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UK military bases in Cyprus are helping al-Qaeda in Syria by providing intelligence information from high tech communications centres.

The Sunday Times claims that MI6 is helping the anti-Assad forces launch attacks on Syrian forces. 

U.S. Marine Corps helicopter at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

Britain has two military bases in Cyprus, one in Dhekelia and the other in Akrotiri.

"It's thought that information is being gathered at Ayios Nikolaos, in the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia, a listening station of the spying network ECHELON."

British bases in Cyprus supporting Syrian rebels - reports

"Syria has become a magnet for Sunni extremists, including those operating under the banner of Al Qaeda."

Al Qaeda Insinuating Its Way Into Syria's Conflict - New York Times

Robin Cook revealed that 'al Qaeda' was 'a list of people working for the CIA'.


RAF Akrotiri is the biggest British air base outside the UK.

"Apart from its role as a staging post for military planes and troops for a wide range of operations, since the 1960s it has also been the base of American U-2 spy planes, flying as high as 20 km as far as Afghanistan, monitoring communications and collecting high resolution photos of territories being overflown.

"Recently the U-2s in Akrotiri participated in the enforcement of the no-fly zone over Libya. 

'A spy'

"More controversial, however, is their use over Turkey and Lebanon... 

"The U-2s were being used by the US to fly missions codenamed Cedar Sweep over Hezbollah locations in Lebanon, after which the Americans passed the Intelligence to the Lebanese authorities to help them track down Hezbollah militants. 

"Likewise, the U-2s gathered Intelligence over Turkey and northern Iraq..."

British Bases in Cyprus and Signals Intelligence - Cryptome (via

MOSSAD is using Nicosia in Cyprus, according to a leaked cable

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felix said...

Cookie was quoting Pierre-Henri Bunel, 2004 (World Affairs, New Delhi)
Has anyone ever seen the original? Not to be confused by the unpleasant journal of the same name emanating from Washington DC.

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