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Global TV rating agency Nielsen, which is being sued by a private TV channel for billions of dollars for allegedly manipulating viewership data.

Nielsen research firm for planned TV TRP system

The first night of the Republican National Convention drew fewer television viewers compared to 2008

"The Nielsen ratings company said Wednesday that the audience, spread over nine TV networks, was down....

"The Nielsen Co. said that nearly 15 million viewers Tuesday night were age 55 or over. Meanwhile, the total of viewers aged 18 to 34 was only 1.5 million on the nine networks."

New York Times Co. (NYT)’s outlook for its corporate debt rating has been reduced to “stable” from “positive” by Moody’s Investors Service, citing falling print sales and the company’s slow progress in reducing debt.

Times Co. may take several years to use its cash to cut debt to a level sufficient for an upgrade, Moody’s said. Moody’s maintains Times Co.’s corporate rating at B1, or four levels below investment grade.

News-stand sales of US magazines are suffering a precipitous decline.

In Australia, Fairfax Media’s newspapers have seen some of the biggest percentage circulation slides since audits began with falls of more than 10% for its flagships The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

ABCs: Fairfax print decline May 2012 accelerates.

In the UK, The Guardian was the worst performing title on paid-for sales, which dropped 15.9 per cent to 209,354.

Double digit % sales losses for most nationals 17 August 2012

The Manchester Evening News suffered one of the biggest year-on-year falls in circulation among the main regional eveningnewspapers in England in the first six months of the year.

Trinity Mirror's part paid-for, part free title reported a 13.2% year-on-year fall to 78,894, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures.

Manchester Evening News circulation down 13.2% in latest ABC ...
The adverts are moving from the print media to the internet.

Two-thirds of internet users do not click on any display ads over the course of a month.

Only 16 percent of internet users account for 80 percent of all clicks.

Clickers tend to be younger and less affluent than non-clickers.


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Olef palme? now?

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"Russia has sent a 20-member observer delegation to Syria for a week. The delegation includes Russian media, representatives of political parties and organizations such as researchers specialized on the Arab countries, and other experts. One of the participants is an associate professor at the University of Helsinki, Johan Bäckman.

According to Bäckman, the Western Media's dissemination of information about the grenade attack on the Baath party headquarters are untrue;

"Our delegation laughed over the matter as the headquarters of the strike in 100m from our hotel, and we have found no traces of a "strike. Today, the news in question was already taken aback:

end of quote. the translation provided by google translator is pretty crappy, and I am too busy to provide a better translation. nonetheless, interesting. bäckman is a controversial person in f-land.

the source, a raport from syria:

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busy or not (deja vu):

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met with the Russian observer delegation. President Assad is 45-year-old and has been in power for 11 years. Assad had time to talk with a member of each delegation, and to answer any questions put to him.

The meeting lasted more than three hours, and went through the whole situation in Syria: Syria's geopolitical position, the internationalization of the conflict in Syria, Syrian anti-war information, the modernization, political situation and the establishment of new political parties, the technical level of the armed forces, etc.

According to the President, Syria has three types of terrorist groups: Al-Qaeda cells, the Muslim Brotherhood groups and drug trafficking gangs. The Muslim Brotherhood has made terrorist attacks since the turn of the 1970-1980. According to Assad, his reputation was excellent in western media a few years ago, but now all of a sudden the western media is trumpeting him a dictator and his own people's executioner.

While the western media's image has changed, he is, however, quite the same man as before, Assad said. I told President Assad, among other things, that The Finnish intelligentsia supports Syria and that the Finnish people, and also many of the senior officers, oppose Finland's membership of NATO, and Finland is not going to join NATO.

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Aang I just posted, and instead of : your message has been saved for moderation
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So you may get my message twice.

I have recently subscribed to on line newsletters from Veterans Today.
Heroines Susan Lindauer, Gwyneth Todd stories today and yesterday. You might be interested
Also, interview between Marianne Williamson and Kevin Barrett. Interesting.

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