Sunday, August 26, 2012


Car bomb in Libya, summer 2012. Website for this image

Libya is not safe for business.

"Nobody is coming back here: it's not safe," says a German engineer living in an almost empty gated compound designed for foreign business executives.

(Libya's promised reconstruction bonanza fails to materialise - The Guardian -  26 August 2012)

Rebels celebrate after seizing control of the Zawiyah oil refinery in Libya. Photograph: Bob Strong/Reuters

The UK's ambassador to Libya, Sir Dominic Asquith, has "spoken vehemently of his surprise and disappointment at British firms' slow response to the business opportunities".

In May 2012, oil company Shell said it was abandoning its wells and stopping exploration in Libya. 

Pumps supplier Weir Group, which had been involved in a multimillion-pound power plant refurbishment inMisrata, has so far refused to return to Libya. 

Oil services firm Wood Group compares Libya to Iraq.

(Libya's promised reconstruction bonanza fails to materialise - The Guardian -  26 August 2012) 

Libya is now a land of concentration camps and al Qaeda bases.

 There have been car bombs this month in Tripoli.

Tribal fighting continues. 

Western diplomatic missions have been attacked.

 According to Jonathan Terry of risk consultancy Maplecroft: "A string of assassinations... and attacks on western targets have sent a worrying message." 

In Libya, a new cabinet has yet to be formed. 

Libya is being looted. Website for this image

In Libya's stock market there is almost zero activity.

The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against "all but essential travel" to Libya. 

US bakery chain Cinnabon is the only foreign-owned fast food franchise to open in Tripoli in 12 months. 

(Libya's promised reconstruction bonanza fails to materialise - The Guardian -  26 August 2012)

Torture is now widespread in Libya. Website for this image

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Anonymous said...

All of which the Western powers knew perfectly well. What with a global crash to be engineered taking all that oil off the market is just what the doctor ordered. Scarcity, high prices - a thing of beauty, says the death cult.

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