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Are you part of the 1%?

To be among the wealthiest half of the world, you need only $4,000 in assets. 

You need more than $72,000 to belong to the top 10%.

You need more than $588,000 to be a member of the top 1 percent.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

The total world’s wealth is approximately $200 trillion, with the US and Europe holding approximately 63 percent.

As of 2010, the top 1 percent of the wealthist people in the world had hidden away between $21 trillion to $32 trillion in secret tax exempt bank accounts spread all over the world.

The poorest half of the global population together has less than 2 percent of global wealth.

The World Bank reports that, in 2008, 1.29 billion people were living in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day, and 1.2 billion more were living on less than $2.00 a day. reports that 35,000 people, mostly young children, die every day from starvation in the world.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

The numbers of unnecessary deaths have exceeded 300 million people over the past forty years.

Farmers around the world grow more than enough food to feed the entire world adequately. 

Commodity speculators and huge grain traders control global food prices and distribution.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro) 

The Case of Freeport-McMoRan

Freeport-McMoRan is the world’s largest extractor of copper and gold.

The company controls huge deposits in Indonesia and elsewhere.

The Grasberg mine in Papua, Indonesia, employs 23,000 workers at wages below three dollars an hour. 

In September 2011, workers went on strike for higher wages and better working conditions. 

Security forces financed by Freeport killed or wounded several strikers.

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Indonesian National Police Chief Timur Pradopo admitted that officers received close to ten million dollars annually from Freeport.

These payments recall even larger ones made by Freeport to Indonesian military forces.

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Some speculate that the US has a hidden agenda in deploying marines to Australia.

The Thai newspaper The Nation has suggested that one of the reasons why US Marines might be stationed in Darwin could be that they would provide remote security assurance to US-owned Freeport-McMoRan’s gold and copper mine in West Papua, less than a two-hour flight away.

The board of directors of Freeport-McMoRan represents a portion of the global 1 percent who not only control the largest gold and copper mining company in the world, but who are also interconnected by board membership with over two dozen major multinational corporations, banks, foundations, military, and policy groups. 

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

The Case of BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock, based in Manhattan, is the largest assets management firm in the world.

As of March 2012, BlackRock manages assets worth $3.68 trillion.

In addition to Freeport-McMoRan, BlackRock has major holdings in Chevron (49 million shares, 2.5 percent), Goldman Sachs Group (13 million shares, 2.7 percent), Exxon Mobil (121 million shares, 2.5 percent), Bank of America (251 million shares, 2.4 percent), Monsanto Company (12 million shares, 2.4 percent), Microsoft Corp. (185 million shares, 2.2 percent), and many more.

BlackRock manages investments of both public and private funds, including California Public Employee’s Retirement System, California State Teacher’s Retirement System, Freddie Mac, Boy Scouts of America, Boeing, Sears, Verizon, Raytheon, PG&E, NY City Retirement Systems, LA County Employees Retirement Association, GE, Cisco, and numerous others.

Some of the top financial giants of the capitalist world are connected by interlocking boards of directors at BlackRock, including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, PNC Bank, Barclays, Swiss Reinsurance Company, American International Group (AIG), UBS A.G., Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., and Morgan Stanley.

BlackRock’s eighteen board members control and influence tens of trillions of dollars of wealth in the world and represent a core of the super-connected financial sector corporations.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

The wealthiest 1 percent of the world’s population represents approximately forty million adults.

Approximately ten million of these individuals have assets in excess of one million dollars, and approximately 100,000 have financials assets worth over thirty million dollars. 

There are the 2.5 billion people who live on less than two dollars a day, die by the tens of thousands every day from malnutrition and easily curible illnesses, and who have probably never even heard a dial tone.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

The 1 percent global elite dominates and controls public relations firms and the corporate media.

Global corporate media protect the interests of the 1 percent by serving as a propaganda machine for the superclass. 

The corporate media provide entertainment for the masses and distorts the realities of inequality. 

Corporate news is managed by the 1 percent to maintain illusions of hope and to divert blame from the powerful for hard times.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro) 

David Rothkopf, former managing director of Kissinger Associates and deputy undersecretary of commerce for international trade policies, published his book Superclass: the Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making, in 2008.

According to Rothkopf, the superclass constitutes approximately 0.0001 percent of the world’s population, comprised of 6,000 to 7,000 people - some say 6,660. 

They are the Davos-attending, Gulfstream/private jet–flying, money-incrusted, megacorporation-interlocked, policy-building elites of the world, people at the absolute peak of the global power pyramid. 

They are 94 percent male, predominantly white, and mostly from North America and Europe. 

These are the people setting the agendas at the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, G-8, G-20, NATO, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. 

They are from the highest levels of finance capital, transnational corporations, the government, the military, the academy, nongovernmental organizations, spiritual leaders, and other shadow elites. 

Shadow elites include, for instance, the deep politics of national security organizations in connection with international drug cartels, who extract 8,000 tons of opium from US war zones annually, then launder $500 billion through transnational banks, half of which are US-based.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro) 

Although there are over 1,000 billionaires in the world, not all are necessarily part of the superclass in terms of influencing global policies.

Yet these 1,000 billionaires have twice as much wealth as the 2.5 billion least wealthy people, and they are fully aware of the vast inequalities in the world. 

The billionaires and the global 1 percent are similar to colonial plantation owners. 

They know they are a small minority with vast resources and power, yet they must continually worry about the unruly exploited masses rising in rebellion. 

As a result of these class insecurities, the superclass works hard to protect this structure of concentrated wealth.

Protection of capital is the prime reason that NATO countries now account for 85 percent of the world’s defense spending, with the US spending more on military than the rest of the world combined.

Fears of inequality rebellions and other forms of unrest motivate NATO’s global agenda in the war on terror.

It has become clear that the superclass uses NATO for its global security. 

This is part of an expanding strategy of US military domination around the world, wherby the US/NATO military-industrial-media empire operates in service to the transnational corporate class for the protection of international capital anywhere in the world.

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

Sociologists William Robinson and Jerry Harris anticipated this situation in 2000, when they described “a shift from the social welfare state to the social control (police) state replete with the dramatic expansion of public and private security forces, the mass incarceration of the excluded populations (disproportionately minorities), new forms of social apartheid . . . and anti-immigrant legislation.”

(Global Research article by Prof. Peter Phillips and Kimberly Soeiro)

It is a world facing economic crisis, where the neoliberal solution is to spend less on human needs and more on security.

It is a world of financial institutions run amok, where the answer to bankruptcy is to print more money through quantitative easing with trillions of new inflation-producing dollars. 

It is a world of permanent war, whereby spending for destruction requires even more spending to rebuild.

It is a world of drone killings, extrajudicial assassinations, and death and destruction, at home and abroad.

(Full article at Global Research.


Anonymous said...

capitalism is the religion of Satan-it is all about inequity-ending all free will-giving power to a select few-who control the very survival of others-or that they will not survive-or that their survival will be out of great suffering. This includes children. It is all about making you harm children-and making child poverty/easy prey=victims. The jews are the priests of that religion and David Rockefeller is their God, Satan.
If you believe that Communism is jewish-you are lost. Communism like anything else the jews control-will be the exact opposite of what it professes to be.
The last thing evil wants is equality-all having the same equal standard of living. That could be achieved if not for wealth hoarding.
Who would hoard cake that they can never eat as they watch others starve? The Godless and soulless who belong to satan-Capitalists.
They are the thieves who rob your right to live-who steal what God has given to all of you to share.
You worship them because they allowed you more cake for a while-making you greedy-believing the lie that capitalism is freedom for "lots of cake for all". They tricked you. Now you will never know, that God wanted you to love one another as you love yourselves-
To be unselfish and equal.
To replace money-with love for one another.
Capitalism is a form of slavery-you are slaves of Satan, when you could have been the children of God-fed by his Love-had you loved one another as equals.
True communism is the way the Native Americans lived-they had no need for money-they all took care of each other. They live as a true example of how God wants you to live. They are the exact opposite of the jews. The jews are made up of 4 races-white black brown and yellow-but not of Red. Jews and The red race are polar opposites. The jews will lie, control and dominate and aggressively push you into submission. The Red race speaks only truth-they give you the free will to accept their example or not. You have made your own choice-to serve satan and not God.

Ann Diamond said...

Comments like the above make it much harder to share some important information... just saying

i would have liked to post this article to my Facebook page but now I guess not...

Anonymous said...

I agree Ann Diamond!
What a hateful comment! The sick leaders of this world are christian, jew, muslim, arab, asian, black, white,...
While it does appear that "they" are in a secret society that's not so secret anymore, that does seem to have an agenda of a one-world government, the roots of that mystery society go back further than even the jewish tribes (which some even believe are a hodgepodge at the beginning), so cool it with the jew-hating!
Perhaps you should learn the difference between "jewish" and "zionist". That would be a good start. Even after that, it gets murky.
If you want to be effective, name some names! Stop pigeon-holing people.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Ann Diamond!
What a hateful comment! How immature (and retarded) to classify groups of people with colors and such. Are you 5 years old? Also, it might be helpful for you to learn the difference between "zionist" and "jewish".

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