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Anas Al-Libi was a top Al-Qaeda commander who lived in Manchester in the UK from 1995-2000.

Manchester is reportedly a centre of the Al-Qaeda affiliated LIFG ( Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).

(Source: Al-Harati in Manchester « The Flower Throwers)

Bin Laden was an Arsenel supporter. He wanted to target Manchester United playersWebsite 

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), currently commanding the brigades fighting Assad in Syria, is designated an Al Qaeda affiliate by the United Nations. (Land Destroyer.)

Mahdi Al-Harati, of the LIFG, lived at one time in Manchester.

(Al-Harati in Manchester « The Flower Throwers)

Al-Harati (centre); Paul Conroy, allegedly of MI6, (left); Belhaj, linked to al Qaeda, (right).

According to The Sunday World Mahdi Al-Harati says that representatives of an American intelligence agency gave him a significant amount of money.

Al-Harati is a 'close confederate' of Abdel-Hakim Belhaj.

Spains Prime Minister at the time of the Madrid Train bombings Jose Maria Aznar revealed in December 2011 on CNBC that Belhaj was a “well known jihadist” and “was one of the suspects involved in the Madrid train bombing of March 2004.”

(Source: Madhi Al-Harati Irish Rebel « The Flower Throwers)

(Land Destroyer: UN Designates "Free Syrian Army" Affiliates as Al Qaeda.)

So, the CIA and MI6 use Manchester as a base for their al-Qaeda mercenaries?


In the mid 1990s, Osama bin Laden lived in London, at a house near Harrow Road in Wembley.

(UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6))

London is the home of MI6, which 'halted a bid to arrest bin Laden'


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If bin laden was a arsenal fan he surely would have targetted totenham, what with them being a jewish club.

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And if al qaeda was extremist Muslim surely they would have targeted Israel what with them being a Jewish state.

And yet they never do. Go figure.

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check out spooky Imam Mustafa Graf, Didsbury Mosque:

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