Friday, August 17, 2012


Morsi and the Boss.

Egypt is now a dictatorship, according to Guy Bechor.

Egypt a dictatorship again - Ynetnews

Reportedly, Morsi now controls the military, the political parties, the courts and the press.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood "are replacing the chief editors and senior journalists with government mouthpieces.

"Dozens of journalists are being replaced by Islamist representatives."

"According to the new instructions it is prohibited to criticize the Brotherhood or the president.

"Publishing caricatures of the president is also forbidden, and journalists may not refer to him or his aides directly.

"The private press... is being muzzled.

"The private al-Dustour newspaper dares to criticize the president?

"The newspaper is removed from the stores.

"Such measures were not taken ... under Mubarak's rule."


Aangirfan suspects that Morsi is not really in charge.

We suspect that Hilary Clinton is pulling the strings.


Anonymous said...

The modus operandi of the muslim brotherhood and the bolsheviks are one of the same! Their similarities are unmistakable.

Anonymous said...

Why would they leave Morsi in charge? His tenure will be very unhappy and short term. Look at Erdogan before and after Hillary.

Morsi has one huge poblem, well two. First, the union movement that made Tahrir Square happen is still around and still getting screwed. They won't go away. Second, the Egyptian people and will gladly point out the problems.

Morsi will fall, quickly. He was forth of five presidential candidates at 8% before the courts started eliminating the competition. By election day, it was Morsi and the other loser at 8% in the polls ( ). Turnout was 20% or less by report.

This will be the first of many "democracy backlash" events - leaders installed by the West under the guise of democracy who, due to their failings) are removed by democratic means

Anonymous said...

Nice one Anonymous at 6:18AM

Only a stupid minority of Egyptians support Morsi, that's why he has to gag the rest, because there are too many Egyptians who absolutely hate him and his Ikhwan. They're crooks and liars and everyone knows this.

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