Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Obama has warned that 'Syria chemical weapons use' may spark US action

Obama is another Bush.

How do newspapers deal with politicians who go on repeating lies?

Rumsfeld and Saddam.

Whistleblowers get hushed up.

North Wales woman jailed for document frauds.

In the UK, "a woman who claimed she worked for the security services has been jailed for two and a half years for a series of frauds.

"Andrea Davison, believed to have fled the country and claimed political asylum, denied 27 theft and fraud offences...

"Information provided to the court indicated she was at an embassy in Ecuador seeking political asylum...

"She said she provided herself with false or virtual identification because she was trying to protect herself.

"People had been trying to kill her because of her previous covert work for the security services, she claimed in police interviews.

"But she said a large number of people knew who she was and could verify who she was, including former prime minister Tony Blair.

"In police interviews she said that she had been deeply involved in the arms to Iraq inquiry. 

"She said she had become involved in the inquiry and many agencies and organisations were trying to kill her, while other agencies were trying to protect her."

Chirac and Saddam

Andrea Davidson

According to Peter Eyre, a 'Middle East Consultant':

Andrea Davison (not her real name) was an Arms to Iraq investigator.

Andrea was an intelligence adviser to the UK parliamentary committee on Arms to Iraq.

She leaked the information that the UK government was selling arms to Iraq. 

Police officers raided Andrea's home and confiscated her passport, drivers licence, the keys to her property and vehicles and 7000 documents about Arms to Iraq.

A Court Order prevents her from spending any of her own money.


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Same Andrea Davison?

Well said, regardless of the match.

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ex spy ANdrea Davison set-up by UK Government


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OOOps...no WMD!

Congratulations Aangirfan, on making Bush look the ULTIMATE BUFFOON/crazy man.

And all the other psycho/sociopaths who delude themselves as being in control...creating as they are, their own living HELL, underground bunkers or otherwise.


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Andrea Davison is part of a secret war she stood against the new world order and they stopped at nothing to silence her.

She brought down the last Troy Government and Cameron wanted to drive her crasy because as the judge said she had fragile menatl health because of her illness.

I hope she can bury them wherever she is

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Story update JUSTICE DENIED: Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all... http://google-law.blogspot.com/2012/10/andrea-davison-jimmy-savile-serco-and.html?spref=tw

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