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Update 5 August 2012

"Last week, Thierry Meyssan wrote on Voltaire that Prince Bandar was killed along with his assistance Mishaal Al-Qarni in a bomb blast on July 26.

"The same day, Prince Bandar appeared with Prince Khalid bin Sultan at a function.

"He was also present at the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' reception for princes in Jeddah."

Thierry Meyssan and Prince Bandar bin Sultan


This is what we wrote earlier:

The Saudi government remains silent on the reports of the assassination of Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Reportedly, the Saudis fear that foreign spooks have infiltrated "the highest and most closely guarded circles of Saudi government." 

(Saudi silence on intelligence chief Bandar's fate denotes panic‎ - Israel's DEBKA file)

"I believe the People's Republic of China delivered a turn-key nuclear ballistic missile system to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of several years beginning no later than December 2003," wrote Jonathan Scherck in his book 'Patriot Lost'. (Website for this) image)

So, what about al Qaeda, the mercenary force employed by the CIA and Mossad?

In 2003 and 2004, there was "a wave of bombing attacks inside the Saudi kingdom carried out by Al Qaeda."

1975 Sunday Times.

Has Mossad infiltrated Saudi Arabia?

In 2010, it was reported that Israeli air force planes and helicopters landed in Saudi Arabia for the purposes of positioning equipment there. (Mossad chief reportedly visited Saudi Arabia for talks on Iran - Haaretz)

In March 2012, it was reported that Mossad is heavily involved in Saudi Arabia.

(Mossad Doing Business with Saudi Arabia: Stratfor Source.)

Stratfor is a private US-based 'intelligence' company.

"Emails, dated 2 May 2007, show discussions between Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice-president of counter-terrorism, and analysts in regards to the alleged secret Saudi-Israeli intelligence alliance."

A Stratfor "source claimed that Mossad offered covert assistance to the Saudis... The city of Nicosia in Cyprus was cited in the email 'as a primary transit hub into Riyadh.'"

The source claimed that "several enterprising Mossad officers, both past and present, are making a bundle selling the Saudis everything from security equipment, intelligence and consultation." 

Burton asked: "Have we got the Saudi Foreign Ministry or intel services as sub clients? If not, suggest we send Mike Parks, who is good friends with Prince Bandar, to sign them up.... I think Les Janka also has contacts with these sleezy arsehole ragheads."


Saudi Arabia - You are next?

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The Obama regime's spy boss, the notorious Admiral Blair, has given us some clues about which countries may be dismembered by the USA in the coming months and years.

1. On 12 February 2009, Admiral Blair told Congress that bin Laden could relocate.

"For example, he said, al-Qaeda elements in Yemen now pose a new threat to Saudi Arabia, whose own efforts have been successful in killing or capturing most al-Qaeda senior leaders in that country."

In Pakistan, "an intensified campaign against terrorists has failed to subdue multiple insurgencies or quell growing radicalism in many parts of the country." - Official: Economic Strife Poses Security Threat to US

2. "In February of 1975 the London Sunday Times revealedinformation from a leaked and classified US Department of Defense plan.

"The plan, drawn up by the Pentagon, was code named 'DhahranOption Four' and provided for an invasion of the world's largest oil reserves, namely Saudi Arabia." - (Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why?) - Who can Saudi Arabia trust?

3. A plan to split Saudi Arabia gives the Saudis the holy sites and us the oil - New Statesman - The secret partition

4. Bin Laden links to Indonesia, Jersey, Sudan, Geneva...


brian said...

meet a real dictator:
Erdogan Makes War on the Turkish Media
People travel over the Bosphorus in a passenger-vehicle ferry in Istanbul 12 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters - Murad Sezer)
By: Hüsnü Mahalli
Published Thursday, July 19, 2012
The Turkish Prime Minister has never tolerated criticism in the media and now constitutional amendments are being prepared to further curtail the freedom of the press.
Istanbul - Throughout his political career, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has all too frequently been stung by the media. The same applied to his spiritual and political mentor, the late leader of the Felicity Party Necmettin Erbakan – and indeed all Islamists.
But the current prime minister, ever since the era when he was responsible for the activities of the National Salvation Party in Istanbul – he would go on to become the city’s mayor in 1994 – has been the particular subject of media campaigns, targeting him personally as well as his party....

Anonymous said...

London 2012 - Strange Convoy:

A. Peasant said...

debka file says:

But our sources doubt whether a Syrian intelligence squad would be capable of reaching deep inside Riyadh. They therefore postulate that the deed was committed or orchestrated by a clandestine Iranian agency.

imagine my shock.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would appear Saudi Arabia intelligence has been infiltrated...

Or, as a result of Bandar attempting a coup to put his dying father on the throne, likely, so Bandar, himself, could assume the throne upon his father's death (which he did shortly die), others in the Saudi ruling clique took great offense.

Bandar dropped from public sight and was either banished from Saudi Arabia or was internally confined.

Imagine how others in the Saudi leadership viewed the attempted coup and then their horror when Bandar was not just brought back to public prominence, but made intelligence chief?

Bandar was aggressive in being "Washington's boy" and inserting itself in "revolution", at Washington's urging. Not all of Saudi Arabia's ruling clique is one board for this position (encouraging popular protest must make a number of Saudi's ruling clique nervous considering their own citizens' protests and risk for overthrowing the monarchy).

Look to score settling and removing a potential rival who had already attempted a coup and taken Saudi Arabia from being somewhat independent (or at least allowed factions in the ruling clique to think they had freedom of action) to a complete vassal of the United States.

What better cover to assassinate Bandar and have it blamed on Syria or Iran.

Some claim with some evidence that the Saudi monarchy is cryto-jewish, that would explain cooperation with the Israeli government, but might other Saudis within the ruling clique be nervous having Israeli government assets working on Saudi soil?

Apparently, Bandar had a working relationship with Israel's government and intelligence services, again, might that upset certain factions in Saudi Arabia's ruling clique?

Might some in the Saudi ruling clique think Bandar had made Saudi Arabia a "lap dog" for Israel's foreign policy to destabilize the Middle East and deeply resented that "lap dog" status?

Silence from the Saudi government can mean many things, but it could mean that there is fear of dramatic internal divisions within the Saudi ruling clique coming out into the Saudi public's consciousness, which could open a pandora's box threatening the whole regime.

In conclusion: Who had the best access to Bandar and would know his schedule?

Answer: Others within the Saudi ruling clique.

P2P said...

don't know what to think of this, severe cognitive dissonance in my end:

A. Peasant said...

excellent reasoning. i have put some updates on my own post on the topic, and i included anonymous @ 6:56 in full.

Anonymous said...

Ditto AP re anon 6.56. Very good.

Without knowing precisely how the dynamic functions, the sabbatean/crypto aspect of the Sauds has to be factored into the equation. It won't necessarily bring clarity but without it at least getting a mention any equation will be doomed.

Erdogan on the other hand is clearly Sabbatean and his behaviour re Syria is perfectly explicable on that basis.

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