimechange" as per "clean break" doctrine


In direct violation of both American and British anti-terrorism legislation, particularly provisions regarding providing material support for listedor proscribed terrorist organizations, the United Kingdom has just announced that it will provide armed militants that include listed terror organizations with a £5 million tranche of what it calls “non-lethal practical assistance.”

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