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Turkey's Islamist prime minister Erdogan.

Turkey's Erdogan supports the CIA's terrorists who are attacking Assad in Syria.

Turkey's secular Republican People's Party opposes Erdogan.

The Kurds oppose Erdogan.

According to Christof Lehmann, 30 June 2012, Turkey is split over Syria.

Turkey – Triple Split over Syria.

"Will there be a Turkish Spring in 2013 ?" asks Christof Lehmann

What about the Gaza Flotilla killings of the nine Turks?

"Earlier this year, nsnbc received information from a Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey who provided evidence for the fact that the Erdogan government was involved in the killings.

"The killings had several objectives. Ridding the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood of members who were opposed to military action against Syria, bolstering Erdogan´s domestic support sufficiently so he would be in a position where he could fire secular Turkish generals who were opposed to a military transgression against Syria."

Turkey – Triple Split over Syria.

Erdogan at a CIA meeting in Libya.

In an article published in Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on 30 June 2012, Sukran Soner wrote that the camps built for the Syrian refugees inside Turkey have been set up to function as a military base for the Syrian opposition, from which weapons are transferred to armed groups inside Syria.

PressTV - Turkish journalist attacks Erdogan for Ankara stance on ...


Tony Ryals said...

I wonder if weapons sent to Syria from Turkey and Iraq by the corrupt Saudi and UAE royals who are the prostitutes of the U.S. and Israel as well as UK and NATO and France,of course,are at least in part Israeli weapons ? Israel would certainly not give their weapons away for free even if they are the main behind the scenes promoters of the overthrow of the
the Syrian government when thwey can get their allies-suckers to buy them from them would they? I wonder how the repressed Saudi citizenry would feel knowing their 'leaders' are further enriching Israel by being clients for the Israeli military-industrial complex who may come after them next ?

Armed groups in Syria receive weapons from Israel: Reports

Armed gangs in Syria have been receiving Israel-made weapons in Latakia Province near the border with Turkey.....
Israel smuggling weapons to Syria through Iraqi Kurdistan, sources say

Anonymous said...

Just to state the obvious on the Jones/Tarpley video...

What's the common thread here?

Syria is being threatened and the Syrian people actively killed on the basis of lies. Lies of the media of the Zionists and the West. Lies of the media of the Arab tyrants. Lies of the NATO puppet Erdogan.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

The insurance companies wrote the Obamacare legislation to benefit themselves, not the people who have to buy the insurance, which will be an oligopoly that the American people are forced to fund. So much for freedom. Forget just and humane health care. It's just more taking what's left in the pockets of the poor and middle classes to subsidize the billionaires.

Lies, lies, lies.

The strange thing is that the purveyors of lies keep using the same tricks over and over again. Syria is like a bad repeat of Libya. The warmongers must assume the Western and Arab publics, not to mention Russia and China, are physiologically incapable of forming new memories.

Tragically, it's even worse than that. The public by and large just don't care whose blood is spilt, as long as the gun barrel's pointed at someone else's head. But ignore the suffering of others, and how long before it's your own head?

Ok, so what's wrong with lies?

Lies kill people. Lying for war kills scores of people.

And every single person who dies leaves a hole in the souls of those they leave behind.

I don't understand how anyone would want to instigate a need to suffer?

"I lie here not knowing how long I've been alone. So how, how can I heal, how am I supposed to heal, if I can't feel time?"

Anonymous said...

Beautifully, if heartbreakingly, said Anonymous 12.01.

Only two emotions: love and fear. All the others flow from those. And fear is the driver in all this slaughter.

Why else would Israel now be planning to build a military college in Jerusalem?

Love produces fruit of a wholesome, Life-Giving kind.

brian said...

ed-handed: gangs, "Farouq Battalion" explosion of houses in the neighborhood of "deficiencies" in Homs to accuse the army shelling
Criminals pointing a camera at the apartment to be detonated by the explosion, and then waiting to do their comrades blown up in order to filmed and distributed to the media, as usual!? in one of the tape rare the most obvious which form the evidence is compelling that the gang of Islamic armed criminal bombing of houses in order to portray the accused Syrian army shelling. If we pointed out in earlier times, and a few months ago, the gangs of "battalion-Faruq" Wahhabism, a subsidiary of the so-called "army" free and funded by Saudi Arabia, blowing up dozens of homes in the neighborhood of "Baba Amr" before the arrival of Arab observers to accuse the army, they are the rare times that where we can get the presumption so clearly set the criminals red-handed. tape published by the "truth" and the photographer a few days ago in the "neighborhood of the Palace" in Homs, shows how criminals are installing the camera on one of the apartments, as they know that the explosion will happen there. And when he gets the explosion they start yelling "bombing the neighborhood palaces .. Oh God .. oh God!" explosion, as can any ignorant or blind to note, there has been not because of artillery fire, nor any other kind of bombardment, but an improvised explosive device placed inside home. And conclusive evidence, it is not only that the region is living a quiet moment when the bombing occurred, and the moment there is no any kind of military operations, but more importantly because it is crystal clear that he did not fall to the flat target any missile of any kind and from any party whatsoever , and because the direction of cumulus projectiles from the explosion comes out from inside the apartment to outer space force and violence, which means that the center of the explosion is an explosive inside the house. Had the apartment been any shelling, of any kind, to the direction of projectiles cumulus went toward random inside the apartment! on April 25 / April, we published a report we catch a gang of "Battalion Ansar", a subsidiary of "Front victory" in Homs, a bombed areas residential in the same neighborhood, the "neighborhood of the Palace", a mortar, although the neighborhood is one of the "neighborhood opposition" controlled by various armed groups! Source: The Truth

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