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The CIA's attack on Syria is intended to wreck Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey

"Within this mêlée, Turkey has been slated to be weakened and divided - just as the US, NATO, and Israel have envisaged in their project to create a new 'Middle East.'" - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya at 

There may be a plot to break up Turkey, and George Soros may be involved?

Prof. Dr. Umit Ozdag (Nationalist Prof. Ozdag: The US is Behind the Ergenekon Operation) has stated that "The US aims to establish a federal Turkey instead of unitary Turkish state".   


On 14 February 2010, Turkey's Hürriyet Daily News reported on the Open Society Institute, founded by Jewish-American businessman George Soros. (Threats against Open Society Foundation disappear).

It seems that, in Turkey, negative press reports on the Open Society Foundation disappeared at the same time as the Ergenekon network was exposed.

TURKEY TO BE SPLIT UP? /  Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta ...  

US/NATO terrorists.

There is a plot to destroy Turkey, according to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, writing at Voltaire Network, 15 August 2012. - 'The Push to ignite a Turkish civil war through a Syrian quagmire'

The following is from Voltaire:

Turkey itself is a major target for destabilization, upheaval, and finally balkanization through its participation in the US-led siege against Syria...

The Turkish Labour Party has demanded that the US General Consul in Adana be deported for “masterminding and leading the activities of Syrian terrorists.” [2]

Mehmet Ali Ediboglu and Mevlut Dudu, two Turkish MPs, have also testified that foreign fighters have been renting homes [3] on Turkey’s border with Syria and that Turkish ambulances have been helping smuggle weapons for the insurgents inside Syria. [4]

Istanbul Turkey by Nevit Dilmen

If the Syrian state collapses, neighbouring Turkey will be the biggest loser...

Aside from Ankara’s historically bad relations with Armenia, Erdogan has managed to singlehandedly alienate Russia and three of Turkey’s most important neighbours.

This has damaged the Turkish economy and disrupted the flow of Turkish goods...

On Turkey’s eastern flank tensions are building between it and both Iraq and Iran.

Baghdad is reviewing its diplomatic ties with the Turkish government, because Ankara is encouraging the Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq to act independently of Iraq’s federal government.

Erdogan’s government has done this partially as a result of Baghdad’s steadfast opposition to regime change in Syria and in part because of Iraq’s strengthening alliance with Iran...

Turkish prime minister Erdogan - CIA asset?

A significant portion of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey or Turkish Meclis and Turkey’s opposition parties have all condemned Erdogan for misleading the Turkish people and stirring their country towards disaster.

There is also growing resentment amongst the citizens of Turkey about Erdogan’s cooperation with the US, NATO, Israel, and the Arab dictatorships – like Qatar and Saudi Arabia – against the Syrians and others.

The majority of Turkish citizens oppose Turkish ties to Israel, the hosting of NATO facilities in Turkey, the missile shield project, and cooperation with the US in the Middle East...

Segments of the Turkish military are at odds with the Turkish government and the military itself is divided over Turkish foreign policy.

Erdogan does not even trust half of Turkey’s own military leaders and has arrested forty of them for planning to overthrow him...

Turkey’s minorities constitute at the very minimum one-third of the country. A significant proportion of Turkey’s minority communities have ties to Syria, Iraq, or Iran.

The Kurds and other similar Iranic peoples alone form about 25% of Turkey’s population, which means one out of four Turkish citizens are of Kurdish and Iranic stock.

Other ethnic minorities include Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Azerbaijanis, Bulgarians, and Greeks...

Anywhere from 20% to 30% or more of the Turkish population may be categorized as Shiite Muslims, which includes Alevis, Alawites, and Twelvers.

Civil war in Turkey is a real possibility...

The US-led siege on Syria intends to create chaos across the entire Middle East and ignite multiple regional conflicts. Violence and conflict from Syria is intended to consume Lebanon and Iraq too... 


... said...

I think there may be something to this, recently the news showed the increased trouble and violence with the Turkish Kurds in the country - it seems that there isn't much real 'gain' for Turkey to assist the UN in the way it is...I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Clearly Erdogan is Donmeh. His allegiances lie not with his own country but with the Sabbatean~Jewish new world order. The Turks face a choice of throwing him down or being destroyed. Fingers crossed they can get their shit together.

(It's also now obvious that his initial adoption of an Islamist vibe - his wife in hijab etc. - was a sham designed to take his country further into dissolution).

Anonymous said...

You can never the Turkish nation. Arab or Jew, American or Russian, Kurd or greek your hate only makes us stronger, we will see if it is a guitar or a satar playing the final note on Earth ;)

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