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Daniel Crook stuck a bayonet into a 10-year-old boy.

The boy was on his bicycle, when he encountered Crook.

Crook was a British soldier.

"Crook encountered Ghulam Nabi, then 10, who was on an errand for his father to collect yoghurt.
"His father, Shah Zada, said Crook ordered his son to stop. 'But he was just a little child and he didn't understand, otherwise he would have stopped his bicycle immediately,' said the 72-year-old farmer.
"Crook 'took hold of the boy's shoulder and stabbed him in the region of his kidneys with his bayonet'.
"The boy was taken to a hospital in Kandahar. 
"His father said the British gave him a very small amount of money to pay for the medical treatment, adding that his son could not walk, or cycle to school for many months after the attack and found it difficult to lift weight.
"Zada said the attack had burdened the family financially as his son was unable to run errands or help to collect grass for their animals. Ghulam has a big scar on his back."
Guardian newspaper 


Daniel Crook was given a short jail sentence.

Gulam's father, Shah Zada, says he has received $800 (£510) in compensation.

The case was brought by a Birmingham law firm after British media reported on Crook.

The Royal Military Police opened 126 investigations of incidents in which British troops 'killed or injured' Afghan civilians between January 2005 and March 2012.

Only eight of these led to prosecutions some of which were held in private summary hearings.

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