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A bum note.


Prince George, Duke of Kent, son of George V, liked thin blond boys, reportedly. 

He had a relationship with a black, female singer. 

He was arrested for homosexual activity at least once, but quickly released. 

He was addicted to morphine and cocaine. 

He was reportedly blackmailed by a male prostitute. 

George died in a mysterious plane crash at the age of 39.


Belgium's King Albert said a book, The Paedophile Dossier, contained unfounded libels. 

The book, by two French journalists, is an account of the case of Marc Dutroux. 

The authors say King Albert, as crown prince, attended parties at which paedophiles were present.

Reportedly a number of royals were involved in the Dutroux scandal, which involved the torture and murder of children.



Prince Charles appointed his former valet, Michael Fawcett, as manager of the project to restore Dumfries House, in Scotland.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: "The two of them have a very close working relationship and the prince trusts him implicitly."

(Fawcett the fixer and Charles' £45million gamble.)
According to The Daily Mail: "There could be no clearer indication that Charles's dependence on ... Fawcett ... is greater than ever."

Charles unveils a plaque at the Chrichton mental hospital museum in Dumfries.

Michael Fawcett is "employing the same silken skills he once used to sell off unwanted gifts from foreign dignitaries on the Prince’s behalf (a practice which led him to be unkindly dubbed ‘Fawcett the Fence’)"

Fawcett is a link to wealthy donors.

"One of those donors is hedge-fund boss Michael Hintze, whose 55th birthday party extravaganza at Wrotham Hall in Hertfordshire in 2008 was organised by Fawcett through Premier Mode, his events hospitality company."

Hintze is a key figure in the Liam Fox affair.

On 24 August 2005, George Smith died in Newport, Wales, of an unknown illness, aged 44.

George Anthony Smith was a former footman and valet in the Royal Household of Prince Charles.

Smith alleged that he was raped by Michael Fawcett, a servant of the Prince of Wales; and that Fawcett was himself in a homosexual relationship with the Prince of Wales. (George Smith (royal servant) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Michael Fawcett with Charles (

In 1943, Canadian gold-mining millionaire, Sir Harry Oakes, was brutally murdered at his home in the Bahamas.

The Governor of the Bahamas was Edward, the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII.

Reportedly, Oakes knew of the Duke of Windsor's dealings with Swedish millionaire Axel Wenner-Gren and Germany’s Nazi Party. 

Reportedly, Oakes opposed plans to build mafia casinos in the Bahamas. (The Sir Harry Oakes Mystery: Unsolved Murder in the Bahamas)

What links Prince Charles to Edward VIII?

Both have been linked to scandals. (Charles gay-sex scandal )

The young Prince Edward of Wales, later Edward VIII, and the young Prince Albert of Wales, later George VI.

Edward VIII had a sexual problem, according to certain experts.

According to Christopher Wilson's book, "Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue", Oxford students linked Prince Edward romantically with his tutor Henry Peter Hansel.

Philip Ziegler, official biographer of the Duke of Windsor, says it is possible that Edward was treated by hypnotist Dr Alexander Cannon for a sexual problem. (Strange story of the king and the hypnotist doctor - (Telegraph)

Cannon had links to 'the occult' and to fascism.

Edward, in 1928, on a visit to East Africa, became the lover of Beryl Markham, a female aviator.

Markham was conducting a simultaneous affair with Edward's younger brother, Prince Henry.

Markham was married at the time, and five months pregnant.(www.dailymail.)

Edward's wife, Wallis Simpson, may have been a man.

Dr John Randall, consultant psychiatrist at the Charing Cross hospital in London, reportedly told Michael Bloch, the Duchess's biographer, that Wallis Simpson had androgen insensitivity syndrome, a hormonal irregularity that causes a genetically male body to develop as a woman, although without fully developed sex organs. (Christopher Wilson's book, Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue

Edward, Jimmy Donahue, Wallis

Both Edward and Wallis took an interest in a young gay man, the Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue.

Donahue was an 'intimate' friend of Francis Spellman, New York's allegedly gay Cardinal Archbishop. (Christopher Wilson's Dancing with the Devil, The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue)

Charles, Diana and Michael Fawcett

What about prince Charles?

On 6 April 2008, the Mail reported on friends' growing fears over Charles and Camilla's three-year marriage as the rows escalate.

"The rows have been escalating over the past three months," one well-placed source said.

"The staff are getting tired of it because you can't help but hear the shouting. As you can imagine, it's hugely embarrassing when that happens."

Courtiers nicknamed Charles and Camilla 'The Glums'.

Camilla confided to friends that a Caribbean cruise with Charles had been a "nightmare".

On 10 April 2010, The Mail reported that the legal advice on the Charles and Camilla marriage will be sealed until after Charles's death (Charles / Camilla marriage: Legal advice sealed until after ...)
There have been doubts about the legality of the wedding.

Sofia Svenqist (

A Swedish playboy prince has struck up a romance with a glamour model who posed topless with a python.


Thailand's Prince Vajiralongkorn "is already widely loathed and feared." (The Economist: As father fades, his children fight)

"Salacious stories of his private life are daily gossip.

"A video circulated widely in 2007 showed his third wife, known as the 'royal consort', at a formal dinner with the prince in a titillating state of undress.

"Diplomats say Prince Vajiralongkorn is unpredictable to the point of eccentricity: lavishing attention on his pet poodle Fu Fu, for example, who has military rank and, on occasion, sits among guests at gala dinners.

"In the 1980s his rumoured ties to the criminal underworld, which he denied in a newspaper interview, inspired the gangster nickname of 'Sia O'." (As father fades, his children fight)

Thai Crown Prince (


Anonymous said...

Prince Charles opening the Chrichton in Dumfries, that place brings back memories of my friend who was raped and tortured by Langholm police sergeant Adam Carruthers. When she went to the authorities for help they sent her to the Chrichton where she was forced to undergo electric shock treatment. I saw her just after she was released and her front teeth were missing, a bizarre & sad sight to see a friend suffering like that. When Carruthers was finally brought to justice for raping over 38 women while a police officer, this victim who was subject to ECT at the Chrichton 'committed suicide' just as his trial begun. RIP Helen Hughes.

Anonymous said...

William looks a lot like George, Duke of Kent in your photo above.

To Anonymous 2.32 I am so sorry for the loss of your friend, and the torture/death she suffered. Your beautiful United Kingdom, so rich in history and culture continues to have a brutal that is so sickening. It is everywhere of course, but UK is always held up as the proper model for civilization. And I think it is a false model. Peace be with you.

Ann Diamond said...

Ann Diamond said...

Anonymous said...

Apropos Albert and the The Paedophile Dossier, I find the description 'unfounded libels' to be curious. Were they so surely the court would have ordered the book withdrawn from sale and awarded damages accordingly. Clearly no such thing happened.

Keep in mind that in a libel case it's not up to the person libelled to prove that the claims are unfounded, rather it's up to the person making the claims to prove that they aren't, ie. that they have any given claims have a foundation in fact. Given that no such process occurred it seems that the Prince's statement that the book contains 'unfounded libels' is nothing more than a mere assertion accorded no more weight than the claims in the book.

In a court of law, that is. In the real world of ipso facto common sense, we may comfortably assume, what with the Prince refusing to take the obvious course of action (and which, not forgetting, places all the weight on the defendant publisher) that the 'unfounded libels' are no such thing and are in all likelihood true.

We may also safely assume that the prince knows this full well and that this pathetic 'he said, she said' rebuttal is the best he could hope for.

And of course a potemkin victory like this would never work unless those tasked with publicising it could be trusted to spin it in the appropriate propagandistic fashion. Happily Hugh Schofield and the BBC were more than up to the task.

Anonymous said...

PS. You have to love the Beeb's headline - Belgian king wins paedophile rebuttal. Talk about oxymoronic. One doesn't win a rebuttal. One makes a rebuttal and wins when it's agreed by all that the rebuttal comprises a refutation.

The rape of the English language continues unabated with the BBC piling on for sloppy seconds.

Anonymous said...

duke of kent's death was faked (he got off flying boat afore flight) killing the crew bar one in the process, as revealed in Hitler book by greg hallett

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading indeed.

Carol x

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