Friday, August 17, 2012

The Economy - Interview with Webster Tarpley


KPatrickRyan said...

I have not watched? this video yet...

I know a few weeks ( or so ) ago it seemed as if WGTarpley and AJones were at odds.

Was I mistaken in that belief?

If not, what is WGTarpley doing back on Jones's program?

I'd appreciate any info your readers can offer (I've been away and missed out on much in the ensuing days)


Anonymous said...

The economy is quite simple.per the BIS derivative aggregate exploded from approx 120 trillion in 2000 to close to 700 trillion at present. That is the ggost lurking in the shadows. Couple it with the massive debt creation by sovereigns to "fix" the problem sold under the banner of reflation which is euphamism for we are going to attempt to inflate your savings rather than instigating a market clearing default. In the process the governments have chose to protect and preserve the senior bondholders which is no surprise as the debt backed Anglo system is predicated on these very bonds for savings instruments. There is an interesting fight occuring in India over "savings" as you know the east has a fascination with real money which is to the detriment of fiat intermediation. The Indian finance minister has been tryoing to halt flows into gold with levy under the guise of current account imbalance. Most recently he was saying that India had to see those savings flow into corporate bonds so a proper pension system and 401k complex could be built. Of course this model has worked remarkably well. You will note that it was none other than frank wisner who served the role of kicking down the door for the insurance companies (essentially bond buys of last resort) in India. You will aslo note that India is being pressed to deregulate retail against strong internal opposition. the PM is pushing ahead again with US backing. The India ruble is under assualt since the beginning of the year. It has helped accentuate the "need for reform." it has made real money "more expensive." if the fed can print money and buy treasuries or deliver massive pallets of dollar bills to Iraq, is it a stretch to belive the the treasury stabalization fund is using accumulated "capital" to swish "flows" around to enforce a no fiat zone but the dollar. Is this why china and Japan just reached a dealfor bilateral currency clearing to avoid using the dollar as intermediary? Is this why a us neo thinktank was out warning about us and Japan drift yesterday? Deleveraging is the issue for the Anglo backed banking system. Petrodollar recycling is central. Saudi Arabia reproachment with Iran - if there is anything to the bandar rumors or the promise by the saud to shoot down Israeli planes (remeber the WaPo editorial saying time to move past the US in Gaza earlier this year) - is another marker of the petro complex dying. Factional fighting in Saudi Arabia could be dollar vs. Gcc pegs as much as sunni vsm shia. Lot more at stake.

elwind45 said...

Pallets full of dollars to Iraq is one thing having a European banker controlling your mortgage industry another. Ever wonder why everyone is in foreclosures? The bank gets paid three ways. Premiums resale and mortgage insurance. Three ways if you keep insurers alive. Paying off mortgage defaults makes insurance companies the true zombies and the real printing reason. America will tackle inflation by not consuming. Examples like Walmart slashing its prices are starting to show the way to beating the 1%. Stop consuming! Beating this means believing that the process is continual and everyone will have to make excusses to cope. Getting in front means escaping the fear and more importantly the costs of fear. The less you need to servive the more it screws up THEIR pathetic world view. Our fight is with the producers as exploiters!

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