Saturday, August 25, 2012


Cartoon: Petar Pismestrovic, Kleine Zeitung, Austria.

"Judged as a whole, the eurozone does not have a solvency problem. 

"The International Monetary Fund projects that net government borrowing in the eurozone countries next year will be 2.7 per cent of gross domestic product. 

"The US and the UK both project to have deficits of more than 6 per cent, and yet their debt is not under attack on the markets. 

"The money exists within Europe to make the crisis go away."

- John Authers  in the Financial Times, 24 August 2012.

The Long View: Seasonal reflections on the eurozone


Source: IMF WEO Database 


P2P said...

interesting documentary on the nature of reality by the director of ace ventura. you can watch it for free when clicking one one of the two watch now links, the other takes you to a form to fill your credit card info to.

Anonymous said...

response to P2P:
have watched 90% of the video you are posting above.. understand the main theme is "we are all connected, let's have positive thoughts, this will give our lives a happy direction.." Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky get lots of time to make their statements in that direction.. but doesn't "pacifist" Chomsky support the official story of 911, dispelling critics as conspiracy kooks.. both gentlemen are obviously trying to cover the backs of their tribe, which is involved in the majority of very ugly affairs worldwide.. I do strongly suspect, that the knowledge of the tribe in relation to "everything is interconnected" is used for the massive manipulating of the goyim into supporting the zionist machinations..


P2P said...

I have never been a big chomsky fan myself. I have had to battle with his theory of linguistics while studying cognitive science and philosophy and I think he is off a bit. also, whenever I've seen him give political or other commentaries I have sensed that he has a strong desire to belong into some undefinable 'flock,' being very careful not to step out of the lines of political correctness. which, in a sense I do understand - I know some people believe that by being PC things can be dealt with in a civilized manner. too bad the definition of "civilized" we currently have is more barbaric than anything.

on howard zinn I have no opinion.

from personal experience I know everything is interconnected. I don't consider this a belief but knowledge: the tangibility of the world around us we perceive is an illusion, so as is the idea of separateness. personally I've noticed that more and more I come to terms with the fact that my nature as a human being is a restricted condition and that there is boundaries in my perception that I need to break systematically, the more control I have of the reality around me. I recently realized that so-called synchronicity works because my extended mind manifests itself from outside of myself. for years already I have lived among miracles.

in short, we are all but drops in the sea of our true extent, and once we realize that our effect on the world extends beyond imagination. the word 'realize' is interesting, because it carries a dual meaning - to truly comprehend something in depth and make something become real.

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