Thursday, August 16, 2012


The break-up of the Euro could spark an economic boom.

(A Doomed Marriage by Daniel Hannan)

On 15 August 2012, Daniel Hannan, a UK member of the European Parliament, reports:

1. "Two thirds of the citizens who use the euro believe it has made them poorer."

2. In 1992, the Euro's predecessor, the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), was wrecking the UK economy.

The UK's Prime Minister, John Major, said that leaving the ERM would be 'the soft option, the inflationary option, the devaluer’s option, a betrayal of the future of our country'.

3. The UK was forced out of the ERM.

4. Britain's recovery began the day it left the ERM.

Europe - Northern France

5. A Slovakian economist reported how very easily Slovakia managed the currency change when it split off from Czechoslovakia in 1993.

6. "Had Greece kept the drachma, it could not have run up the monstrous debts it accumulated by 2010.

"The markets would have stepped in and imposed a corrective at least three years earlier."

7. If Greece goes back to the Drachma, Greek tourism and shipping should benefit.

8. There should be an orderly break-up of the Euro.


thetruthhurst said...

The second Greece or any of the other PIIGS leave the EURO this is the moment their exports become competitive again.

The whole EURO and EU project is simply designed to allow the German government to dominate Europe economically. There's so much commentary out there that this view is too simplistic but then again it's not the first time they've tried to take over the continent.

Unnatural, unevolved forced and unwanted political solutions always, always fall apart at a faster pace than they were put together

elwind45 said...

This whole bullocks is about devaluation. European leaders are allowing the euro to devalue by can kicking. Since America has decide to print to increase its economy by a value of 10x to lower its debt repayments everybody is going to print to keep up. The kicker is consumption. Since the developed world has past its peak consumption phase governments will face less pressure over inflation. When it becomes better for Governments to ruin its currency to save its economy We are close to a bigger problem than exports and jobs.

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