Friday, August 17, 2012


Two years ago George Soros called gold the 'ultimate asset bubble'.

He sold most of his gold at $1,275 an oz.

Currently gold is around $1,600 an oz.

Soros has now invested in Facebook, but their shares are struggling.

Despite $10 M Soros Purchase, Facebook Trading Struggles ...‎ 

Reportedly, George Soros has now sold over one million shares in banks that include Citigroup, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. 

Report: Soros Unloads All Investments in Major Financial Stocks; Invests Over $130 Million In Gold - 17 August 2012

Reportedly, Soros has now bought, shares in SPDR Gold Trust.

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Earlier in 2012, George Soros told  Newsweek:

"We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression...  

"The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. 

"The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system."

Startling Evidence That Central Banks And Wall Street Insiders Are Rapidly Preparing For Something BIG

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This is the Soros who reportedly wrecked the economies of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

This is the Soros who allegedly helped cause the Asian economic crisis of 1997.


"Billionaire John Paulson (the one that made 20 billion dollars on the subprime mortgage meltdown) has been buying gold like crazy and his company now 'has 44 percent of its $24 billion fund exposed to bullion.'"

Sounds like Paulson is another manipulator?

The following is from: George Soros, Market Manipulation, and 'Regime Change'

"When the US House Banking Committee investigated the Russia-gate scandal in 1999, trying to determine just how $100 billion had been diverted out of Russia, forcing the collapse of its currency and the default of its enormous loans from the International Monetary Fund, Soros... finally admitted that he had used insider access in a deal that was barred to foreign investors to acquire a huge chunk of Sidanko Oil...

"Then, George Soros did some more shady economic fooling around in France.

"And he actually got caught and charged with illegal insider trading in his attempt to takeover the Societe Generale bank. 

"He was convicted and the conviction was upheld in 2 separate appeals...

"By 2003, Soros was already predicting the downfall of the dollar.

"In a CNBC interview, amid a slump in the dollar’s value against the Euro, Soros added fuel to that fire by stating that he was already selling dollars. His statement, in turn, caused a further decline in the international worth of the dollar...

"Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to bring about the “October Surprise” U.S. economic downturn in time for the 2004 election. Our economy proved too resilient for him then."


Anonymous said...

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elwind45 said...

I am shocked. I felt that this blog was above drinking the koolaid. A history of this man suggests an international insider. Any time this name shows up in the press its about conspiracy. Yet a little research suggests he is working for others besides himself. I can believe boogy man of the elite. Reason for everything going wrong? I thought this space was something different than the associated press!

Anonymous said...

I'd say Soros would rank equally with Kissinger and Murdoch as a top lieutenant under the twelve families.

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