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Gu Kailai, the wife of Chinese politician Bo Xilai, or her double. Gu is alleged to have murdered ' a British spy' called Neil Heywood.

Reportedly, Tommy Suharto, son of former president Suharto, had a double.

While Tommy was supposed to be in jail for murder, it was said that he was enjoying games of golf.

Anonymous sent us the following information on the Gu murder trial in China.

Neil Heywood was a spook.

Last week this story popped up about body doubles:

"The most stunning allegation was that the man appearing in court and serving the three-year sentence wasn't Hu at all, but a hired body double."

Gu (right)

And then today, lo and behold, the Gu story becomes another example.

Doubts run so deep that the phrase ''body double'' was censored on the Chinese internet, after netizens questioned whether the plump lady shown in court on the television news was really the once-glamorous wife of Bo Xilai.

''It's highly likely that an impostor Gu replaced the real Gu; this is all a well-planned scheme,'' said Han Deqiang, co-founder of Utopia, a stridently pro-Bo Xilai website that was unplugged soon after Mr Bo's demise.

Gu 'double' (left)

Breivik 'double'

Saddam 'double'

Anonymous writes:

Has anyone else noticed that James Holmes "cell phone and computer" were seized from his apartment AFTER the shooting - its been written in multiple articles. 

So how could he have taken or pretended to take a phone call? 

I dont think he was in the theater at all. I want to know what they have him on to make him so calm in the court rooms too. I hope the truth comes out, sooner than later. And the real killer(s) are caught. Also - I read an article today that the traps set in his apartment are similar to techniques currently used in Afghanistan. And we are supposed to be believe he magically knew how to do that, by himself, without killing himself in the process? REALLY? on HOLMES, DR FENTON, STICK FIGURES


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SWAROWSKI are Jews as u know....

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Talk about doubles and surprise! Its happening in China....

Anonymous said...

This woman is also supposed to be Gu. Amazing, isnt it?

Anonymous said...

GU too?

Anonymous said...

I am not buying it. Sure, there can be "body doubles" but this IS Gu. Look again- add a few lbs, it's her. Look at the bone structure, the eye/nasal form. There are just some things you cannot duplicate..

Anonymous said...

Um... well no one in China thinks it's Gu. Besides which, put 'body doubles in china' into google and see how it's pretty much standard practice there. Gu is merely one case amongst many, many.

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