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John Cantlie

One of the anti-Assad terrorists in Syria is a British born doctor who works at a London hospital.

"The AK-47-wielding doctor is part of an extremist gang that held veteran war photographer John Cantlie and a fellow western journalist hostage for a week." 

John Cantlie was shot in the arm when he tried to escape.

Cantlie was later treated by the terrorist doctor, who was using a UK National Health Service medical kit.

The doctor, aged 28, intends to return to his senior post in a South London hospital when he leaves Syria.

Pakistan - G2 London special
Pakistanis in London, mostly working for MI6?,5812,1395103,00.html

The doctor is "among the leaders of a group who were planning to behead 'spies' and was furious when the execution of two Syrians he believed to be undercover agents was halted". 

The doctor spoke in a South London accent and said he was glad of the experience in Syria as when he returned to Britain he wanted to specialise in trauma injuries.

"The doctor, who is believed to be of Pakistani descent, was among around 15 British nationals at the terror camp, many of whom had London accents." 


Working for the spooks? Still alive?

The UK intelligence services claim they are trying to trace the doctor.

The UK intelligence services admit that "dozens of Britons, many thought to be of Pakistani origin" have gone to Syria to fight the Assad government.

Do they all work for MI6?

An 'al-Qaeda militant' suspected of bombing a hotel and two churches in Pakistan in 2002 was working for MI6, it has been claimed.

"The Guardian claims to have seen secret Wikileaks files in which Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlilihe is described as an al-Qaeda 'assassin'.

"Other Wikileaks files suggest a mosque in north London served as a 'haven' for Islamic extremists."

BBC News - 'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6', secret cables claim

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For more than fifty years, the CIA and MI6 have been employing militant Moslems to do their dirty work.

1. Before World war II, British intelligence used the Moslem Brotherhood against Britain's German rivals in North Africa.
(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11)

2. Around 1955, the CIA began to co-operate with the Moslem Brotherhood. 

The CIA and MI6 used the Moslem Brotherhood to weaken both Egypt and Syria.
(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11

3. In the 1960s, MI6 supported Islamic guerrillas in Indonesia.

According to The Independent (UK): "Cabinet papers show that British spies, including MI6, supported Islamic guerrillas in order to destabilise Sukarno."
(The Secret State: MI5 (Home Office/MoD), The Security Service and ...)

4. Israel funded the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, in order to divide the Palestinians.
(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11)

5. In 1979, the CIA and MI6 used the Moslem Brotherhood to topple the Shah of Iran and install the Ayatollahs.
(The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11)

6. In 1979 the CIA was building up and arming the militant Moslem Mujahadeen in Afghanistan.

The idea was to lure Russia into Afghanistan.

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7. In 1991, the CIA and NATO used Al Qaeda to break up Yugoslavia.

(Global Research, 8 September 2010, Andrew Gavin Marshall: "The Anglo-American Terror Network")

Yugoslavia was a friend of Russia and was next door to a lot of oil wealth.

Moslems arrived in Bosnia from Afghanistan and other Moslem countries.

Clinton gave the 'green light' to Iran to arm the Bosnian Muslims.

Israel armed the Bosnian Serbs.

The idea was to foment conflict.

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which took control of the Balkan heroin trafficking routes, fought the Serbs.

The KLA, which had links to bin Laden, was trained and armed by the USA.

8. The CIA and its friends employed Moslem militants to create trouble for Russia in its province of Chechnya.

("The Anglo-American Terror Network")

US intelligence helped fund and transport al-Qaeda into Chechnya in the early 1990s.

In Chechnya, the two main rebel leaders who came to power had been trained by the CIA in Afghanistan.

A war in Chechnya was planned in a secret meeting in 1996 attended by Osama bin Laden and officials of the Pakistani ISI.

In other words, the CIA was directing the war through the ISI.

US intelligence helped fund and transport al-Qaeda into Chechnya in the early 1990s.

9. In 2002, it was revealed that, “British intelligence paid large sums of money to an al-Qaeda cell in Libya in a doomed attempt to assassinate Colonel Gadaffi in 1996 and thwarted early attempts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice.”

Anas al-Liby, a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, “was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000 when he eluded a police raid on his house and fled abroad.”

("The Anglo-American Terror Network")

10. In the 1990s, Osama bin Laden “built a shadow air force to support his terrorist activities, using Afghanistan's national airline Ariana, a surplus U.S. Air Force jet and clandestine charters.”
(Global Research, on 8 September 2010, Andrew Gavin Marshall:"The Anglo-American Terror Network")

Bin Laden’s US Air Force jet in 1992 “was used to ferry Al Qaeda commanders to East Africa, where they trained Somali tribesmen..."

And now, Algerians and Moroccans are said to be in El Qaeda training camps in Israel. (Algerians and Moroccans in El Qaida training camps in Israel )


Anonymous said...

' . . . specialise in trauma injuries '
Sounds ominous.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

NHS doctor's brother bankrolled kidnap of journalist, court hears
The brother of an NHS doctor accused of kidnapping a British photographer in Syria helped bankroll the operation, a court has heard.

By Wesley Johnson, Home Affairs Correspondent
2:51PM GMT 25 Jan 2013

Najul Islam, 31, is the third man to be charged over the kidnap of photographer John Cantlie and his Dutch colleague Jeroen Oerlemans last year.

The pair were taken hostage on July 17 near the Syrian border with Turkey and released nine days later.

Islam is accused of paying for his brother Shajul's travel arrangements to Syria and travelling from the UK to Turkey to supply him and others with a car, night vision goggles, air rifle optic mounts and medical equipment.

He is charged with assisting Shajul Islam, 26, and another man Jubair Chowdhury, 24, to engage in acts of terrorism between January 1, 2012 and January 11 this year.

He is also accused of financing the travel arrangements for Mr Chowdhury to escape from Syria and fly to Bangladesh following the release of the kidnapped journalists.

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