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Inequality wrecks countries.

And inequality is increasing in many countries, including the USA and even Denmark.

OECD inequality report: how do different countries compare? | News ...

Inequality leads to "eroding trust, increasing anxiety and illness, (and) encouraging excessive consumption". (Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better.)


Throughout most of History, there was no 1%.

For most of History there was sharing and cooperation.

(Deborah Rogers egalitarian societies)

The hunter-gatherers cooperated when hunting and gathering; and they shared their food.

Equality was a something Humans learnt as part of human evolution, according to social anthropologist Christopher Boehm.

However, the coming of agriculture and trade resulted in private property, inheritance, and trade networks, and thus an elite gaining economic advantages.

In a simulation exercise, conducted at Stanford University, California, by Deborah Rogers, Omkar Deshpande and Marcus Feldman , it was found that "unequal access to resources is inherently destabilising and greatly raises the chance of group extinction in stable environments."

In other words, unequal societies like the USA could become extinct.

Deborah Rogers suggests:

Inequality leads to migration and conflict.

Egalitarian societies mean cooperation, altruism and low fertility.

Inequality leads to high fertility, competition, aggression, social climbing and other selfish traits.

"We human primates are not stuck with an evolutionarily determined, survival-of-the-fittest social structure. We cannot assume that because inequality exists, it is somehow beneficial."

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Anonymous said...

It depends what u understand by that. Everything is relative, dont forget that....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...I'm not sure how happy-clappy ancient socieities really were...I suspect people have always traded the economic benefit of their toil to gangs of bastards for security & protection from worse bastrds on the other side of the hill...the same mentality that they continue to use against us today....


Anonymous said...

Equality is a nice, relative term used by academics/social engineers.
There never was such a thing, across the human race. Their were only ever tribes who had their own means of survival/division of labour. And then there were other tribes. Always, there were marauders and rampagers, hell bent on satisfying their own lusts.

That is why the Timeless and Universal lesson taught by Jesus is the hardest, and most dismissed/ignored:

Love thy neighbour as thyself.

I love some of the descriptions in Russell Shortos book: Island at the centre of the world, which is on the Dutch settlement of Manhattan. Even therein, we read of marauding, superior Indian tribes, and also highly functional Indian tribes, who traded peacefully with the Dutch.

The Dutch paid for Manhattan with goods to the value of $24, in a transaction that made both parties happy. Equality.

And then along came the English, who seized the colony in the King's name and at the King's pleasure!!!

ray said...

Equality = Enslavement

a pretty word used by people to rationalize atrocious and self-serving behavior, then call it an improvement

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