Friday, August 03, 2012


According to the Economist, the currencies which are undervalued against the US dollar and the Euro include those of China, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Mexico and Hungary.

Daily chart: Big Mac index Jul 26th 2012,

In other words, it could, in theory, be worth investing in countries like China, Indonesia and Russia.

"More than three years after President Barack Obama was swept into the White House, he and Congress have not delivered a plan that reduces the government's more than $15 trillion (£9.7 trillion) of debt, or one that stops it rising...

"The imminent retirement of the baby-boomer generation means that government spending on pension benefits and healthcare will reach unsustainable levels unless those benefits are scaled back, taxes increased or there is a combination of both...

"Economists at Barclays, for example, are forecasting a compromise that will deliver fiscal tightening of about 1.3pc of GDP. That will be a drag on growth next year, but is less likely to force the US into the double-dip camp with Britain and large parts of Europe...

"Having the global reserve currency and the world's largest and most liquid government bond market are real advantages..." 


Anonymous said...

spelling error Aang...'be' worth, not 'we' worth... in your first sentences. Have a look...
It is only a small/tiny 'opyt', (LOL)in the total worth of ALL you do.

God bless your every move :-)

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

brian said...

We the undersigned express our deep condemnation of the unprofessional news, which does not meet the minimum ethics of Human Rights or honorable media activities that Mr. Osama Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) has beenpublishing about the Syrian Revolution for the following reasons:
First: when he equals the executioner and the victim: through propagating false claims about imaginary numbers of the security and army elements killed, and that are stated only by Mr. Osama Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) who does not rely on any documentation of the numbers he gives.
Second: provoking sectarian tensions: especially in the areas where different sects live together by pretending that the crimes of the security forces are just sectarian fighting, the thing that is not true. Such behaviour of Mr. Osama does participate in generating certain reactions that do not serve but the regime in this sensitive stage of the national uprising longing for freedom in Syria.
Third: questioning the credibility of all Syrian commissions, committees, and figures interested in documenting the crimes committed by the Syrian regime:that is through questioning and unjustifiably attacking all other commissions and committees and stigmatizing their credibility and reports in an attempt to show that he is the only trusted source of information about the Syrian Revolution, despite of the fact that he has never supported any of the reports he issued since the eruption of the Revolution with the number of victims with their names or places in which they were killed; whereas, all other commissions and committee do this.
Accordingly, we call for the necessity to stop all direct or indirect kinds of dealing with Mr. Osama Ali Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) as it may have a negative role in distorting the facts and the real situation in Syria, which might lead to elongating the sufferings of Syrians and deviating their struggle for freedom, and do badly for the efforts of thousands of pro-revolution activists, regardless of their ideological, racial or religious backgrounds, who have been working hardly as unknown volunteers in supportive for the great Syrian people and their human rights.
Damascus, January 4th, 2012.
Signatories (in alphabetical order in Arabic):
- Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mari (Director of the Barada TV channel).

Genie said...

anon thanks for dropping me the link I asked for. It was just what I was looking for. Thanks for this post too, I took the video and linked you. great video.

Anonymous said...

on my planet (yellow moon)-there is no money. We all work for the good of everyone. We all have everything we need, to survive and to thrive-provided for everyone equally, by the work we all do. We don't have to work vey much at all. \No one would ver consider that anyone should have any less or any more than anyone else.
The children are the most important in our society-all the children have everything they need.
We are all families-who form communities of families.
Other more evolved beings help us to evolve forward, to advance spiritually.
We are not a materialistic people, not war-like
we have no government or wars-we don't harm one another
we love arts and creativity and our animals.
We don't eat or harm our animals we help them evolve.
Our animals sing and dance-we taught them to.
Our world is a paradise-Nature gives us what we need.
Our world values love. We have nothing like money or the value you give to gold.
A long time ago, you had some who began to devolve to regress backwards-into sociopaths-backwards into beasts-they have destroyed your planet, your families and kept you from living as we do.
They set up your money systems-so they could control you.
You seem to be quite happy with that system.
You are all little by little joining them.
Very soon you will regress to the point of becoming extinct-because you prefer money.
We prefer to love one another as we love ourselves-all are equal. No one hoards-no one starves while others have too much-much more than they will ever need.
We think of you people as insane-deformed-a big mistake that life will eventually correct-by allowing you to continue until you bring about the total oblivion of all life on your planet-for the love of money-but not for each other.
We watch you and we learn so much from your mistakes
thank you for being such a bad example
You will all die soon from radiation poisoning.
Have fun while you can.

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