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Debt bomb?

In 1966 Walt himself signed 15 year old Kurt to a ten year contract. 


Anonymous said...

OMG. Love it!! Can't decide whether the dark humour or 'kinda sick' wins out, but it rocks.

Anyway, 'James the Joker', Century 16 and 1690 Paris Street, corner of 17th Avenue and Peoria (haven't quite worked out the last one)

Anonymous said...

Matrix data stream still twanging loudly.

Anonymous said...

in relation to fritz springmeier and alex jones - the colorado incident seems to have been purposely an operation that will stir up discussion of MK. the patsy is too obvious, the popular culture references are too obvious. one should ask why.

jones relies on fear mongering, spreading dangerous disinfo together with bits and pieces 'truth.' in the above interview, in the last ten or so minutes of it, he brings up david icke and tries to have springmeier say that yeah, the illuminati I am talking about is the same that shapeshifts to lizards down in england.

I don't know, but can only guess that the agenda behind all this is to instill fear and confusion to people, making them unable to act rationally with the evidence that speaks of MK and organized crime involving child trafficking. in my mind it's the most ancient trick to have people think the 'elite' has a special relationship with superhuman powers / entities. the egyptian rulers are said to have mindfucked their people into believing them to be sons of gods. the papacy relied on the same false belief for centuries in europe. and now we are being fed the same mush about our rulers and people just go, ok, so it must be...

in my mind the reason for this is that when faced with an unknown enemy, we don't know how to operate. when in fear, we don't know how to operate. if people just focused on the atrocities done by these people and focused on spreading the evidence that we have of that, we'd be getting somewhere. now all I hear is speculation about 'satanic' rituals and 'luciferian' people, speculation that's perfect if one wants to be divided and conquered - you can't have a rational discussion with these terms around a table. and who the fuck cares what those people believe who're clearly psychotic anyway?

I have seen people turn their hearts black when researching into this stuff and 'imagining' and 'realizing' how things behind the veil are. what they really do is invite and strengthen the 'magic' of 'them.' the first rule I learned on my path in 'occultism' is that no magic works uninvited. you can't have a spell work unless the one the spell is supposed to affect accepts it. sounds pretty lame and not as hollywood as one would wish, but that's the rule governed by our free wills.

springmeier says in the interview that the illuminati he saw wanted to bring the symbolism etc. out into the open. the reason for this, on my opinion, is in the above - as people accept the existence of such an entity into their reality, it gains strength. fear is accepting too btw - if you fear something, you accept its existence, its strength. nothing supernatural as such here, just basic psychology.

the way we can dominate the discourse is to guide its terms. I want discussion to be rational. the only thing blocking that from happening is fear. luckily I was born without any.

some more food for thought - 'satanic' cults would end today if people collectively realized that they draw their strength out of the fear and in the end terror of their sacrifices. that's why they use kids, anyway. nothing to do with 'pure' energy or anything like that. kids usually aren't rational enough to laugh at silly idiots in black robes.

what do I mean by silly idiots? those who piss on their own nests. this earth and our collective humanity is the home of each and every one of us, and down in a very deep level we all know that. to act against the survival of our species and our shared environment is suicidal. we are supposed to laugh out all those who take the path of destruction as their own - if we fear them, we're as doomed as they are.

Cathy said...

"But when Jesus heard [it], he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole." Luke 8:50

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

"For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Anonymous said...

Your CIA/Mossad/KGB are one under freemasonry-destroying america-to control the entire world.
liars, blackmailers-enslavers-who have no conscience.
They hate children and puppies.
This is how they would describe themselves:
"Everyday, on every occasion, no matter who I'm with or where I am, I always think about killing people, when I'm at work I daydream about killing pretty much all day.
In those dreams I usually imagine myself sneaking around the streets at night looking for potential victims, I target people who in my opinion are "bad" and don't deserve to walk amongst everyone else... I fantasize about finding a person or a couple that annoys me and brutally murder them, I plan how to do it in ways to avoid being caught, so I can do it again and again.. Basically, I want to watch people who annoy me suffer and die while they beg me for mercy."
That is the mind of someone who has no soul-freemasons.
The soul is apart of God-he shares with you-immortal.
Satan can't take your soul. The soul is spiritual.
Satan is all about the material-level he can't even see the spiritual-higher level-he wants your body-a soulless body to do evil for him as part of his army of evil against God-life and love.
Satan has no concept of the soul, love, or God-no comprehension.
These who commit evil-will have their souls taken from them and it goes back to God-even if they aren't freemasons.
The freemasons-must do evil to become freemasons-
evil acts are the only magical ritual they perform the result is always this:
they the evil doers become soulless.
Without a soul-you become a murdering lying evil person-seeking material and ego gratification alone-the soul is the conscience.-if you become a freemason you are a sociopath
forever-the soul will never return.
All the people in power-are all freemasons-all the rich and elite=freemasons.
only freemasons can do such evil to life-to children to puppies.
You who are not the freemasons-you will all soon be their victims-
the fantasies they have to kill and torture and destroy are sick-worse than any horror movie.
Now they have the laws in place to get their kicks.
Suicide would be better than what they plan for all of you.
The soul is in the right frontal lobe-if you have a soul your own consciousness resides there with God-you know God he is always with you.
If you have no soul-your consciousness resides in the reptoid part of the brain and your right frontal lobe does not perform it does not exist.
eventually you continue to devolve backwards into a more evil creature-demonic/satanic-satan resides in the reptoid brain and
He and his demons will control you.
They have no magic-no miracles-only love can do that-make everything better.
satanists/the soulless monsters your rulers-can only harm destroy and make everything worse until it all dies.
They want to chip you-in your frontal lobe-like a lobotomy to destroy your souls. Get chipped and lose your connection to God-lose God from your body-then it becomes infested with demons.
death is preferable.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't think that this is Fritz Springmeir at all. From memory of seeing his lectures from years back before the imprisonment just because this younger version has a beard and tash, his voice is different, his hand gestures odd. Can't stand to watch or hear AJ he's a faker and suprised people other than ex-vets bother with his second hand superficial bs. Pretending to be a Christian whilst married to a Jew with his offices shared by some Jewish Legal outfit with all the wrong connections .... and he's so pally with the Jesuits. I mean, c'mon!

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