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Anonymous said...


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Woman speaks of many interesting things regarding Libya. The jamahiriya seems to be strong still. I have been listening to AfriSynergy in YouTube lately as well to keep up on the situation in that battered country.

Anonymous said...

This is one rabbit hole that you continue to go down.

Gaddafi is dead.

Your record in my opinion is good, even exceptional, but this particular claim has no evidence to support it.

I'll believe it when I see Gaddafi give a speech or other confirmation.

brian said...

did the treacherous pilot to jordan do so purposefully to give friend/foe enciphering system to the USrael?

RT:Are the escape of the Syrian pilot to Jordan and the Turkish aircraft incident related?
AK: When the aircraft got hijacked on July 21, I was in Beirut, at the Al Mayadin TV channel which was headed by Ghassan Bin Jiddu, the former chief of Al Jazeera’s bureau in Libya. He was the one who caused a scandal by quitting the channel due to lies that the channel had been broadcasting for the last year and a half. On that day, this channel was the first to report the jet hijacking in Jordan. The first question was, how quickly Jordan would return the plane, which it was obliged to do according to the international laws. It wasn’t as much about the aircraft itself, but rather about the friend/foe enciphering system. According to military experts, it takes about a week to decipher it. The fact that the aircraft wasn’t returned immediately gives a reason to doubt Jordan’s neutrality. There are reasons to suggest that the incident was thoroughly staged. On 23rd June, a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft flying at an extremely low altitude intruded into Syria. Some experts believe that by then, Jordan could’ve deciphered the codes, and that Turkey made an attempt to use them.

Anonymous said...

When a site starts to feature presentations of known disinfo sources and honeypots without warning the readers, that's the moment well informed observers stop commenting.

Ann Diamond said...

I have no idea if Ghadafi is alive or dead, but a week ago I had a dream in which he phoned me on his cell from a bunker somewhere in the desert, to say he was alive and to warn people around the world that the Libyan war is about to be repeated in Syria. Needless to say, the media are lying ...

In the dream he was making many such calls in rapid succession.

Anonymous said...

Ann Diamond,

Thanks for relating your dream.

I'm increasingly finding more sense and truth in dreams than in the ridiculous Punch and Judy show that passes for the real world.

Not that I believe Qaddafi is still with us here. It's just yet more disinformation to muddy the waters.

Dream truth is rarely literal but is often more trustworthy than what we gain through our eyes and ears while awake, especially if we take any notice of mainstream media.

I am curious to know if anyone else who reads this blog is having unusual dreams. Unusual in that they have elements of precognition, premonition or are revelatory of information without obvious means of being gained through waking sources.

It would help if you're possessed of an analytical, self­-critical and skeptical nature.

The world gets stranger by the hour.

Ann Diamond said...

Dream truth, in my personal experience, is often quite literal. I don't expect anyone else to believe that. Living on this planet increasingly demand 5-D glasses, not the ones they hand out at the theatre when you go to watch one of their (yawn) feature films. It's the third dimension that's disintegrating as more and more of us awaken from our long slumber.

Now that I have your attention (: Let me tell you what Sarkozy said to me a couple of years back in another dream. We were in the Presidential Palace in Paris, he was sitting behind his desk, and he leaned over and said: "I work for the dark side but I no longer believe they will win. Because of my position, I have certain insights, as well as a spiritual side which tells me that once I leave office, everything will begin to change rapidly. So, while I am President, I will follow orders to the letter, but once I am out of here, I intend to go my own way." I was, needless to say, surprised. At that point in the dream he stood up and I followed him out of the marble palace and onto the steps. On the way out, we passed Mick Jagger who was leaning against a pillar, waiting --

I would say, that time is now, and watch the London Olympics where the Stones may be playing their final concert (just kidding, of course)

My point being that even some of the big players in the occult world of politics and finance see the writing on the wall and are switching allegiances. And this is in part thanks to people like you, who see through the game.

Newspaceman said...

Aang, I wrote a post about the possibity that aliens were farming us and that the bulk of humanity were intended to be food for them. I got a really good "dream comment" from a lady called Diana.


Anonymous said...

Someone had asked if there was anyone with more dreams about Muammar...Well yes, I did have one about a month ago.I was near some kind of body of water, the ocean I think. Somehow I knew that they had killed Muammar...bombed him I think. I had the most terrible sadness. Then I found myself in my boyfriends old cabin in northern Michigan. I saw some people coming up to the door.
I saw that it was Muammar!!! He was smiling. I let him in and dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around him. Then I woke up.

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