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Gates in Indonesia.

The biggest Moslem country in the world is full of AIDS.

Indonesia, which includes Bali, has an AIDS epidemic.

Indonesia's sex trade "is booming (and widely tolerated) all over Indonesia."

"There isn’t a bus terminal in the country that doesn't have prostitutes", said one official.

Safe sex? Indonesia would rather its sex workers got Aids

Red-light district of Surabaya, Indonesia. Photo: Quentin Jones. Website for this image

Australian women travel to Indonesia for sex with boys.

Rich Saudis travel to Indonesia for sex with girls...


Rizki (right) is a prostitute in a shantytown in Bekasi, an extension of Jakarta. (Kemal Jufri/Global Fund)

Rizki is among 250 women who work in bars serving factory workers and truck drivers in this shantytown.

Ten percent of the women here are HIV positive.

Dhafik Rizki has a two year old daughter called Merrijane, seen above. (Kemal Jufri/Global Fund)

The child is HIV positive.

Her mother died of Aids in 2011. 

Safe sex? Indonesia would rather its sex workers got Aids

Rizki left her village four years ago when her marriage broke up.

Rizki now works in a bar in a shantytown in Bekasi, which is home to companies like Converse and Samsung.

Rizki earns around $50 a week, enough to pay her rent and her pimp.

Website for this image A customer leaves one of Indonesia's love shacks. (Peter Gelling/GlobalPost)

A Swiss charity called the Global Fund provides free condoms to people like Rizki.

But most Indonesian men won't use condoms.

And the mad Islamists, financed by Saudi Arabia, are opposed to condoms.

Only 10% of men who visit prostitutes use condoms.

Most Indonesian Moslems are not Islamists and mainstream Muslim groups support the Government's anti-Aids campaign.

Dying of AIDS in Jakarta. Website for this image

But there is a cover-up of the extent of prostitution in Indonesia.

And the average Indonesian with AIDS is unlikely to have their condition diagnosed, unless they can afford to go to a top hospital.

Doctors at an HIV clinic in Bandung say that married women are increasingly testing positive at a rate that is rising more quickly than for prostitutes.

"Housewives are being infected by their partners," says Dr Nirmala Kesumah the head of the clinic.

The Global Fund has more than 100 babies and children registered at the clinic aged 1 to 14. 

Safe sex? Indonesia would rather its sex workers got Aids

AIDS patient. Website for this image

Why are so many people dying of TB in Indonesia?

Indonesia has a lot of AIDS, and that leads to TB.

Indonesia's AIDS epidemic could wreck "the big economic, political and social gains it has made in recent years."

(Indonesia's AIDS Crisis - The Diplomat)

Indonesia's government spends very little on health care and its government hospitals have been described as dirty and corrupt.

Indonesia has a thriving trade in sex and drugs, reportedly protected by the police and military.


According to an article entitled: HIV infection in Indonesia - AIDS:

"Indonesia is witnessing one of the most rapidly growing HIV epidemics in Asia."

"Among risk groups, rates have been reported up to 50%.

"Uptake of HIV testing is low, and many patients are only tested when they have advanced HIV infection or AIDS.


"All adult patients at a referral hospital who underwent cerebrospinal fluid examination for suspected meningitis were examined for HIV. (13 November 2009 - HIV infection in Indonesia - AIDS)

"Among 185 patients who mostly presented with subacute meningitis, 60% were male and the median age was 30 years."

"HIV infection was present in 25% of the patients; almost two-thirds were newly confirmed, and all presented with severe immunosuppression (median CD4 cell count 13/μl, range 2-98).

"One-third of HIV-infected patients had cryptococcal meningitis whereas two-thirds suffered from tuberculosis.

"After 1 month, 41% of patients had died."


arthur zbygniew said...

latest post: syria: former pm was plotting a coup

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

This is not a situation I had been aware of. Thanks for the information.... I think.

(Learning of new atrocities is such a mixed blessing, non?)

From experience with a dear straight man, I know just how easy it can be to let AIDS progress without even knowing you have it. My guy never did drugs or participated in the appropriate risky behaviours and when he discovered he had it, it was far too late for him.

However, testing if you live a high risk life how damn costly is that?

It is atrocious that the fanatics of the KSA are wreaking so much damage around the world. The hypocrisy of the Saudis is unbelievable.

My beautiful copy of the Koran comes from their royal presses... yet these creatures desecrate all that is sacred with Islam.

However, we know that this is the script written to bring about the clash of civilizations and if that means ruining an otherwise successful Islamic country by rotting it from within, they will and are doing it.

This destruction of a country in such a way reeks of the Frankfurt School maxim "We will make the West so corrupt it stinks." ~ only now it is applied internationally by the scum of the KSA leadership.

Anonymous said...

Angir- bali and east timor is not muslim yes indonesia is a majority muslim country but not all of the populace are muslims.

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