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Egypt's President Morsi has just fired the top brass in the Egyptian military.

This makes it more likely that Israel will go to war?

Lords of Chaos Rule the Middle East 12 Aug 2012.

Will Israel try to grab the Sinai? Will Israel attack Iran? Will Israel attack Lebanon? Will the Kurds and Israelis work together?

According to David Samuels, Contributing Editor at Harper's Magazine (Chaos):

"Right now, the timing for an Israeli strike on Iran... seems as favorable as it is ever likely to be." 

Samuels argues that Egypt is now weak; Syria is now weak; Obama is now weak...

News: Attack on Iran near, Israeli media suggest

According to David Samuels:

"The Iranian bloc in Syria and Lebanon is coming apart at the seams. The Syrian Army is in tatters. Hezbollah is in a very weak place. 

"Morsi isn't dumb enough to order the Egyptian Army out of their barracks no matter what happens in any back and forth with Hamas in Gaza. 

"Plus, the Gulfies (Saudi Arabia and Qatar) are pushing for a strike, and they own Gaza AND Egypt now.

Ralph Peters Map. Ralph Peters of the US military.

According to Pepe Escobar of Asia Times (Chaos): 

"The Saudis are not coordinating with Qataris at all; they are betting on different horses."

Pepe Escobar sees Turkey's President Erdogan as being in trouble.

"Erdogan is toast... The most important story right now is Great Kurdistan beckoning in the future."

David Samuels: "The eastern province of Greater Kurdistan, the future autonomous national home of the Jewish people?"

Kurdish Jews are the ancient Eastern Jewish communities, inhabiting the region known as Kurdistan in northern Mesopotamia, roughly covering parts of Iran, northern Iraq, Syria and eastern Turkey.

Tradition holds that Israelites of the tribe of Benjamin first arrived in the area of modern Kurdistan after the Assyrian conquest of the Kingdom of Israel during the 8th century BC.

According to the memoirs of Benjamin of Tudela and Pethahiah of Regensburg, there were about 100 Jewish settlements and substantial Jewish population in Kurdistan in 12th century.

In 2001, a team of German, Indian and Israeli specialists published the results of their research on Y-chromosome polymorphism, that showed that Jews and Kurds are close ethnic relatives.[13] The Jews and Kurds, according to the research, have common ancestors who resided in northern Mesopotamia about 4,000 years ago.

Kurdish Jews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

brian left this comment on the post "AL QAEDA DESTROYING TUNISIA; TOURISTS UNDER THREAT...":

The Iranian strategic expert "Muhammad Sadek Al Hussaini", revealed ... that there is a US-NATO decision to turn Northern Syria into an "Al Qaeda" block in the face of the Russian and Chinese influence, similar to the days of fighting  against the Soviet influence in Afghanistan.. 

Along with the attempt to open another front against the growing Iranian influence ... after the failure of all the attempts of a foreign intervention against Syria.

Al Husseini confirmed that Jalili (top man in Iranian National Security)
discussed with the Syrian command, the prospects of the West igniting a regional war - a"Trap" for Erdogan's government.

Article on Breaking News | شبكة عاجل الإخبارية
Translation: News About Syria - English


Anonymous said...

we are all common relatives.

we are all children of God

if only we believe.

Planet Earth belongs to ALL who believe

not just those self deluded 'chosen ones' who believe themselves entitled to murder...

Blessed are those who mourn

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Doing everything to stir up Iran....

hans said...

that showed that Jews and Kurds are close ethnic relatives.

Jews? there is no ethnic race called Jews. If there is similarity then it is between the Semitic Jews not the Ashkenazim, Khazar's. Yet again they attempt to make up history!

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