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Al Qaeda in Libya.

1. Libyans, with Irish connections, are now fighting in Syria.

Hussam Najjar is from Dublin. He has an Irish mother and goes by the name of Sam.

He is now fighting with the rebels in Syria.

Mahdi al-Harati is from Ireland.

He took part in the CIA-NATO destruction of Libya.

Harati now leads a unit in Syria, which includes foreign fighters.

Exclusive: Libyan fighters join Syrian revolt - August 2012

Harati told police in Ireland that spooks from an American intelligence agency gave him a large sum of money to help in the efforts to defeat Gaddafi.


The 'CIA's terrorists' in Syria. REUTERS/Shaam News Network/Handout

2. Libyan weapons are now being used in the Sinai in Egypt.

"Al Arabiya television station, quoting local residents is reporting on its website that weapons are entering Sinai from three places: Libya, Sudan, and Gaza.

"Apparently arms such as Grinov machine guns; anti-aircraft missiles 3.7 and 4.5 inches; and RPGs are pouring in from Libya; but smuggling gangs are pushing M16 rifles and a variety of less potent machine guns from Sudan and Gaza."

Libya's shadow over Sinai violence

3. "On a recent trip to Tunis, I spoke to the head of airport security, who reported that flights arriving from Libya are his worst headache, because they frequently bear the most brazen smugglers of arms, drugs or people.

"Nor is this general lawlessness confined to the streets. Billions of dollars of unfrozen Libyan assets are said to have disappeared from the national treasury."

Libya - Abdel Bari Atwan.

4. "On 10 August 2012, A Libyan army general, with a senior defence ministry role, was shot dead in the eastern city of Benghazi.

"General Mohamed Hadia al-Feitouri was returning home from Friday prayers when a group of gunmen pulled up in a car and opened fire, his son said.

"In recent months, Benghazi has seen a spate of killings of security officials..."

BBC News - Libyan General Hadia killed in Benghazi shooting

5. Reportedly, the corpse of a five-year-old boy was found in Benghazi, in Libya.

His liver and kidney had been removed.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 2012.. at Libya S.O.S.

In Benghazi "the traffic in human beings has been transformed into a veritable industry, generating billions of dollars."

In the Benghazi region, "women are completely veiled from head to foot. They cannot drive and their social life is reduced to a minimum. 

"Bearded men predominate."

6. Children from an orphanage in Misurata disappeared. 

"The last report ... was 13 July 2011.

"Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim Sharif told reporters in Tripoli that the government had opened an investigation into what had happened to the 52 boys and 53 girls, who were listed as resident at a state-run orphanage in Misurata.

"Mr Sharif said witnesses reported seeing the children on board a Turkish boat. Other reports said the ships either Italian or French.…

"With Libyan antiquities apparently being stolen to order, organ trafficking and human trafficking continuing and knowing the depravity at the core of western governments and amongst the 'elite' (… ) it is not a great leap to fear the kids were abducted to order."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

No doubt Mr O'Harati is telling the truth about receiving 'a large sum of money' but I'm prepared to bet that it's still less than it would cost to put a pair of US boots on the ground. Not forgetting they go for a fraction of the cost of Blackwater boots (or whatever it is they call themselves now). I expect O'Harati is viewed by his generous Americans in the same way Punkah Wallahs were viewed by the British in during the Raj - laughably cheap.

Hmm... and what do you think the odds are that we'll see talk of body parts and missing children at WRH? If I offered odds of a thousand to one I reckon I'd make a killing. Funny how people can be completely opposed to US~Israeli imperialism with any evidence of wickedness leapt upon with great gusto... but not that. On those topics a pin-drop silence descends.

Anonymous said...

Being Irish I can explain the story here as the rebels told their stories on our news. But firstly just to tell you that with names like al-Harati and Najjar these men were most likely not born in Ireland. During Gadaffi's regime some Libyan families came to Ireland ( and many other countries) for asylum. When the anti-Gadaffi movement started these people saw the opportunity to liberate their home country and so went to fight in the hope of being part of history and improving their country so they could move home eventually. Why would a person confess to being paid by an govt. agency, bound to jeopardize the relationship and why would a govt. agency pay people to fight when there was people passionate enough to do it for free? I think that the CIA/US are funding/helping the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.In the Sunday Times Review the week before last it said that there are also many British jihadist's in Syria and the actual Syrian rebels do not want them there.

Johnny Spooner said...

Al-Harati is a mysterious character alright. I tried to find out as much about him as I could. There is further information here, including a second source on the stolen money

And further Harati connections here

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